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I can't help thinking we almost had it all

You know how many books I've read this month? Two. How do I still have so much TV waiting for me?

Glee, 2x20, "Prom Queen"
I spent so much of that episode gagging on the sickly saccharine taste of its Very Special nature.

But I'm glad to see that it neutralized several of my major anticipated qualms -- apparently it's junior prom as a whole separate dance, not silly juniors trying to hijack senior rights; the king/queen platforms aren't linked together; and write-ins happen for reasons other than Glee producers trying to send a social message.

I never even considered that the school might vote for Kurt as a big giant hate-filled and mean-spirited joke. MARVELOUS! I want to hug this entire student body for crushing Kurt's tiny little heart in their giant collective fist.  Sure, it backfired in the end, and they went stupid in the head and applauded his dumbassery anyway, but up until that point I got to enjoy several minutes of him sobbing in the hallway about how all their rampant hate wasn't gone after all, they were just afraid to say it out loud so it was hidden away in a secret ballot. Secret ballots, you guys! Why didn't I think of that? This show does nothing but teach me the most clever new bullying tricks, I swear. Stuff I wouldn't even have thought of, due to never having encountered it, until the show introduces it to my world and demonstrates how funny cruelty can be.

Very much approved of everybody being all, "Um, no," on Kurt's gay Braveheart outfit. I especially like when Blaine disapproves, because Blaine is the best. To be honest, I was kind of worried that he would turn awful once he gave in to Kurt's crush. But no, he's almost better. It is especially nice, given his usual protective status, to get some backstory about him having once been beaten up for being openly gay (hurt/comfort placates RS again! This relationship is on fire. Never change).

And as hard as I was laughing at and reveling in Kurt's pain, Blaine was there on the sidelines, looking wonderful and soft-voiced and supportive through all of it. My heart is very full.

World's best puppy eyes

Prom Red Carpet
I was very tempted to add a slew of photos, but...wait, here's a bit of a link

Quinn, "the ghost of Grace Kelly," with her perfectly coiffed hair (complete with exquisite strands curling loose from her neatly pulled back twist), who literally does look stunning* in her ice blue dress with the chiffon twists of straps and beaded bodice. My jaw, it dropped. If only there was a tiny prom queen tiara to complete the look. 

(*you remember Finn's stupefied awe the first time he saw her? Right here. Also, fleeting moment of not hating them as a couple)

Finn, whose matching bowtie next to her dress actually made me sit up, take notice, and want to crown him king.

Rachel, in a shade of beautiful pale pink with a perfectly matching wrist corsage and amazing hair. The dress would have been better with straps or a larger necklace -- the dainty pendant normally looks good on her, but there's too much bare expanse from chin to cleavage -- but whatever. There is tulle and I like it.

Jesse, who looks good no matter what, but is especially fine due to the hair. Can I please have a shot of the four of them? Or would it cause spontaneous screen melt?

Blaine + suit = suave, dapper, dashing, and any synonyms you can come up with.

Satan, looking hot in a smokin' red number with a single shoulder that makes her dress look like it's held together with a line of roses.

-Artie, whose gel-infused hair alone is

-Sam, whose choice of bolo tie would actually have been pretty retro-hip if not for the terrifyingly flat hair he sported all evening. I'm left to wonder if he has, in fact, been living out of a cardboard box lately because he doesn't appear to have washed his hair in a few days.

-Kurt: Gay Braveheart

-Brittany, in the most atrocious shade of neon lime green I have ever seen, in a dress that appeared to be both too low cut and too short, ending in a puffy skirt that resembled a first grader's dance costume.

Hey guys, remember this part from "Original Song"?
I have a sudden need for Sam and Mercedes to become buddies and hang out. It would be an upgrade for both of them in the friend department.

Happenin'! Emphatically not shippin' it; will kill Murphy if he tries anything, but loving the friendship. I definitely would have gone to Prom if a cute, slightly dorky boy had taken me as a friend. They looked like they were having such a good time at the restaurant, and how cute was it when he told her she looked beautiful and asked her to dance? Boy is a class act. Quinn, don't you think you should probably get back together with him soon?

In news I should probably have mentioned first, Rachel/Sam/Mercedes friendship: newest OTP? Absolutely. Group hug of adorable! (let's ignore the part where the asshole group didn't know his birthday. We'll tell ourselves that Quinn did, and responded appropriately).

I really wanted to spend a solid hour with them at dinner. Less prom, more friendly laughing & chatting. Jesse just integrates into this group so perfectly...

Jesse/Rachel: The Scars Of Your Love Remind Me Of Us

I hated "Rolling in the Deep" for a long time. But as soon as I heard they were covering it, it got stuck in my head due to epic lyrics that immediately made this A Song About Jesse/Rachel, and then it turned out Adele's version was considerably better than Glee's, because a capella: AWFUL. Even with the world's most perfect voices.

I still feel that way; it's the first time since "Stand By You" that I felt Glee really botched a cover.  In my head I've taken to hearing their voices with Adele's music, if that makes sense...but this performance was brilliant and you'll find me playing Glee's version on loop nowadays, mainly because Jesse's voice is amazing.

Performance-wise: of course he would just show up at school and hijack Rachel's song for a spontaneous duet. So much better than their last snorefest of a first-time duet. I don't know exactly what I did the first time I saw this, as I think I blacked out from sheer excitement. My thoughts were something along the lines of "JESSE JESSE JESSE JESSE."

Oh, and what's that from my season 1 unfulfilled-wishes list, I wish Jesse and Rachel could have had one last conversation alone? Boom. Three episodes' worth coming our way. There better still be a last conversation at the end of it.

The one thing I didn't like was that apparently Jesse's turned into an idiot. If there's one problem I have with this show, it's their incessant need to make every boy a moron. Why did you need to have him "fail out" as an excuse for him to be here? It's college. It gets out like a month earlier than public schools; he would have been in town at this time anyway. So let's just quietly ignore that part and focus on the smokin' hotness. He still hasn't quite lost that smarmy edge, but I've never had a problem pretending to believe in the depth of his feelings before.

Rachel sings "Jar of Hearts."

Jesse: Perfect at all times, whether providing me with long-hoped-for sound bites ("I came back to see you, Rachel. What I did to's my one great regret." Aaaaand, cue fanvid) or hanging with high school kids for their juvenile little junior prom, managing to sound simultaneously kind and condescending to Sam all at once (yes, Sam, you heard right and are not imagining that slight snub behind sincere expression) while Rachel's eyes go all starry in his presence. Or while cool as a cucumber while expertly jabbing under Finn's skin.

Speaking of that exchange, I...maybe shipped Jesse/Quinn in that moment. A little bit. For the most part I just enjoyed him making Finn look like a petty douche by completely ignoring the comment and complimenting Quinn instead (at least until ready to make a much more subtle dig of his own), but I am actively disappointed there was no opportunity for them to dance together.

Finn/Rachel(/Jesse): All That's Waiting Is Regret
Turns out I don't mind that it's directed at Finn instead of Jesse, like I thought. I still love this song, I love Rachel singing it (and as always, her face kills me), and it has in no way impacted my love of the original. I never would have thought of this as a theme song for them, but one look at the lyrics with Glee blinders, and apparently every damn line is relevant to Finn & Rachel. This perfection needs quoting:

No, I can't take one more step towards you
‘Cause all that's waiting is regret
Don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore
You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live, half alive
And now you want me one more time

Who do you think you are?
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are?

I hear you're asking all around
If I am anywhere to be found
But I have grown too strong
To ever fall back in your arms
. . .
It took so long just to feel all right
Remember how to put back the light in my eyes
I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed
‘Cause you broke all your promises
And now you're back
You don't get to get me back

Post-song: I'm going to pretend I don't see the part where Rachel tries to pull away when Jesse starts kissing her neck, because obviously she's experiencing a bout of temporary insanity.

I do approve of a shoving match-turned-fistfight between the two alpha males, though (well, shoving match-turned-single-punch in a delayed delivery on the threat to go mess up that Jesse kid's face). EXCELLENT. MORE VIOLENCE, ALWAYS MORE VIOLENCE. Especially over a girl. Too bad it turned Jesse out of the episode early and dashed Quinn's hopes in the process. I vote for more violence without consequences. Which prom queen candidate can give me that?

Main opinion on Finn & Rachel's verbal interaction in this episode: SHUT UP,  FINN. Either you want her, or you don't. Don't let it escalate to a point where Rachel has to follow you into the nearest men's room to deliver an ultimatum.

Quinn/Rachel: My Insides Are Blue
That slap was so much more epic when followed with "YOU DID THIS TO ME!" instead of a pathetic, whispered, "I'm so sorry." Have a spine, Quinn. Own your violence. In a showdown between you and her, everything is Rachel's fault.

That said, she beautifully broke my heart again with, "I know you think it's hard to be you," as if Quinn makes it any easier, "But at least you don't have to be terrified all the time." [of the future, when all this is gone.]

FAVORITE SCENE. More time with just the two of them, less Brittana crap, please. Notice how cutting straight from their jaw-dropping combined beauty to Brittany and Santana makes the latter two look like hags by comparison? You should notice.

I thumb my nose at your collective hatred of "Run Joey Run," characters. That little ditty's on my MP3 player and I love it. So is Crazy In Love/Hair, just not quite as beloved

Oh my God, is Karofsky crying while he apologizes to Kurt?! Dude, Karofsky has become so lame. What a sniveling wimp! What a pansy! Azimio should start beating him up. (Kurt manages to look unusually precious and sweet after asking him what's wrong, though. I'm savoring the moment.)

Why did Mr. Schue just disappear from the latter half of this episode? What does he have to do except chaperone school dances? The answer best involve April.

Any music not sung by Rachel was hideous and I couldn't listen to it. Especially "Dancing Queen." I SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING, AND I DO NOT LIKE. Don't you dare associate this song with Kurt forever in my head. *heads off to love original*

The tinkling piano notes I'm now thinking of as "Quinn's Theme" were beautiful, though.

I see you with your hand on Rachel's shoulder while the prom queen announcement is made, Sam. ♥

It would have been so much fun to be a Prom extra in this episode. Even better than being part of the band, or in the mall during Safety Dance.

This Seemed Unnecessary
-Santana's sniveling (and why did she look so uncomfortable dancing with her date? I know he's the opposite of attractive, but so is Puck, and last I checked, Santana had a good season and a half to her credit of being a professional heterosexual whore.)

-Sue and Artie's torture subplot, even though I feel this is how all underage students involved with alcohol should be treated.

I feel like the bad music, Santana, Kurt and Artie made a great deal of it unwatchable, and many positive things noted above. This might not be in the bottom half of the season. Thanks a lot, Jesse St. James.

Up Next
More Jesse!

Terri: Are you trying to have the glee club killed?
Sue: Or kidnapped and killed.

P.S. Could we get some intel on the actual death already? For the love of everything. I want spoilers, I want mega-spoilers bad. There's no way it's going to live up to all this secrecy.

Community: For A Few More Paintballs
I still appreciate interesting openings (see Star Wars marquee), but let's be real: that severely underwhelmed and disappointed from the moment they changed the theme from "Western" to "Star Wars." It was reinforced by immediately taking all the mystery, intrigue and menace of Pistol Patty out the minute the costume head came off. It was good for a cheap laugh, but then it was just a sad squander of potential.

The best part was Shirley & Britta's amazing almost-win. Or possibly Jeff's hilariously abrupt takedown. The point is, the preview they showed for this episode was much more enthralling than the episode itself. I'm glad I watched them a week apart so this didn't taint my reaction to part 1, which is still my favorite of all time.

Abed/Annie: Gross, gross, gross, and it just wouldn't END, my God, it wouldn't endAs if it wasn't icky (yes, I'm going with icky) enough to begin with it, they were soaked in paint by the end. Ew.

Um, guys, Pierce voluntarily left the study group. Win/win. The only reason you should look sad is because that was too easy and you're afraid of what horrible vengeance he might be planning to wreak on you.

Shirley & Britta aside, my favorite character ended up being the pissed-off janitor who had to clean up the school -- and listen to one of Abed's rambling stories to boot. (Although it was fun to see Quendra again. I maybe had a flash of wanting Jeff to hit that.)
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