RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I'm not even going to say something's "bad" anymore, I'm going to say it's Bones.

(I've decided I am going to update roughly 6 times this weekend, so strap yourselves in for the ride)

The more I read about the Bones finale, the more I think I have to break out the Chandler quote again:

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("Why? Why? Why, why, why, why would they do this?")


Here is one reason Bones hosts the most disappointing pairing in TV history. ACTUAL EXEC PRODUCER QUOTE: "We wanted to avoid that part of the relationship where you first get together and the fresh glow of love, and you’re sharing dessert, and you’re overly polite. "

Well, thank you for saving me from that. Contentment, ew!

You seem to have hooked up with the HIMYM writers in your confusion about how to write a relationship between characters you should know inside and out and still make it interesting. It's just a touch, what's the word, obnoxious? infuriating? that they seem to have skipped over THE MOST WORTHWHILE PART of a relationship and moved right from manufactured obstacles straight into the baby crap know what, you KNOW how I feel about accidental surprise TV babies. I feel especially strongly about surprise babies who are not born into at least an established relationship (hear that, TV? Not even asking for rings at this point. Meet me halfway). Baby storylines are only worthwhile when there is a foundation on which to build them. Done right, they are my favorite thing. But without a foundation, it's just a distraction from the love story instead of an enhancement.  

This is, actually, almost the unhappiest I could possibly be with the handling of their relationship. I don't know how it continually gets worse at every turn, yet somehow, they manage. "Dear Hannah, please come back," is where I'm at right now, it's that bad. If you thought that pregnancy was the surprise trigger to making me spontaneously forgive your show, Dr. Cox will now sing my response for you:

I have not actually watched any episode clips, as I suspect Booth's face has some magic way of erasing all my niggling complaints, and I'd rather sulk with help from various sitcoms. Nope. Checked out the end, and pfffft, that ain't gonna do it. Booth's dreamland version is way better. I'm going to stay there.

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