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Regular TV Season: Officially Over

Just a few administrative things left after this post, and then we'll be on to the summer watchlist. This is the fastest I've wrapped a year since I started keeping track. The real trick will be to see if I can keep pace with 2009 and get to the bottom of my Vault storage before August. This HAS to be the year I finally get to Friday Night Lights.  

House, 7x22, "After Hours" 

I have many season favorites already, but here's another. Not one but two instances of people being stupid and attempting at-home medical care that involves conspicuous wound doctoring? (or in one case, wound-inflicting) Awww, have you been reading my dream diary again?

Chase, Thirteen, and Jailbreak: Is it bad that I already like Thirteen's cellmate more than her, despite her insufferable idiocy? She's got spunk and I feel a little bad that she's going back to jail. Just a little, given that "killing a teenager in self defense and being lauded a hero" is not really a good excuse for throwing away your career in law enforcement and turning to drugs that will ultimately land you in jail, and then going right back to that life after getting out.

I love that she called Chase, as he helps make Thirteen slightly more bearable, and that he was even willing to help despite all his better inclinations. Until it went completely over the line, and then I got to watch them physically fight about it until he THREW HER out of the way. Awesome! I appreciate the apology and the fact that he tried to do as little as possible to overpower her, but this does not change the fact that I got to watch her hit the ground hard.

I forgot about Chase and the dictator until I started reading reviews -- him offering himself as an ear to listen makes so much more sense now.

House: House's self-performed surgery was so horrifying I could not watch it. I tried, as I pride myself on a strong stomach when it comes to blood if not other bodily fluids, but that was too much for me. I was shuddering involuntarily and my head kept turning away of its own accord. Talk about endless torture.

Cuddy's reaction to it -- and the fact that she was the only person available; thank you writers -- wonderful. I'm glad she had no choice but to bring Rachel along, as my life is now enriched by hearing Rachel's toddler voice call people "bloody scallywags." (great -- the kid just got old enough to be cute, and now that Lisa Edelstein's flounced off we'll never see her again. Boo, unexpected double consequences!)

The ride to the hospital broke my heart a litte; he looked so pitiful in the backseat. And when she claimed he couldn't blame the breakup for his unhappiness, she's kind of right, but at the same time I still want to point out that he was happy with her. Even made a great big drunken speech about picking happiness over being a good doctor if push came to shove.

Speaking of Rachel + things that broke my heart, her wishing House still came over to play. Twist the knife of the breakup a little more, why don't you. Small children are notorious for forming inexplicable attachments to people, but still, the fact that she liked him is a small miracle in and of itself.

LOVE the ending with Wilson, from the fact that he was there (and asking if House was hoping for someone else) to House slapping his hands away, only to admit he needed help walking after all. 

Taub: Much less interesting, but here is a cheap stuffed animal prize for trying. TV, stop trying to woo me with random pregnancies this year. I already told you they don't work, and they especially don't work when the father in question is completely unlikable and a cheater to boot. I was really hoping the unbalanced stripper would shoot him? As for the poor knocked up girl...well, that's kind of appropriate punishment for sleeping with Taub. I still don't see why she slept with him in the first place, but single motherhood suddenly seems like a much nicer option than co-parenting with him. I will assume she was only there to ensure later generous child-support checks, as he doesn't seem to be good for much else.

In conclusion, episodes without a standard central patient case never fail to disappoint. BRING IT ON, FINALE. I have heard the finale disappointed, but this show has always closed well before, so who knows. It has admittedly been a disappointing year for finales.  

(2 hours and a computer break later)

7x23, "Moving On": I stand corrected. That was some epic disappointment. 

Mom told me House did something "shocking," but given the teaser I was expecting something a lot darker and more overtly threatening. Nobody was even in sight when he drove into the house, and Cuddy looked, at best, mildly annoyed. Why was it after dark in the teaser if he crashed the car in what appeared to be mid-afternoon? What a shameless ploy for an attention-grabbing promo. Am I supposed to be disturbed and/or care, like, at all? The only thing I care about is how glad I am that it didn't get canceled this year, because this would have been a terribly anti-climatic way to leave things (it's still pretty bad, given the lack of returning Cuddy). They should have stopped with the previous episode; it was #22 and everything.

I was a lot more interested in the part where he grabbed her arm in the hospital and got in her face to yell "You want to know how I FEEL?" That got my attention. I mainly wanted a more threatening redux of that. Maybe more stuff like Angry/Worried Wilson threatening him about abusing prescription in his unauthorized name.

Kind of disappointed that we will not be seeing more of Cuddy's new date. He seems terminally boring and not that cute, but could possibly become cute with the addition of a personality, and is already a 750% improvement over Lucas.

The case wins the award for Most Irritating Patient Ever, and as if she wasn't bad enough, I had to deal with her creepily lovesick assistant the whole time. The younger guys are in age-mismatched relationships, the more grossed out I am and able to think of nothing but Oedipus complexes.

As for Taub, wtf, Rachel is pregnant too? That's it, I'm putting the blame on him. I suspect he may secretly be a reproductive abuser.
(damn! SVU made the word happen after all!)

In conclusion, I happily await next season but just as happily close the door on this and the '10-11 TV season in general with a roll of my eyes.  

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