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You know when you look forward to a thing that sounds amazing, and it delivers on that promise from the first moment, but by the time it reaches its climax you get to a point where every few seconds, you have to keep pausing to let off excess squee as it continually achieves a NEW LEVEL OF AMAZINGNESS?

 WOW. If Sam was not already my favorite character, he would be now. Like all the leadup scenes + fantastic stormout weren't great enough, ADORABLE MINI EVANS!  + MINI EVANS NUMBER TWO! In a scene with heartache and soul-punching, and then tears, and his entire reaction to Finn & Rachel on a steady squee incline, by the time adorable Mini Evans #1 was cuddling up to him with "Don't cry, Sammy," I had ceased to produce audible sound with my squee and begun causing bats' echolocation to malfunction.

But wait, there's more! Now he will show up to rehearsal with little siblings in tow to participate in that newest Glee masterpiece, "Don't Stop," which I have been listening to for 3 days straight since it became my favorite thing in the world. Context puts a slight damper on it, but one look at the dancing and smiling, it's hard to argue.

Must save remaining thoughts for review. But basically: this episode was a good 92% perfect and contained April AND Terri, and still, all I can take away from this right now is "Screw Fondue For Two, I just want to follow the Evans family around for the rest of the season, or at least have the little ones become permanent honorary members of the club." Please?

All right, I'm off to visit my AU Happy Place Bubble and lock myself inside so I can enjoy the world in which this is happening while he and Quinn are still dating.

Tags: feelings explosion, glee
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