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Hells yeah

Tiny bright spot to my day:  in the midst of a lengthy comment thread (to which I have yet to respond or even finish reading), I seem to have turned into an on-the-fringes "Chuck" fan by way of Chuck/Sarah. They're not exactly perfect and I still can't see myself watching the actual show*, but there is definite shipper joy to be mined there. *Hey, look, if Pretty Little Liars lives a half life in my fandom world, this one can too.

So I would just like to say, bless you and your surprise sneak peeks for softening the blow I suffered this morning by releasing a clip from the highlight of the finale promo, which is clearly the most exciting-slash-relevant part of the finale/only reason I am interested anyway:

If you need me, I will be alternating between that scene and the scene from last week's episode and also this scene from 4x09, which is my new favorite. Starting to realize usefulness of spy life for creating PERILOUS SITUATIONS.

Oh, and also NBC picked it up for season 5, because apparently they misheard me and thought that more of this ship would make up for losing the other ship. FALSE.  ...wait, I was trying to be less bitter.
Also, because I have no willpower and the time I would normally spend watching my shows is instead halved and being spent reading random TV things, I read about last night's episode of Bones:

Honestly, for me, the most exciting part is MR. NIGEL-MURRAY IS DEAD! Must hunt down old reviews and see if I ever explicitly wished for this to happen, because that would be remarkable.

Apparently there was something with Booth/Brennan. Lame. Too little, too late! Did we actually see them in bed, or just hear her tell Angela? Because I'd really like to know if we saw bedroom comforting minus...anything else in the bedroom. It's still too little too late, but just because I won't let the show back into my life doesn't mean I wouldn't let Booth & Brennan onto the list of couples who exist in isolated scenes on YouTube if they are finally going to get their bloody acts together.

Vincent's death seems like a terrible way to get that going, though. I mean. I don't care how much Booth anguish you pour on it, I don't see how him dying is cause for any less celebration than Michael Scott leaving The Office. See how many deaths of sucky characters I greeted happily on Lost, regardless of their attempt to be emotionally stunning.

Also: I found out last week that apparently Hodgins and Angela are not only married (I knew that part) but having a baby? Screw you, show. (or to use Warbler venacular, "You mock us, sir!"

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