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Sweeps Month has been very detour-y for me so far.

Holy crap, ABC. See if you can leave a few more TV show corpses. Are you in some sort of war game with NBC? Highest body count on own turf wins?

So there goes Mr. Sunshine (whatever; I can't even deal with any more bad news), and even though it was already dead, something about "ABC cancels Off The Map" in black and white just sort of stabs the coffin nail through your HEART. Meanwhile, "Happy Endings" survives. The fireball of rage/fury in my heart knows no bounds. It's one of those shows that I only had to see two seconds of preview to know I would loathe, and every article/review I have read about it (including its popularity with people who love Modern Family and/or Cougar Town) confirms my suspicions. You and your incessantly awful comedy choices are dead to me, flist. Dead.

NBC countered by taking out Outsourced and Perfect Couples, and I'm...really bothered by how much I care, which is to say a small amount but definitely larger than zero. Outsourced was a nice, blandly funny chaser to wind down the evening, and I developed Stockholm Syndrome affinity for the latter when they sandwiched it between quality shows and  I was unable to escape.
Meanwhile, I have been going all Shiny New Obsession Love over Chuck/Sarah. When I fall, it's like a snowball tumbling down a mountain. muzzy_olorea has been very helpful in supplementing my wanderings and cheering me on, so via about 100 YouTube clips (this fandom is awesome in the short clip department, which is perfect for my patience with videos), I'm twitterpated.

I've played fast and loose with chronology, clicking on anything that looks fun, but I can vaguely figure out the basics. I haven't bothered looking up any actual information on the show, but I've absorbed enough from the clips to semi-orient myself. I have zero interest in any supporting characters except possibly Chuck's parents, and spy work continues to be ridiculous except in so far as it produces life-threatening situations, and I am still not even clear on whether I actually like Chuck or Sarah as individuals, but together they are magic.

I'm starting to get the sense that maybe I will have to watch the show just to enjoy them talking to each other, because there are probably a load of scenes that are not special enough for YouTube to isolate, but which I will nevertheless enjoy. As of yet, I still haven't seen any full episodes because, well, other characters will exist for more than a few seconds.

ANYWAY. Here's the Notepad log of my wanderings:

Obsession, day 5: that point where shipping transforms into actor love and you need to see him in everything ever, a/k/a IMDB Tour Time. Except, oh wait, the most substantial credit to Zachary Levi's name is voicework for Tangled (which, on bright side, I now may not hate with my default hate for computer animated things).  I see you, Less Than Perfect, but I'm just not sure I'm ready to make that commitment.

Oh, geeze, but there is such wonderful footage from Comic Con and others. Perhaps I don't need movies; I will just watch him be his cute and dorky real self.

OH LOOK. Amazing picspammy recaps.

A tiny number of the clips I kept track of and haven't mentioned in previous comment sections:

(mainly the first 1:15 or so -- this is an extended version of the shorter clip I initially saw; I can't keep any of my URLs straight)

a/k/a, I'm sorry, I thought the TV-watching with his head in her lap was the whole prize of the clip. What do you mean, there's a cute "Sweetheart" quip?  WHAT DO YOU MEAN, THERE'S MORE AFTER THAT? *dead of adorable* My favorite moments keep outdoing each other -- this level of indulgence is ridiculous. None of my shows indulge me to this degree so often. It's creeping up on a Numb3rs level of indulgence.

Favorites include 3x13 (GENERAL FLAIL) and 3x14. "It's a new day..."

Chuck vs. The Suburbs, relevant parts amazingly set to "Pleasantville"
The most relevant part, with audio, is the rescue ending. Obviously.

I am inordinately amused by Sarah's tendency to nonchalantly wander around in skimpy underpants while Chuck goes goggle-eyed.

Can I list "everything in season 4" as a thing? Because seriously, season 4 is just one epic win after another. I was pretty enchanted with Proposal Interruptus back when it aired, but I just saw the real one and my heart exploded.

Oh, the end of this new. "And if you asked me for real, then my answer would be yes."

OK, dragging self away now, but that's a brief overview of where I'm at. We're closing in on a week since the obsession hit, so the very highest concentration of obsessing should recede a little bit as my busy TV schedule turns to other things. I say should, but who knows. The past couple of nights at work were the first time a couple besides Ben & Ryan occupied the part of my brain that always tries to daydream instead of focusing on student essays.

One more detour for the week: Hawaii Five-0, because the preview caught my eye with all its promises of main-character peril/hospitalization. This time, they delivered.

(this is the first one I've watched online, so can I just say: HAHAHA, are you kidding me with those ridiculous episode titles? It's like they didn't even bother to have titles. This whole series will have to be known by production code only.)

1. I love how when this show teases peril, it has a tendency to wrap the highlight up in the first quarter. Efficient. The parts of this show that involve bad guys or doing detective work are unspeakably dull.

2. Oh, it's what's-her-name from 10 Things I Hate About You! Love her. But she would look so much better without hideously short boy hair.

3. This is the first time I've seen Gracie, who...does not particularly blow me away in the adorable department, but whatever, Alex O'Loughlin interacting with kids is preciousness of the highest degree. PRECIOUSNESS.

4. So, how about that ending with Rachel? This pairing does not particularly blow me away either, but I very much like the subtle, understated nature of the last scene in the hospital. Heartwarmingly fuzzy/sleepy family moments, awww! Merci, CBS.

5. Wow, CBS has everything today, including Gracie's first visit.

6. Steve & Danny's interaction continues to be the highlight of this show, as everyone says. Everyone also has a tendency to throw a variation of "shippy" in there when they say it, which is a weird, weird way to see the world, but despite flawed vocabulary the end result produces the same amount of joy. I was happy with the ending snark; I did not expect a surprise bonus hug out of it.

7. Be right back, I have to go find at least 18 more clips of snarky banter before I'm satisfied. I still don't really feel this show needs to exist, but if it's going to, it's going to earn its keep
Grey's Anatomy, 7x21, "White Wedding"

How is it possible to care less about Callie & Arizona every week? Don't know, don't care. This part was THE WORST. All I got out of this storyline was confirming that Callie's mom is by far the most awesome mom we have met on Grey's yet. So shamelessly judgmental. "You're not a bride, Callie! Everything is fake and you are a terrible disappointment/failure as a daughter! P.S. Your child is a bastard." I want to watch this all the time. Best part: she was not "redeemed" at the end, she just went ahead and walked on out of there without looking back. I'm proud of her for having principles.

Much more relevantly, Derek and Meredith actually got married, and I know it doesn't show but I am super-duper ecstatic about that. Doing secret cartwheels of joy. At last, I will be able to bask in the joy of husband-and-wifery! I have about two years' worth of clips that are about to get a whole lot shinier and more fulfilling. This was perfect. Best wedding ever, star of the hour, etc.

Derek cuddling & babytalking Baby Zola explodes internal organs I didn't know I had. Alas, the problem is that Zola herself, despite an amazing name that I am filing away for one of my future pets (compliment!), is just, so very not cute. Significantly less cute than the average baby, even. So if this adoption were to, I don't know, fall through? I could handle that. Which is frustrating, because I really love the whole "I instantly fell in love with this child, please let's make her our daughter" angle McDreamy is approaching this from, and I don't think they could recreate spontaneous magic quite this intense for a different adoption. How are you managing to screw this up? How??  =/

Maybe it will help if I just watch some of the many available YouTube videos on incessant repeat. I love that he picked cuddling Zola over attending the lame-ass wedding (he's getting good at avoiding his colleagues' weddings, isn't he?). Look at him. He's actually giddy.

I did really enjoy April learning Swahili, even if it got her some brutal chastisement, just for the end. I love when she confounds Stark, I really do. And look at that, high praise via an extremely rare, nigh-impossible recommendation for the Chief Resident job? Wow. Also: now that I am cheating and skipping ahead with a reference to the next episode, now that we've heard just want the Chief Res job entails, I am not clear how April isn't a shoo-in for the job.

I did not enjoy Jackson's storyline so much, as all I could think about was how very dead all those adorable little mice would be soon, and how eventually killing them all would probably be one of his jobs too.

McDreamy With A Baby highlights aside, this is a serious low point in the season.
7x21, "I Will Survive"
Boy, this show is on a real sharp decline out the end-of-season door, isn't it? It basically fell off a cliff after the musical. Remember in season 2, when Callie & Bailey fought over chief resident for like a week, and it was over? Expediency: I miss it.

Best parts:
-Cristina to Alex: "You're dead inside. You have no feelings."

-Cristina declaring that April's ability to be super organized is a result of her virgin superpowers.

-Creepy Intestines Baby is CREEPY, like, how has that not appeared in a horror film by now.

-Lexie The Wise: “What is it about guys with babies that makes women go crazy? I mean, it’s like, when you’re at the park and you see a guy with a puppy. Now normally you wouldn’t even notice the guy. But then, he's laughing, and the puppy's crawling all over him, and then he's tickling the puppy’s little puppy belly and then you’re thinking... I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my life with that guy.”

So true. Even for Mark, especially after "I have everything I ever wanted...almost." Stupid objectively-creepy ship that forces me to bend to its will.

-Derek/Meredith/Zola. I have already forgotten the specifics, but this is fun.

-Epic C/O interview. I like yelling when it doesn't seem relationship-threatening (or at least, doesn't seem that way after the ending at the bar clears it up), but is instead the only way to get Cristina to realize something important. Aww.

Worst parts:
Everything else?

More specifically: everything Alex does, says, or is marginally involved in? (Dude is THE WORST.)

More specifically than that: the ending. If you're not going to send him to Africa, can we at least have him get eaten by a bear?

Dear show: stop offering to exile awful characters to other continents and not delivering. Lucy is not an appropriate substitute for Africa exile, although she'll do. At least she found a way to give Alex a sorely needed metaphorical kick in the teeth on the way out.

Teddy trampling all over Henry's feelings without a second glance (although his completely transparent expressions might qualify as a Best Part, just because Scott Foley is wonderful like that). Under any other circumstances I'd be happy to send her ass to Germany, but... :( Can he join the Sweeping Speeches club for real, at some point? Because I feel like there is a monumental Declaration of Feelings speech all bottled up inside just waiting to be poured forth.

Cristina's continued brathood. I'd almost rather go back to the days of Teddy angst; at least then Cristina wasn't in the wrong.

Up Next: everything goes to hell, and I have to go find Past Me and slap her upside the head for thinking Cristina being pregnant could be a positive thing. Clearly this will not be going down as one of the more spectacular finales in Grey's history.
P.S. Found out "Playboy Club" is headlined by Eddie Cibrian, Gross, that show just somehow became more sleazy. Fiery resentment that NBC chose THIS for their period piece: going up to 11.
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