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Yesterday, Bad Me had a tape balanced precariously on a stack of books on my nightstand, not even in a case.  In my sleep, I knocked it off.  It hit the wooden floor and went “snap,” irreparably busting off the protective hinge that covers the film on top.  It was a full tape, one on which I was saving several things.  Most of them I can afford to lose, but one of them was CSI: NY’s “Not What It Looks Like.”  My favorite episode of the season.  D’oh!  Okay, on with the last of my write-ups.

American Idol Results

Guest Performer: “Oh goody,” I muttered, rolling my eyes.  “Because I was just saying to myself how much I missed Fantasia.”  NOT.  Wow, she has gained a lot of weight since she was on this show.  And obtained a gross boob tattoo.  I hate her voice anyway, all big and soul and gospel.  Ugh.  

The results have gotten weirdly abrupt, too.  What happened to the “get down to the final 2, read judges’ comments, pause for 10 seconds and then say ‘[Person A] is going home”?  Now it’s just “Heh, you’re the last person in line.  Bye!”  Or even worse, “You there!  Come up on stage alone!  Stand right there – good.  Now leave.”

Speaking of who went home, I curled up in a little miserable ball on my chair and sulked and fretted, certain that “my A-girls are going home tonight, aren’t they?”  I got very bitter when Antonella was the last in line.  And then…and then she was safe!  Oh Lord-a-mercy!  Thank goodness.  One week’s respite.  This week, on the girls’ side it’s farewell to mall rat Amy, whose voice got on my nerves, and Nicole, who never got any camera time before last week.  She didn’t interest me, so I don’t care, but when she sang her swan song…man, she put some impressive power into it.  Where was this voice last night?!  She might have had a chance.

Boys: Who the hell is fixing the results and keeping Sundance in this competition?  Because surely no one could possibly actually want him to stay.  Instead they got rid of Rudy – which was admittedly a good choice because he was doing a weird diva-Clay thing with his expression every time he looked into the camera – and Paul.  Um, what?  I know the guy’s bare feet were nasty, but come ON, he had a good voice.  He really could sing, and he deserved to stick around longer.  Ah well.  I agreed with 3/4 choices, and that’s a lot better than I ever hoped.   

Survivor: I take back what I said last week.  Yawning flying fox bats are the cutest things ever on this show!

 This week’s two challenges were at totally opposite ends of the spectrum.  The reward challenge was fantastic – very little is more entertaining than watching people zoom down a muddy slip-n-slide, and then play what essentially is a single-basket version of Skee-ball.  It could have gone on for a good thirty rounds before I ever got tired of it.  In fact, I think this challenge should be revisited every other week.

The immunity challenge, on the other hand, saw the return of the Gross Food eating contest, and while the ginormous peanut worms looked pretty bad, taking the cake for “I’m going to vomit” would be the pig snouts.  I couldn’t have even begun to chew on one of those things. Eating meat from things that once had faces makes me feel bad & guilty on the best of days.  Actually eating part of a creature’s face…no.

I’ll be very sad if Gary the Minnesotan has to go home early for medical reasons.  I refuse to call him Papa Smurf, because despite the white beard and blue shirt I just don’t see it, but he’s very quickly grown on me.  Maybe he reminds me of various teachers and other school personnel I’ve had in the past.  But I think he’s cool.  I also think that Survivor should have an age limit cap, to prevent stuff like this from happening.

My official favorite person?  Cute & spunky Michelle.  “Dear Sun: Please come out and play my game!  Love, Michelle.”  Nobody else would talk like that…except college students.  She’s just like everybody around me; it feels like I know her already.  And she made fire, yay!  I like the fact that she didn’t even try to swallow the fish eyes – she was just like, “No. Not happening.  It’s too gross; I’m not going to win this round, so I’m not going to torture myself.”

I think this is the first week we’ve talked to Liliana, or even really seen much of her.  She’s a lot skinnier than I imagined her to be from her website picture – her face is round, but her body’s taut and muscular.  It’s like somebody went fiddling in photoshop.  Speaking of people we don’t see, the show once again failed to provide me with access to Edgardo’s accent.  FAIL. 

Lisi’s laugh still makes my skin crawl.  She let out a guffaw when it was frail & skinny Yau Man vs. made of muscles Dreamz on the slip-n-slide, and while I admit that I laughed at the visual contrast too, I didn’t laugh like that.    

 Voting: Sylvia’s gone, yay!  It was becoming embarrassing, the way she enthusiastically tried but miserably failed at all the challenges.  Also, Rita?  Why didn’t you decide to “vote against the group” last week?!

ER: From Here to Paternity

Wow, you cannot let your guard down for one second on this show.  Soon as you relax, boom, your ship goes “smash.”  Guess I’d better go back to fretting about the likelihood of Joe’s parents still living together by the time he leaves for college starts first grade.

What I really mean is, dang it, cut it out with the Ray/Neela business!  This moment has been years in the making dreading.  I’ve spent years cringing and anticipating this, because I cannot see them as anything more than friends.  (You have to punch me to even make me accept THAT much)  I thought I was safe when she married Gallant, and then he died and things were thrown up in the air again and now we’re here, with Ray & Neela kissing in the car.

It is especially not cool for this to happen the same week talk starts to circulate about Sarah going to live with her grandparents on their Wisconsin farm.  Once again, I’m torn.  Life on a Wisconsin farm wouldn’t be half bad.  And they have HORSES!  Win-win-win!  But…it’s very far away from Chicago, and I would hate to see Tony lose her.  I’m rather attached to the bond they have.  Without Sarah and without Neela, well, that’s just a raw deal for Gates (and by proxy, me) all around.  Here’s hoping that he mans up, takes the paternity test, winds up being Sarah’s biological father which gives him legal grounds to retain custody, and that Sarah does not subsequently hate him upon finding out that he was in her mother’s bed while the man she considers her father was still alive.  

I’d prefer not to see Stacey Keach on this show ever again.  No matter where I see him, I always automatically think “Titus.”  Also, having a drunk old man hanging around the house is going to negatively affect Tony’s chance of winning a hypothetical custody case.

Looks like Dubenko is not-so-subtly punishing Neela for refusing to do that organ transplant last week.  *drums fingers together* Excellent.

The main plotline of this episode was really rather dull, split evenly between a family who’d been in a car accident and a former gangster being treated for a gunshot, confessing to a shooting he didn’t commit in an attempt to spare his son from jail.  The former would have been good because the little girl was so cute & smart, but the fact that Hope permeated all scenes with her ruined it.  The latter was better once Pratt took over from Morris, and I really loved him prodding the son into shouting out his confession, but neither storyline really impressed me as much I thought they might.  Fairly forgettable episode.  And now I have to wait a million years until the next new one. 

Numb3rs: Just one question, when did Liz Warner become a member of the team?  This isn’t a permanent thing, right?  Because I’ve always thought Don had a really good team, one where I actually liked all the members, and I’d hate to see her ruin that for me.  Okay.  Moving on.

Episode was evenly split between Don’s team frantically working to negotiate a child’s ransom within an hour, and Don coincidentally choosing that same hour to be unreachable, talking to the therapist, which mostly involved him laying out character studies of his teammates. 

You know what?  If you strung all of Don’s descriptions of his teammates together, added some slightly prettier language and excised the therapist’s leading questions, you’d have a good piece of introspective word art.  I’m going to go do that – not for publication, but simply to transcribe and add it to my story binder for private use.  But now that I’m thinking about that, quick!  Someone take this theme, apply it to any other team leader on a crime drama, and go write your own story.  It could be like one of those LJ challenges I always hear about.  Come up with a new reason to introduce it, and then build your story around said leader describing the members of his team, trying to define the way he sees them.  

As for the episode itself, I don’t know what to say.  It was fun, but I’m not sure that I’d watch it again.  I liked that both Charlie and Don were in backseat roles this week, while it was Colby’s day to shine and David sharing the spotlight.  Nothing specific stood out to me, although when a rich mogul with all kinds of connections (some legal and some not) considers himself in your debt, you’re in a good place.  The ending scene of the team all sitting around and laughing as they fill Colby in on the maze math was hilarious, though I felt a little bad that Don was completely clueless about this HUGE AND MONUMENTAL case he missed.  My favorite part overall was the suggestion that Don is still stuck in his little brother’s shadow.  I never stopped to think about that, but it’s true.  The FBI was when Don finally broke out of that and had somewhere where he was in charge, where he was important.  And while none of that is exactly taken away by the fact that Charlie helps out, and Don still takes top credits, just the fact that Charlie IS so invaluable without being a real member of the FBI has got to grate a little.

 And NOW I am getting off the computer.

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