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How did it turn into April already?

*side-eyes internet* How obnoxious do you plan to be this year, exactly? So far, Neopets has been awesome (pets are infected with a mysterious plague that looks a lot like barnacle growths, where you have to send the entertaining, wearable cures like Magical Slorgs to other players' pets), but otherwise I'm still warily waiting for all the pranks to kick in.

Fell asleep and missed Thursday TV live, but the poll has spoken (or at least failed to argue), so here are more double helpings of shows I left in the dust for a while.

Finally caught up on Community. I notice that Annie did not feature prominently in either of these, and I didn't care? I think I should accept that Britta is my favorite. Annie is who I am, but Britta is who I want to be.

a) The one with Luka was funnier than I thought it would be -- I find this dude's face unspeakably boring, and his accent aggravated me, but once he turned out to be a remorseless war criminal I was much more enthused. That's just how I roll. Also very much enjoyed Troy & Abed's groans about Britta ruining all their friends, and Jeff and Shirley giddily attempting to work out how to put Chang away for 20+ years before Shirley's husband shut it down (WHY, ANDRE. WHY). And the "It's all downhill from here" slogan on the back of the T-shirts that went with last year's paintball war. 

b) Last week's episode, what's the word, sucked.

Have not seen Pulp Fiction, except for a couple of segments in a Film Studies presentation which bored me to tears and recognizing the briefcase from a reference on NCIS, and have no desire to see Pulp Fiction. Not a Quentin fan. Ergo, unlike with the Dungeons & Dragons episode, I didn't get any of it and wasn't interested in trying. I almost walked away from it in the middle, tired of having Abed turn pretentiously on his former self like an ex-blogger who gets so wrapped up in her fancy new post-college life full of "real people" that she drifts off and stops updating. Not that I am referencing any particular experience.

Clearly I should have walked, because somehow Abed only makes it worse by having that conversation be another layer of fandom meta. The latent hate that has been sort of fading and smoothing away in my desire to love the real study group characters equally and/or reserve all my hate for Pierce and Chang flared up in full force. Abed is terrible! Not even the welcome feature of Jeff's Real Feelings was worth my time. Remind me never to watch this one again.

I do need to know what that piano tune that played over the ending was, though. I know I've heard it and it's probably really obvious, but it's just not connecting in my brain...Gymnopedie. Yeah, that's pretty obvious.
Law & Order: SVU, "Totem": Didn't even bother with the swingers club episode, but I read something about a little girl found with a doll in the summary for this one and was immediately on board  -- and I didn't even know Elizabeth Mitchell was in it until I started watching. I've missed her. Not enough to watch V, but I've missed her on my screen. And, in a super-surprise twist, she was not the pervert and/or murderer of the week, so now we're 2 for 3 on positive roles for ex-Lost stars. Despite all the melodramatic crying required of her character, I thought she delivered a fantastic performance, and to my further relief, June never gave off a pedophile vibe even while in jail for it.

(Am I the only one who was really bugged by that? They manipulated a quasi-confession out of her, but the whole time, I just kept trying to figure out how and why she bridged the gap to a sexual component. Nothing about that seemed likely at all, given how childlike she herself seemed to be, so when the half sister and pervy mother popped up, it was like finding a missing puzzle piece to fix a really gaping hole. In related news: both the phrase "wooden spoon" and the object itself are ruined for me for a while)

My favorite part by far was this absolutely gorgeous dog being walked in one brief scene. Crap quality, which is why it's so small, but you can still see the gorgeous spotting and long hair, yes? My brain fails me and can't tell the breed. English Setter?

HIMYM in syndication: "The Three Days Rule" aired the other night, and it is still one of my favorite episodes of the series ("...why do we keep trying to have sex with Ted?"). It just does not go wrong -- hilarious from start to finish. I think, come spring, I'm going to have to release a Top Ten Episodes list for this show. Oh! Maybe that's what we'll do for our next anniversary party.
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