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A) Test-scoring night work starts Monday and continues for an indeterminate amount of time, so live primetime is temporarily not an option and there's a chance I'll be falling behind on some shows (but at least I managed to wrangle it so that I'm a regular reader rather than a team leader, whew! Did not need that stress). Exactly which ones will depend how I feel next week. I know you're concerned.

B) Hey look, I had forgotten there was once a whole different version of Off The Map (how you replace Enrique Murciano and get BETTER, I have no idea). It's one where you see a glimpse of backstory on the new doctors before they leave (Mina's room has a collection of Breyers, my life is complete), and Ryan doesn't exist so Ben/Lily is absolutely ON. Ben also seems more like the jerk I originally imagined him to be:
"You made a mistake; don't have feelings about it, fix it."
--See, that's the kind of thing I spent the premiere dreading was coming, and was so relieved when it never materialized

C) While we're on the topic, I found the interview I was looking for last week, the one circa mid-February featuring all the really lovely actor insights about their characters/characters' relationships:

First, Lefevre, who is fast becoming my favorite interview candidate anywhere:
"One of the things that I really love about the way that it develops is that they really want to be together, but neither of them are really honest about the kind of commitment they’re capable of. It’s not one sided.  It’s not one person breaking the other person’s heart. It’s really two people who sort of can’t figure it out…"

And my favorite part, the one that articulates everything I struggled and failed to say about Abby: 

Henderson explained Ben’s complicated motives for keeping his wife alive via life support. “I really believe in my heart of hearts that he feels that while she’s still on the planet that there’s a chance that she may be revived. I don’t think he believes that she’s in a permanent state. I think he thinks it’s a temporary thing and that at some point she’ll come back.

I don’t think that he can let go of her. I really think their relationship was a very, very deep bond and it was her idea initially to come down and set up this clinic, so in many ways he’s left alone carrying on the dream that she initiated.  So symbolically, she kind of is the clinic to him. So his whole life is about her in many, many ways. 

For him to let go of her, obviously there’s the pragmatic outlook: she’s funding the place and then it would be problematic. But you know, he’s a grown man. He’s smart. I think he would come up with other ways of financing it.  It’s as much emotional as it is practical, but it is a quandary and I think it keeps him up at night, and probably why he drinks a lot and he’s very obsessed with doing what he does.”

Look, there's even a Zach Gilford bonus:
“I think Tommy is kind of initially loving life and going wherever the wind may blow. Then he actually makes an effort to try and forge some significant relationships. First it’s with a local girl that he meets down here, but they have a language barrier so it’s all about actually trying to forge a connection with someone.  Then eventually he starts looking at what’s closer to him and falling for forbidden fruit… Tommy keeps getting shot down by Mina, so that kind of fuels his fire. He really needs to prove something to himself.”

There's some solid stuff about Otis & Zee too, but I can't quite come around on them enough to make myself quote it here. Maybe later, after I un-bog myself from the quagmire that is my latest review, as each gets unwieldier than the last. Remember back around episode 7, when I was still able to contain my thoughts to less than one screen's worth, including a picture? Quaint times.
D) Private Practice, 4x18, "The Hardest Part"
Way to care, Sam. "[Addison]'s in Seattle delivering a baby." No further elaboration is ever given, despite the fact that she is actually on an emergency trip to go save the premature baby of a good friend, the result of a car accident that's left said friend ON THE BRINK OF DEATH.

Fortunately, this show can apparently survive the simultaneous absence of both Addison and Naomi without leaving so much as a ripple, mostly by creating interesting conversation pieces of its patients.

1. Come on, show. You are like 3 years behind the pregnancy-pact times. The only way this works is if you...hey, snag a neat actress like Vanessa Marano to be one of your girls. Storyline approved!

2. 14-year-old piano prodigy: I don't understand why they acted like his music was some childhood whim, or why the ultimate conclusion was that he only wanted the surgery with greater leg-paralysis risk because he thought he needed to play piano to have a connection with his grandfather. Why couldn't he have just genuinely felt that music was more important than walking, if he had to choose? It's not like either surgery guaranteed paralysis of various limbs. Pretty sure lots of people exist just fine in wheelchairs, anyway. Music could have been to him what writing/typing is to me, and in a choice between a wheelchair and difficulty using a keyboard with ease, I would choose the former in an instant.

I don't know. It just really annoyed me that no allowance was made for him being incredibly, unusually talented as opposed to just being some kid who likes playing. "You can't close yourself off to the idea that other things could become equally if not more important"?? Hadn't he been playing since he was 6 years old? He didn't seem likely to drop everything sophomore year and try out for football.

3. Pete's dying mom, where my interest was limited mostly to how much of this I could transpose onto Clark's failing heart over on Off the Map, until suddenly he'd brought Lucas in to meet his grandmother and there were all kinds of lovely Pete/Violet moments and/or discussions about family. None of which I can remember because I was too busy being distracted by the end.

Pete breaking down crying was spectacularly awful -- do you need to take lessons from Eric Dane, Daly? Because normally I think of you as the better actor, but dude nailed his cues on GA earlier -- but I don't care; my malleable memory will be able to correct that like a Photoshop tool. You see this kind of thing happen so often in fanfic that you forget it can ever be done for real! And this part is lovely regardless:
E) CSI: NY, 7x18, "Identity Crisis"
Huh, apparently Memmo's creepily realistic old-guy mask wasn't just something glitzy Miami made up for kicks. Great teaser! Felt like a little glimmer of the good old days when Flack was still my favorite character, instead of a substitute with alien hair. The rest of the con artist/identity theft storyline did not live up, except maybe when Flack socked a guy attempting to stab him.

The subplot (or main plot - it took over everything) was worse. I held my tongue back in the fall, but it's time for the long-overdue statement: Jo, you are not the Catherine of New York. She is not a mom figure in the slightest, and forced attempts to make her that way with a PC-perfect adopted child change nothing in that department. And again I say: for THIS we forgot about getting Mac a new love interest and dropped Aubrey into the abyss of lost storylines with nary another mention? These are my final words on the subject of Jo's stupid, dull family life.

[edit: The previous statement was a lie. What do you mean you'll "go another time," you'll go when she's ready? No! Go now! Going another time implies that we will be forced to revisit this garbage. And -- D'AHHHHHH. JO. "You would make a great father"?! As Jim Halpert would say: that's really sweet, and you can think that, but you don't say that out loud and you definitely don't say it to him. Decorum, woman. It's enough when we see him interact with kids on cases and head up this team. It is understood that we already have Reed for his surrogate son, Lucy for him to spoil, the memories of Claire to sadden us and Aubrey for future hope. OH WAIT. SOMEBODY'S ARRIVAL DERAILED THAT LAST ONE.]

Danny & Lindsay's family life is usually still acceptable, such as when Adam screws around with age-progression software to turn Lindsay into a heavyset gray-haired older woman, which Danny finds hilarious despite Lindsay's shoving and reminders that he'll be married to her. Extended good-natured squabbling ensues right under Mac's nose. I always forget that they're capable of being cute.

[Edit 2: Oh, hell to the no: "Because we dealt with Danny and Lindsay so heavily at the end of last season with Shane Casey and everything that happened up at the lighthouse with Lucy, the truth is we kind of took a step back so we could pay a little more attention to Jo and her relationship with her kids and the daughter that she adopted.” [from this spoilery article]

I don't regret the end of last season for one second, but COME ON. See? I'm not just being cranky and/or paranoid, this is a conscious decision on their parts. A terrible, conscious decision.]


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Apr. 2nd, 2011 10:56 pm (UTC)

(Clarification: I like Ryan just fine! I love her on her own, it is only when wrapped up in her romance with Ben that my love turns nonexistent.)

This part of the article is where I realized I could trust none of the words these actors were trying to sell:

She did meet this smart, cute guy at the bar.

That is re: Lily and Matteo. WHATEVER, SHOW. If only they'd realized how horrible that dude would be early on and QUIT THAT STORYLINE instead of dragging it out as some deep, truthy romance. AMIDST THE COCAINE FIELDS.
Apr. 3rd, 2011 12:06 am (UTC)
Haaaaaaaaaaahaha, I thought that part would interest you (and by interest, I mean outrage). Yeah, she was a later addition when they decided to add a part for the actress. Not sure if anyone ever really explained why.

That is re: Lily and Matteo. WHATEVER, SHOW.
I concur, but I guess "sleazy criminal" seemed less likely to make people tune in for what is obviously the love affair of the ages.
Apr. 4th, 2011 09:08 pm (UTC)
Hahahaha! I had the opposite reaction the the CSI:NY episode in that I liked it overall and think it's my favourite episode of the season (though that's not exactly saying much!).

I thought the case was about as interesting as CSI:NY can muster these days and although Stella >>>>> Jo, I do like the latter well enough. I still have issues with getting her entire backstory handed to us on a plate in one season where it's taken about 6 seasons for Hawkes to even get a love interest but there you go....

I did find the final Mac/Jo scene sort of squirmy as that's the sort of scene if it were between Mac/Stella (or really any other male/female characters on a show) that would heighten my need to ship them but a) it's Mac/Jo and although I can't say I HATE the idea of them if it HAD to go that way, I would have an abundance of issues with it and b) she said "you would make a good father" about half a dozen times and it just got plain awkward.
Apr. 5th, 2011 04:01 pm (UTC)
You know how much sense Mac/Jo makes to me? It is on the same plane of logic as Adam/Stella (which, of course, never happened). I can't even begin to take the suggestion seriously. And yes, WHAT was with the repetition? Was the one time not sufficiently embarrassing?
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