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Saturday, Part II

Thought of the Day: My dislike of Michael "Snorefest" Buble's music is well documented. But since the radio keeps forcing "Haven't Met You Yet" into my ears, I've decided that the How I Met Your Mother fandom needs to make a fanvid to this song featuring Ted & scenes with as many of the women he's dated over the course of the series as possible. [Edit: Challenge accepted, in a slightly different but way more awesome way. So awesome that I am also embedding the video behind a cut, right now.]


I am slowly getting used to the keyboard and trying to navigate Windows 7. I do not love it, and every time I get to log in at work, seeing shiny Windows XP makes me cry with longing. But somehow, I manage. I'm loving how zippity responsive the optical mouse is, at least.

Favorite thing about the new computer so far? ONLINE VIDEO STREAMING ABILITIES. For the first time in my life, I can use Hulu (and the player) the way it's meant to be used, no waiting for it to load/buffer, no image sticking and jumping, no browser locking up for 2 minutes while the sound rolls on. I no longer have to settle for third party sites with inferior image quality -- I can go straight to the best stuff in existence. It's like liquid crack (shut it, Ryan Howard). I am unbelievably giddy about this.

Plus, I can play Key Quest on Neopets again! More importantly, I am now an actual force to be reckoned with at the mini games I always used to dread even opening for fear of crashing the game. I foresee wasting many, many hours on this.

Also, HP Media Center is kind of an awesome device for playing video -- I may not even need VLC if this thing has a snapshot feature -- and it may just be my imagination, but the visual quality seems ridiculously sharp and awesome.

I have yet to actually transfer any of my old programs or files, though. I think I'm irrationally scared of slowing the crazy-fast processing abilities down if I dump 55 GB on there at once, or even 5. I mentioned the joy Hulu brings me, right? Someone tell me it won't make a noticeable difference.

I'm really looking forward to testing out the DVD-burning ability, too. I've never made one of those before; I have no idea how it works, but it would be nice if I could store some things in physical form.

...I don't love the new computer, I'm just trying to make the best of a bad situation. I do seem to be having trouble getting either the Lameass New Firefox or the Lameass Windows 7 to actually save my LJ drafts, though. It says they're autosaving, and asks if I want to restore saved draft, but when I say yes it shows me a blank white entry. =/
Community: I'm just going to start making up my own titles. They're less complicated. I love how clever the real titles are, but I don't pay enough attention to this fandom to really appreciate them.

As for my feelings: Hah, hah! Despite a depressing lack of Josh Holloway, that was so much better than an episode centered around a woman in labor has a right to be. (seriously. So Over women giving birth on TV, especially when it's not even a central character or a particularly anticipated baby)

+ Abed's reference to having previously delivered a baby this year (Troy: "Where was I?!" Answer: eh, probably in the background)

+ The realization, during that brief moment where Abed told Shirley to pretend he was speaking in a soothing voice instead of like a robot, that I would like to see this actor is in a movie playing a normal role. He has great potential for serious situations -- ooh, hello ER spot. Don't know if I've seen that episode, season 12 and all; will try to check it out. Nothing else on his IMDB page looks especially promising in the serious department.


+ The 700 times Britta said "natural"

+ Every time Jeff and Britta shared dialogue and/or a look, sincere or snarky, but especially the part where they both got independently sentimental at the end and then quickly pretended to be all cool and nonchalant instead.

+ Annie getting a hailstorm of balled-up paper thrown at her until she sat down

+ Classmates muttering about how they almost had a class that wasn't all about the study group.

+ Abed gets the line of the week with two simple words: "Ben, corner."

Did not love Sociopath Pierce. It's really creepy and doesn't fit with the show's tone and also, could we stop making creepy allusions to Troy being sexually molested? 

Otherwise, a beautiful appetizer before GREATEST EPISODE EVER?? (probably not, but it's going to be way up there. I've never been anywhere near this excited for a Community episode)
Grey's Anatomy, 7x19, "It's A Long Way Back"
Hm. What are some non-sucky things I can pull out of this storyline-setting-up, really-not-so-interesting, frequently-annoying hour?

+ Doris Roberts is always FABULOUS, but especially as a crabby old rich bitch who threatens to take Alex's job and says things like, "Get out of my sight. I can't stand looking at your stupid face!" I did not love how that ended, though. I was so looking forward to having at least a week to daydream about Alex going bankrupt (again) and/or to jail. I was gunning for jail.

+ Mark in Daddy Mode continues to bring me contentment. The rest of the baby storyline, not so much, except when Owen is using it to subtly further his babies-are-so-cute-I-want-one-don't-you? agenda. Also: wow, that baby is even less cute than you expect from a baby. Sorry, actor baby's parents.

+ One thing I do like is what we got to see of Callie's recovery; unlike the Tragic circumstances that I could not appreciate in the previous episode, this is something I can make use of. You rarely see this part of the Tragic Scenarios played out on TV, even in an abbreviated format; it's a wonderful new daydream playground. My brain is delighting in everything. And that's not even getting into the hilarity of Cristina calmly riding around on the gurney Callie's pushing for her new version of physical therapy.

+ April's adorable smiles every time she caught Robert Dr. Stark being nice in front of other people. Did not love how that ended, either. I choose to believe that's because it isn't over.

+ FAVORITE THING EVER: Cristina + "I know, honey. I know." I saw this sneak peek early but I'm still marveling over her ability to sound so soothing.

+ SECOND FAVORITE THING EVER: Teddy/Henry, all of it, always, every time. Except for the part where she went with Perkins. UNFAIR. How come Teddy gets two hot guys? How come I am forced to make a difficult decision, ship-wise, on this show? I haven't had to do that since...well, ever. How come Noel never gets the girl?

And that's about all I got. I am already bored with the Alzheimer's trial and not looking forward to seeing whatever doom was foreshadowed in this episode. Next week: the disaster wedding, so apparently the eye-rolling won't be stopping any time soon.
Private Practice, 4x19, "What We Have Here"
Skipped: Anything containing Charlotte -- don't know, don't care

Mostly skipped: Sam/Addison ultimatum. Did they break up yet? I only paid attention to the parts where Amelia was being adorable and consulting with each of them separately, in her continuing twilight zone between colleague and kid sister. Addison was being especially horrible with everyone this week anyway.

Cancer Treatment Or Baby?: Now a popular game show! Well, not really. This one was cliche, with a side of aggravation (how would telling him about a 5-years-ago abortion possibly help, Addison? They've made it 5 years without a ripple and all it's going to do is drive him away, thus defeating the purpose of him desperately trying to make her choose cancer treatment because he can't be without her. That should not have worked out as well as it did).

But I really enjoyed watching the adorable husband with this extremely blue eyes and arresting curly hair. I never did figure out why I recognized him. All I can come up with on IMDB is Guest Star Roulette, most strongly for Sleazy Corporate Guy on Numb3rs and a dim memory from my beloved "Triple Threat" episode of Cold Case. I like him so much better in a loving/non-sleazy role.

The Heart Of The Matter: Violet  + Crazy Katie = Pete In A Constant State of Rage = good times!
This makes no sense. Unless Violet revealed what went on in her sessions - and why would she do that? - it makes zero sense that Violet could not write about her. Really, it's ruining Katie's life? Well, that's too bad. Maybe Katie should consider going back to JAIL, WHERE SHE BELONGS. I bet a sucky life of freedom seems more appealing than jail, though. How was she ever released at all? Wasn't the whole idea of declaring her crazy so that she would still be put away, just in a less harsh environment?

I am also not thrilled with the medical board investigation (that's a lie. I'm totally thrilled by the angst potential). But this episode was worth it just for all the anger and vengeance and other assorted aggression-in-the-name-of-protection going on with Pete. I can always count on him to be a ball of passionate and judgmental emotion on this front. I love having reached the point where I adore this couple as much as I did when Katie first appeared on the scene.

Next week: disaster wedding, California version. I wish Future Me could just tell me what the good parts are so I can preemptively skip the thing as a whole. Let's hear about Violet's medical license status all hour instead.
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