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Worst Weekend

Ugh. First I couldn't take advantage of the last opportunity for overtime test-scoring work because effing survey work ate my entire Saturday morning. Half the pay, none of the fun. Then, as I have been grossly sleep deprived all week, immediately after the survey work was done I slept for 16 hours straight (goodbye, beautiful sunny day!). And then on Sunday, my one freaking day to catch up on TV (via the internet)...the internet died. ALL DAY. Except for a not-nearly-long-enough 2 hour window mid-afternoon.  End result, I am behind in everything and will have to start avoiding all of my TV sites and half of LJ like the plague. This is all I've got so far:
Quick catchup on the past 3 weeks of CSI: Miami:

9x20, Paint It Black: Quite possibly the best representation of split personalities I've ever seen on a crime show. Loved it!

9x21, G.O.: Always nice to see Melora Hardin. That was super-trippy and again, I enjoyed it, although my enjoyment may have been partially due to the fact that I was sucked into a free trial of "Escape Rosecliff Island" at the time. Since I was busy playing search-and-find with random items through rooms of an abandoned old house on my computer screen while listening to the Nothing Is As It Seems plot, I felt like my world had been turned upside down too. And then the whole Osama bin Laden news broke and steamrollered over the ending, making it even more disorienting.

(FYI: I felt that news could have waited twenty minutes to break. He wasn't getting any deader, and I did not appreciate the one night a week where I can watch TV live instead of having to go online and watch it later taken away from me. Put it as a scrolling marquee until the end of the show, or something. That's right, even a terrible TV show is more important than the president. I felt the same way about Bush interrupting an X-Files rerun I was trying to tape to announce the start of a war. I am just not a believer in "critical" news updates between 7-10 pm CST unless my life is in potential danger. I'm selfish and immature that way.)

"Mayday"/finale: WHAT THE WHAT WHAT WHAT.

My bad. Were the prison escapees supposed to be a season-long plot arc? I did not register the continuity at all. Or even really notice when it happened in the first place. Most suspenseful arc ever! Or not. I had no thoughts at all on this finale until the last three minutes, at which point it went:

1. Oh no, Horatio's been shot. Yeah, whatever. I'm not falling for that one again.
2. Though the blood is a nice touch.
3. ...holy crap, is this real? Guys, I think he might not be faking this time.
4. Show, for real, I would love you a whole bunch if you followed through on this.
6. And can we go back to the part where Horatio actually appears to be hurt for the first time in roughly six years? I could have sworn he was not capable of bleeding. This could be fun. 

Also: after checking on a couple of reviews, apparently we were supposed to see "sparks flying" between Horatio & the blond secret service agent. Really? I...must have missed the part where there was anything different whatsoever about their interaction from his usual response to people he talks to in the course of an investigation.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the dad going nuts after the system failed him. I feel like it sends a very appropriate message to the follies of government interference (I've heard that in the real world, child protection services exist for a reason, but you'd never know it by TV. Foster care is the actual devil's business, according to fiction).

Community, "A Fist Full of Paintballs"

Where is my jaw? Oh, there it is. Way down there on the floor.
I've watched it 3 times so far, which I believe is enough to crown it the new champion of the series, BEST EPISODE EVER, almost nothing I did not love from start to finish.  Normally not a fan of flashback as a storytelling device, I thought it worked brilliantly here with the soft focus, and I am freaking in love with everyone's Western-themed outfits and the card sign identifiers. Especially the latter. Brilliant in its nearly-meaningless simplicity. 

Obviously, the Black Rider was the best part of this, and I strongly protest that he got taken out at the halfway point of the war. (or to put it another way, "Damn. Sawyer survives 3-6 years, depending on how you count, on the Island of Mystery and then gets taken out by Pierce?") Fools. Although I did enjoy Jeff's insecure obsession about how good-looking he was, and ultimately laughed at the way he was taken out. Here I thought I'd never hear one of Sawyer's "son of a bitch" quotes again.
Noted: I have a sincere need for Josh Holloway to star in the next available Western film.

Annie's starring role was the best. To quote Abed, "She's pretty awesome today." Setting up her own base, blowing off Jeff, hunting down Chang...also, I will inappropriate-ship Black Rider/Annie. Just say the word. My very, very favorite scene in all of this is still the one they released as a sneak peek.

Switching to list mode of Stuff To Love:  

  • The slow-mo bullets while Jeff & Abed rescue Annie from the above moment.
  • Epic music
  • Fancy credits! I love when they dress those up.
  • Neil & Vicki! Mostly Vicki. I can take or leave Neil. Mostly leave.
  • Troy & Abed's giddiness at seeing each other
  • Britta's really sharp "Duh DOI" re: Pierce acting like a villain this year
  • Jeff patting Annie on the head with, "You're a good kid, and I want to do my part to help you stay that way." Awwwww.
  • The only time I really ever enjoy Pierce is when he is making appeals to Annie being his favorite, so I liked that part.
  • The club being totally non-plussed by Pierce's "heart attack," when even I believed him.
  • Chang selling everybody out in a heartbeat and fleeing the scene. Especially while wandering around at the end, calling, "Does anybody have an alliance I can join? I'm really loyal..."
  • The Ice Cream Company of Doom ending, where I keep giggling because it reminds me of Power Rangers, with Rita Repulsa cackling out evil orders to her minions.
  • Jeff: OK, Black Rider, now let's see who's atractive.
    Troy: Dude, you have a problem.
  • Troy: Look, I don't name people, Annie, I'm a deputy. I deputize.
  • Pierce: So once again, I'm the bad guy.
    Six voices: YES.

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