RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Well, this is unexpected.


Now, I have really not ever seen this show -- maybe once or twice -- but I occasionally read muzzy_olorea 's episode reactions, and then I make her explain stuff to me and/or hook me up to YouTube clips of Chuck & Sarah being particularly sweet. I objectively like what I hear about their romance, but in practice I tend to find them (*cough*her) fairly boring, so I only come around for the series highlights.

But TV Squad lured me in with their OMGWTF teaser before the jump, so I read the review and immediately focused on something or other about Sarah being on the path to dying in a way that shocked the hell out of viewers. And why look, the relevant one-minute clip was even embedded right there on the page, just like I've done for possibly-only-the-US-viewers here:


ANGSTY SQUEE! (well, tragedy. But that's the sort of thing that makes me squee) Maybe a sudden need to watch 50x in a row. Way to come out of nowhere to shock and awe, random unimportant show! I keep incessantly looping this ending, enjoying watching the horror fully sink in on his face, followed by panicky babbling and useless pleas. This is what we like from a television series. A+

This was followed by a quick detour to go play in shippity lala land (a/k/a, feed their names into the YouTube search bar), where in the midst of a longer "story of us" style video I quite lost patience with, I decided I was more than content with this.  Holy crap, approve, approve! At least until 00:44, and then it is less approved, as I need a heck of a lot more investment in a ship before I can sit through something this uncomfortably demonstrative. Let me just rewind to the beginning of the scene up until the point where she wakes up, like 8 times in a row.  

And back to present day, where I was promptly handed the preview for next week, which just gets EVEN BETTER. (hospital vigils -- my only weakness!)

The latter half of it, MEH, but I have seen the first 13 seconds an embarrassing number of times at this point.  To the point where Chuck's vow starts to sound like a serial killer claiming his prey. (SORRY.)

Bottom line: enh, flail, FLAIL, and there better be a whole lot more stuff like that stored up and waiting for me when this episode airs.
Tags: chuck, feelings explosion, shipping

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