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Garage Sale Season is officially open in real life

Dad informed me of two church rummage sales that were happening this morning (plus an infamous local sale that's put on at one house but has a zillion contributors), so off we went. All were great fun to look around, and I ended up spending $4 on the following:

-A copy of People's "Sexiest Man Alive" 2008 (photos of sexy men are never outdated. And I appreciate Hugh Jackman now in a way I did not in 08). Restrained self from buying additional regular issues, even at only a dime apiece, because I am already like two years behind on cutting up my entertainment magazines for my scrapbooks

-Mini boxes of Nerds candy (pieces of candy for a nickel! IT IS PERFECT. Stores should do this.)

-"Wishbone" videotape, "Terrified Terrier" (Red Badge of Courage), because I still believe I will obtain a VCR one day, and Wishbone is only sold on DVD as individual episodes anyway

-The Sims, because I have spent 4 years to find a version, any version of the game itself at a sale, as opposed to an expansion pack. I am 98% sure it won't work on this computer, because this computer has a 64-bit operating system that basically will not run ANYTHING I want it to run. Luckily, I still have my hardy Dell for backup

-A pair of jeans!! So excited to find a nice pair in my size for $2. They are a little loose and only have those half-inch-deep cheap excuses for pockets, but they're Lee brand and pretty new, plus they're summer-style thin and made of soft material, almost like slacks. Did I mention they were $2?

-Freebie: Plastic animals.
Dad teased me for looking through the bins of cheap "junk" in the toy room (one of the churches had its sale spread across 10 different small rooms), and I countered that I am forever on the search for tiny plastic Littlest Pet Shop-sized animals, and this is where you find them. Sure enough, I came up with a calf identical to a couple in my collection, as well as a small horse that will fit in. Also a Breyer Stablemate (the miniature version of model horse). The bins were marked 25 cents each/6 for $1, but to my very great delight, the woman said I could just take what I wanted since I already had a bag with my purchase from another room. :)

I have yet to watch any other TV from the week (STUPID WORK), but I did see the latest Subtle Sexuality video from The Office. 


THIS IS SO DELIGHTFUL. I was not all that enthused with the song at first -- it's definitely no "Male Prima Donna," despite that one being a mere dance track and this one attempting to have lyrical substance -- but it took exactly three listens to decide it is absolutely a thing that needs to be in my music library, melodramatic Rachel-Berry-Before-Regionals style lyrics and all. 

P.S. Someone please make a Quinn/Rachel/Finn triangle fanvid to this song. You may have to cut Ryan's solo to make it work, but I really want to see this happen. We need a new version of this fanvid to join the legions of Taylor Swift & Saving Jane. (on second thought -- where the hell are the Saving Jane videos? All I see is a preview clip of one. And why isn't Glee going to let Quinn be prom queen for 100% perfection?)

And now back to the video above. Without even making an effort, I have determined twenty different things to love about it [edit: I can count, really. *renumbers quickly*]:

1. The brief video clip before the music, in which Ryan & Kelly have gone high school jock/nerd AU
2. An extra fun AU, where he's bafflingly nice to her
3. Super abrupt "Bye." Not even sure he had to act for that line, or maybe he drew on previous experience.
5. Erin's "pageant queen" dress
6. Erin's facial expressiosn are AMAZING. She has a different way to mock the "girl next door" on every single repetition of that line.
7. Kelly's lip syncing is also amazing
8. Legit heart-twinging shots of her staring out a rainy window
9. The hot/rich girl randomly holding a cigarette for cool factor
10. Ahhhhh, the picnic shot from Ryan's photo blog, live and in action!
11. I'm on a customer service call...nice touch of real life there
12. ERIN/RYAN ALMOST MADE OUT (stupid fakery. I want real making out)
13.  I've got 2000 friends on Facebook / I eat a ham sandwich alone in my office nook -- awww
14. My blessed family won the lottery / And my lame one lives in poverty -- seriously, is most I've ever loved Erin, ever
15. Still shipping the hell out of Erin/Ryan for Hot Hookup Factor; that only half joking flame never dies, apparently!
16. "Ry" Howard (a/k/a The Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Understood)
17. and his glorious fake beard
18. and his extra hammy overemoting (it's too late 'cause she died of a broooookeeeeeen heeeeeeeart!)
19. while visiting her grave. And overemoting some more; throwing the walker, shaking fists at the sky, etc
20. Kelly's adorable shrug & gaze into the camera at the end

Bonus Point(s)!
21. NO ANDY. Remember how this was my #1 complaint about Subtle Sexuality before? Thank you.

22. The accompanying "Behind the Music" video clip that goes with this is, if possible, even more fun.

23. And the website. Under special thanks, Kelly lists "Katy Perry for setting the bar so low with her lyrics."

In other Office news, while watching the above video I saw another clip; I don't know if it's a deleted scene or part of the episode, but all I'm going to say is that I had a sudden and inappropriate flash of Jim/New Girl shipping. HE ONLY SPOKE TO HER FOR FIVE SECONDS. Also, he's married and they are my supposed OTP Across Television. What the hell, brain. (and yet, I regret nothing)

I have broken the rules twice in a row now, and again looked up the tracklist and previewed some of the songs for next week's Glee. May I just say: the episode looks poised to mostly make me rageful and want Kurt to die slowly and painfully, but it's hard to argue when JESSE ST. JAMES IS BACK ON THE SCENE. Here are my feelings on Rachel's songs:

-Rolling in the Deep (duet with Jesse): Ugh, stop wasting their talent and beautiful voices. I had a vague hope that they might make this song tolerable, but they have chosen to do it mostly a capella, so it's actually worse. What the blergh.

-Jar of Hearts: Here's the problem with a singer-songwriter type covering singer-songwriter songs: I already love the originals. She's supposed to use her pretty voice to fix songs that are flawed. This just causes me anguish when I can't decide which version I like -- Glee because it's convenient to have all my favorites under one artist, or original because I actually like the original. On the bright side, I do love both equally.

What I really love is, now that the lyrics are 100% Jesse/Rachel in my head**, it's caused an explosion of love for the song itself in my heart (whereas I never quite reached that point before). The point of this digression is, I am ecstatic that Glee chose to do this cover.

**...she's not going to end up singing this at Finn, is she? I should probably retrain my brain to accept an alternate version in case, but...ugh, see, this is why I avoid learning what the songs are until I see them in context.

Season 1 Glee Songs I Am Loving A Lot Right Now

1. Alone - I am starting to think this may well be my favorite (it's actually the #1 played track out of everything in my old music library), because every time I hear it, it literally CHILLS ME TO THE BONE.

2. Dream On
- Because this song is almost as good as the one above it in all the same ways

3. Total Eclipse of the Heart - third favorite duet of all time (apparently the show leads need outside help to reach their full potential)

4. Gives You Hell - I love how when I first watched this episode, none of the music jumped out at me at all, but then I ended up loving most of it. But especially this one. It's just so cute and bouncy and sassy. I laugh in the wildly inferior face of the original.

5. Golddigger/Bust A Move/Ice, Ice Baby - One rarely hears one in my library without the other two falling close behind. They're inseparable partners. The last two in particular are like conjoined twins, two halves of a heart, and so on.

...I should probably either go to bed or finish my survey work now, like I started planning to do 3 hours ago. 

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