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I feel productive when I post blog entries.

Even when they are of questionable value to the blogging world.

The Office, "Search Committee": I can't figure out if I liked that or not.

Turns out that sitting in on people's interviews is not as much fun as you would imagine, and instead causes one to writhe uncomfortably as one hears legitimate interview questions and suddenly feels trapped and panicky, as though they were in the spotlight. Or perhaps it just triggered a freakout at the thought of having to actually start trying to go on real interviews again soon. Six of one.

Surprisingly intelligent choice of interview panel, aside from Gabe's unexpected tendency to loose-cannon out. Clearly we need to have Jo micromanage all the time. I, for one, very much enjoyed Jim attempting to sound professional and managerial, and mostly doing OK in his most successful run ever at managerial duties.

Loved everybody freaking out at him when he made a joke about not taking it seriously at all, though. Especially Ryan doling out patronizing/hypocritical advice from his closet and then shutting himself back inside like a gnome disappearing into a tree hollow.

Basically, starring role for Jim = A++++ and/or proof that getting rid of Michael was the greatest event in the history of the show.

Of the various candidates, I thought James Spader was especially creepy and managed to reach Denny Crane levels of irritating and weird, do not want. On the opposite end of the spectrum, sad sack Ray Romano was so pitch perfect that I will not only be watching the Everybody Loves Raymond reruns tonight with a purpose, but I feel like I suddenly need to watch Men of a Certain Age. Are you sure we can't hire Merv Bronte? Damn you, James Spader.

Are you sure we can't hire Nellie Bertram, then? Because Catherine Tate is unequivocally fabulous. And sure, she was a little hard to take and I winced through at least part of her interview, but she's just so pretty and charming that I feel certain she would come up with wacky hijimx no more intolerable than Michael Scott's. And because she's much prettier, it would bother me less. At the very least, I think someone should speculate on the fabulous adventures of Nellie & Jo.

I still don't understand what the hell Jim Carrey was doing there, except to be a presumably overpaid and extremely annoying, pointless footnote.

Of the viable candidates, it pains me to say that either Darryl or Andy would actually make the best boss. I can't choose between them, since one is unbearable and the other is dull as cardboard (and, apparently, can be HORRIFICALLY AWKWARD when nervous).

Did not love Gabe being sent on his way. Are you kidding me?! You'd better be kidding me. I expect this to be remedied. You can also make it up to me by passing along the news that in roughly a year's time he will have met his horror-film-loving, soundscape-creating soulmate and gotten married as fast as Karen Fillipelli. But ideally, just keep him in the cast.

I've never disliked Kelly Kapoor for one second, but jerking away from the hug with Gabe did make me want to backhand her a little. Whatever, everyone. He is clearly a terrific hugger.

Enjoyed Dwight's desperation to be interviewed, and all the threats/bribery/face-bandaging that went along with it.

I don't even know what to make of poor Angela's plotline at this point...leaving it alone.

In conclusion, there was a lot that was uncomfortable about this finale and it was fairly slow, but I hold them to very low finale standards at this point, so this was better than I expected. Good job, I guess?

Edit: And on a very random note, I just realized that the puppy in the "Girl Next Door" video is one of Jo's. Yay! Not sure how they managed to borrow just the one, though. Figure it out, fanfic. This is an important question.

And now, quite possibly the two most pointless mini-views I have ever posted for House, which I normally would not even stick in here except I want to feel like I've made a noticeable dent in my backlog. With these officially out, I only have three left for the regular season! I will be done before June!

7x20, "Changes"
I respect Mama Cud even more now that she is willing to threaten hospital lawsuits just to get House & her daughter back together. What is the fandom equivalent of that? Is it blackmail? I think it's blackmail. Let's dig up some dirt.

Plotwise, I really like the dad from Grounded For Life so he added some interest to a very flat storyline, but there was not a lot going for this episode other than the mildly interesting mention from Chase about trying celibacy because a life of meaningless sex was not as satisfying as expected (lasted almost a whole episode, too). House, please don't do a downward slide out the door like my other medical show. I will be very sad.

7x21, "The Fix": Raaaats. *sniff* Never mind how they start dying off, imagine the horrible ways they hurt them to get them to a state where they needed to regrow muscle in the first place. I can't think about anything else. (Parodoxically, my favorite part of this episode were the hunting trophies in one of the residences they broke into, specifically the snarling bear, because already-existing taxidermy fascinates me.)

What is with this show and sucking through half of May sweeps? Fortunately, next episode looks so amazing that I am forced to put it on hold, as there is no way I'll be able to watch and process it before Glee hits tonight and I would really like to watch that live.
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