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Frick, CSI: NY got renewed. You know, I was at a point where I was cheering for the Criminal Minds spinoff in that head-to-head, I really was. Unless the finale blows my MIND when I get around to watching it, I do not expect this opinion to change.

FRICK, Lisa Edelstein's leaving House. Well, there goes all my desire to catch up on that. Long-delayed freakout over Huddy breakup: beginning.

Curses, today on the radio I heard them announce that both Matthew Morrison and Josh Groban will be giving Twin Cities concerts this summer. Pardon me while I go bang my head against the wall a few times and add more names to my lengthy "I WISH CONCERTS WERE A THING THAT REAL PEOPLE COULD GO TO" list.

I can't believe that I actually like all of the final 3 on American Idol. The last awful person went home last week (STILL CHEERING), and now we are left with Scotty The Secretly 25-Year-Old, country crooner, Lauren the Vivacious Personality, budding country star, and Haley of the Perfect Hair, whom I haven't actually heard sing, but her hair alone convinces me. Too bad I'm still bored to tears watching the actual show.

Dear Raising Hope: I love you for continually casting the My Name Is Earl gang. It's even more fun than the way Cougar Town dallies with Scrubs.

I try not to talk about this show much, but Jaime Pressly is too brilliant a force not to get some virtual ink spilled on her. I like to think of this episode as a very long and extended nightmare Joy had about being married to Randy, in which the only way to maintain her subconscious sanity was to verbally abuse him at twice the rate of her usual husbands. And then manufacture some flippin' adorable Dachshund puppies to ease the sting.

I can't recall if I ever updated my feelings on the characters or not -- I should, because somewhere long ago, I decided that I love Burt and Virginia after all. They have that perfect sitcom quality of being morons, but sweet morons, who somehow are not only perfect for each other but manage to demonstrate a stronger bond of love than most dramas in their pairing-of-the-season style do. The only 100% unnecessary characters on this show are Freaking Ukelele Chick, though at least she is only recurring, and Maw Maw, who is generally 98% unbearable at every turn and almost never funny.

Last week's commercials were amazing. Sabrina singing in a gorgeous slinky 60s-style stage dress? Yep, I'll take that. Hijacking Jimmy's baby to further her commercial ambitions? Definitely. Make me choose between that and Jimmy's amazing commercial full of quasi-special effects, amazing drawings, Sir Barn-A-Lot, and Jimmy playing the squalling Grocery Goblin? Nope, I won't do that. That was hysterical in its stupidity. "My priiiii-ceeeeees..." (well, you have to say it a high-pitched Gollum voice. Preferably while lying on your back and writhing in pain)

The finale, after Drakkar Noir finished terrifying the pants off me (2006 Sabrina: also not impressive, with her Twilight reading and her enormous crush on the aforemention freakishness), ended up with a closing scene full of more heartwarming fuzzies than I would have thought possible (I particularly like Jimmy's mortified refusal to so much as admit that period of his life existed). Oh, show. I am so glad you are one of those rare quality comedies who get a season 2.

Private Practice, 4x20, "Something Old, Something New"
The only parts of this episode worth watching were the one's pertaining to Violet's legal/medical license woes, namely for Pete's hotly protective-from-the-sidelines role.

I still can't decide which Shondaland wedding was worse. All I got out of this one was that Cooper's parents are even more awesome than Callie's mother, fawning all over Violet and pointedly cold-shouldering Charlotte because she is THE DEVIL. Or Wicked Witch of the South, as it were. Cooper can bitch and moan about his "one sided" story all he wants, and Amelia can praise her friend and say they're wrong about her until she's blue in the face, but neither changes the fact that Charlotte has been an especially horrible person to Cooper. They are right about her and right to look out for their son, because she IS like that, she IS, all of the time when not garnering sympathy as a rape victim, and sometimes even then.

Patient Plot: Now, I KNOW you are not suggesting that people -- especially elderly people -- should be declared mentally incompetent for not wanting SURGERY to cure "depression," especially if they are adamant that they are merely sad. What, what, what? How is this even a debate?

Pretty Outfits: Naomi's blue curve-hugging dress showed off a really nice hourglass shape; her figure has sneakily gotten amazing during all that time off-screen. And Addison's halter-neck/backless long dark pink number at the dinner was stunning in its simplicity.
4x21, "God Bless The Child
Well, this is clearly a season highlight.

Past Me: [Pete and Violet] couldn't have even provided temporary care for a while to see how things went? Or at least until Naomi came back and had a say?

...yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about that now. On the one hand, yay, if Naomi adopts her then Betsy's safe. On the other, I spent the whole hour hoping against hope that Pete was going to change his mind and rectify the heartbreak of last fall, because I NEED this insta-family to exist. Violet and Betsy are bonded in the most precious way, and every time Pete shares a scene with her, I get hand-claspy. So. Naomi: not a sufficient substitute (especially with the twin distractions of a granddaughter and a teen mom who clearly still needs excess parenting), but she'll do.

I hate that for all her railing and judgment, Violet became a hypocrite by failing to visit Betsy. It was nice when that realization sank in after being pointed out to her ("Oh God...I'm vile."), but my heart broke a little bit when Betsy refused to speak to her at the beginning. Fortunately, Violet's coma-vigil and adorable wake-up scene nearly made up for that. I know I'm fickle on favorite characters, but I'm happiest at times like now, where I adore Violet. Believe we'll be using some of those scenes muted and out of context to believe that this really was an accident suffered under Pete-and-Violet, Adoptive Parents', watch. I am very invested in this. In case it is unclear why, I present you with a retread of images from 4x04:

I appear to have started at the end. Let's back up a tad.

42 minutes earlier...
-Betsy's first line was manipulative as heck, but you know what, when a tiny and fragile 8-year-old whimpers like that, you let it manipulate you. "I don't like it here. . . . My mommy and daddy died here. Everybody dies here."

-Child abuse alert!Cooper is the best. even though they clearly should have investigated Evil Child sooner. As cute as it was watching her eyes light up as various doctors entered the room, there's a certain level of unrivaled perfection that comes from him promising they all love her and trying to get her to open up.

-Amelia falling off the wagon is the sort of character arc that is much more fun and exciting than relationship drama. Bring it on, even if there will be an inordinate amount of BFF Charlotte inserted into it.

-Addison's short sleeved floral print dress at the beginning looked so much better on her than it has a right to look on anyone

-Addison has been two episodes without being Sam's girlfriend, and her likability factor/ability to shine as a doctor has already shot through the roof. Look for that to unravel next week, even if Benjamin Bratt is the best guy she's dated since season 1, by starting in what seems like some sort of casual NSA way.

-The whole patient plot was such an exhausting pro-life/pro-choice debate that I'm pretty sure it never needs to be discussed again. This episode gave an extremely impassioned supporter for each side (albeit one of whom came off JUST SLIGHTLY MANIPULATIVE) and even put a face to the woman making the choice. Nobody will ever change your mind once you've picked a side after watching this episode. That said, Addison's performance was pitch-perfect. More of this Addie, less of the hateful relationship version.

Best news of the day: There is a YouTube channel full of Pete/Violet moments. More specifically, "Scenes from a Marriage." Look it up. It is WONDERFUL, a concentrated shot of domestic joy. Now you can skip the horrible show and just watch the best parts.
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