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Garage sale season is officially open -- at least on TV.

Question! I have fallen into the habit of backdating my pure-review posts when several days have passed since the original airdate and/or when it involves shows none of you watch. I figure there's not much for you to comment on, as I write primarily for myself, and this way I don't clog your flist. But some people like me get bored on LJ and are ready to see anything new. I would like to ascertain your opinions on this decision via poll.

What are your feelings on me backdating?

Good, it keeps my reading streamlined
No, update with whatever you have
No opinion
Meanwhile, here is a non-backdated review.

The Office, "Garage Sale"
Aaaaand we have a new champion for second place. Sorry, Viewing Party! Nobody throws up in this one.

When this episode opened on a shot of the warehouse filled with garage sale tables, my eyes grew roughly eighteen times the size of my head and my grabby hands may have smacked into the screen as I lunged toward the image with arms outstretched. It's up to you to decide if I am exaggerating either of those responses.

If I can't actually go shopping there, then I want to wander that set so bad. It looked AMAZING. I don't understand why they haven't released photos of each table as a bonus Office site on A really devoted website designer would make it so you could mouse over various sections and get a pop-up window with the name and price of each thing.

From fandom, I want there to be fic that features Jim & Pam going through their stuff and deciding what to include on their table. I might actually be qualified to write that one, but I'd rather look around and see if anyone else has done the hard work for me. Be sure to mention the golf clubs.

Hey, did you notice that Jim apparently managed to rip the creepy clown painting off the wall at last?
[edit: way to spoil it, deleted scene 1. I was really proud of myself for spotting it in the background. I'm going to leave the cap here, though, because I like how Dwight looks like he's just sensed the force of evil behind him.]

Why do you also have creepy clown figurines, Jim? Did the painting spawn in 3-D?

My first response to Angela's table went like so: Angela, why! Why would you sell so many!* ...and how much for the gray plush cat in the corner? Also the gray and white cat in the middle. And maybe the bird hooks up front.

*Then I realized she had at least two figurines priced at $30, so clearly it's a reluctant sale. Well, I say clearly, but what I find funniest about this episode is how high everyone's tag prices are. Clearly no one has any idea what they're doing.

I would absolutely be interested in Meredith's deer head mount if it wasn't quite so patchy and worn-looking. I bet there's a story behind it, though. I want to hear the story. And for real, the little stuffed turtle looks cute.

I wonder if I could snake all the Will & Grace DVDs from Oscar for a cheaper-than-usual price? He seems like he'd normally be a shrewd seller, but since he hasn't already dumped them on eBay maybe his lack of enthusiasm would make him want to unload quickly at any price. And shoot, I forgot to nab a shot of it, but I see at least 3 owl figurines on the table that a bunch of thriftwhore people would love.

Kelly's table seems like the place I want to spend most of my time, if not necessarily money. The chick lit is not my precise cup of tea and the clothes wouldn't fit, but everything is such a bright color! Maybe I DO need some of those little vases...

Kevin's table, oddly enough, seems to be where the buying action is at. Besides the possibility in the stack of what I assume are board games*, LOOK AT THAT AWESOME TRAIN SET. I need it. I need it right now. Alas, these are literally the best shots I could get. [edit: again with the spoiling, deleted scene 1! But this time it's more positive. And again, leaving the shots here because I can't capture images as well from video.]

(*I drooled over the Dallas game, not because I know anything about the show but because I love board games and vintage stuff. However, I would have had a lot more fun if they'd played the game straight, instead of the boring/annoying nonsense involved in making up their own rules. Board games are a perfectly exciting spectactor sport. Why does everyone always look at me funny when I say that?)

Michael's Slip'n Slide package looks kinda vintage, too. It's not the kind of vintage toy I actually need to acquire, but I like seeing it.

Three last notes: 
* Ryan's unbelievable level of douchiness is spectacular. I love him so much.

* I just realized Erin has no lines in this that were not cut for time. Score!

* Jim's subtle Dwight-baiting with "miracle legumes" made my LIFE. I love when he spends entire episodes messing with Dwight's head. Could not stop laughing. A+++

P.S. The first deleted scene contains all kinds of AMAZING STUFF. Better shots of several tables, for one thing, including Phyllis and Erin's, but more importantly, Kevin's amazing train set. We also learn who brought the telescope (Stanley) and how Dwight got it (pie). Finally, it contains Gabe's only real lines, in which he continues to charm me, holding down the fort at Erin's desk. (which also answers the question of "how are they holding this garage sale during office hours? is there anyone left in the actual office?" answer, not really)
Ordinarily there's no way the other plot could have topped this level of greatness, so it's a good thing they threw a bunch of Jim/Pam tidbits into it (it was even a pink-and-blue wardrobe episode, proving how good it was) Thoughts on the title storyline as a whole:

* Oscar: Here's how you do it: take her out to dinner, go down on one knee. If you are in costume, you did something wrong.
--Smart to avert the first of many potential disasters. But then...

* Oscar: If at any point you find yourself tying the ring to a dog's collar, stop and look at yourself.
--Well, that's just bad advice. If you have the opportunity to use an animal in your proposal and you don't take it, what the hell is wrong with you?

* I would not particularly love that ring, myself. It looks so unbalanced it reminds me of a plastic child's plaything. I would much rather have an exquisitely tiny diamond. (As you can see, I'm doing my best to help out future suitors who come through this blog looking for ways to woo me.)

* Oi, do not trample on Jim's proposal. That proposal was amazing. It is the highlight of the series and always will be. Although, clearly Pam needs to see the tapes to refresh her memory, as there was no outright mention of love. The actual words were, "I just...I can't wait. Pam, will you marry me?" Unless she's simplifying for the benefit of people who were not aware of their engagement timeline discussion beforehand, which is what I need to tell myself before I get too hung up on the writers sucking at canon.

* I ADORE this part --
Jim: I knew Pam was gonna say yes, but I was still scared.
Pam, looking touched: You were scared?
Jim: Yeah, it's scary.

The way she smiles to herself and looks down after that is too adorable for words. Awwww. Pam, I love you a lot today.

* From the moment Michael started his nostalgia tour with Holly, my heart grew three sizes and filled with love for these two. Michael at his sweetest is a thing of such sentiment it brings tears to my eyes, and the closer they got to the title event, the more riveted to the spot I became. I was all but in a trance and starting to think Michael just might overtake Jim in the proposal department...but I needn't have worried.

* So close, Office! So close to success, and then they blew it at the last minute. I jumped a foot in the air when the sprinklers went off, shattering the magic spell. That's what I get for letting myself be lulled into open-mouthed awe. As the final nail in the coffin: before I could be convinced that sprinklers were almost as romantic as rain, the Yoda voice came out and it was just -- UGH. All right, this is why Michael needs to get out ASAP. How can one character be so persistently obnoxious? Every time he accidentally manages to be likable in spite of himself, he promptly finds a way to ruin it.

* I did squeal over the smile Jim and Pam shared watching the soulmate connection, though.

* Michael: Holly has to go back to Colorado. I'm going with her. I'm leaving.
--For some reason, the office greets this with shocked stares instead of exploding into cheers. Did you not hear him? He's LEAVING. He's going two whole time zones away. The appropriate response involves whooping, whistling, and noisemakers. With confetti.

* But the kiss following that announcement does make me smile all on its own.

You know what's a lot of fun? Going back it Goodbye Toby, where Michael insists he loves Holly and it was love at first see-with-his-ears, and Jim patiently tries to convince him to shut it down? Guess Michael was ultimately right after all.
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