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Spring Report Card, and assorted babbling

Try not to eat half my post this time, LJ.

According to this list, I apparently hate crime drama and am in love with comedies & medical shows now. This year I am also giving isolated finale grades like final exams, because I like to make everything I do longer.

Community: A
Finale grade: B- if we only count part 2. Part 1 was an A+
I keep adding and deleting a minus sign to this grade because Shiny New Obsession Love is wearing off and there's just...not that much that keeps me thinking about this show once I finish watching. At the same time, I know I do laugh while watching, and I am impressed by the creative genius that goes into all their unique takes, so I'm going to let them have it for one more round.

House: A
Finale grade: C
Big jump, well deserved, especially since it's not shaping up to be an awesome year 8 so I'm rewarding while I can. Aside from maybe 3 misfires near the end, I pretty much loved (and feverishly anticipated) every episode of 2011. I know, it's a surprise to me too.

Off the Map: A
Finale grade: A
This show is 96% perfection and its cancellation makes me hate everyone. The last time I fell for a show this hard and this instantaneously was Pushing Daisies.

Raising Hope: A
Finale grade: A
Still in love with it. Every episode is a delight.
Finale grade: A*
You know, when I judge the spring season of TV a whole...this show was the surprise dark horse of the "consistently impressive" variety.
*Also received "Best Finale of 2011" award. [Hawaii Five-0 received an honorary one of those as well.]

Grey's Anatomy: A-
Finale grade: C-
It was doing GREAT, better than Community until it came back for May sweeps, and then it hit such a wall at the end after 2 previously dismal episodes in a row that it wrecked its 4.0. I am considering dropping the show for the 11-12 season, I'm that betrayed by what the finale set up.

The Office: A-
Finale grade: A-
Wavering between this and a B+, as I keep thinking it had a lot of not-that-great installments, but surely it was better than season 6?, so I am keeping its grade the same as the first half of the season by default.
Glee: B+
Finale grade: C
I don't know, I don't know! There is no way it was really above a B, not when three of its back-12 episodes could be described as "special circle of hell" bad, but it provides me endless entertainment even when it's terrible and/or betrays me...and when it is good, it is VERY VERY good. It must have some sort of brain anesthetic that makes it hard to remember the bad parts, because right now I'm happy with all my shows gone -- except for this one single series that I want back immediately.

How I Met Your Mother: B+
Finale grade: C
Did you know that Marshall's dad died? I wasn't sure because the show was very subtle about it and hardly ever mentioned it after it happened, but aside from that I am left with the same mostly positive lingering feelings I had before. Was it due to Zoey? I think it was probably due to Zoey.  
Mr. Sunshine: B
Finale grade: B
I hate to admit it, but it started to get less funny as it went on and may or may not be for the best that it ended.

Private Practice: B
Finale grade: B-
Pete/Violet and Amelia make it worth my time while the other people ruin it, so ostensibly nothing has changed since the last time we did this, but...somehow my anticipation for it each week increased. I don't even know why I'm still writing this post. The TV season is a blur.
Law & Order: SVU: B-
Finale grade: B
Mostly tedious with occasional surprise moments of guest-star-casting excellence.

Finale grade: C+
Once again, sleepwalking through most of the episodes. Every so often it pulled off a surprise highlight (Ships in the Night! Defiance, Kill Screen), but generally it did not. 
Southland: C
Finale grade: B
This year got so BORING. I have no idea why, but it was an absolute chore and I have never been so happy to see the back of a short season.
CSI: Miami: C-
Finale grade: B-
I don't really want to say it's better than CSI: NY, given its caliber of acting and writing and the fact that I still skip episodes, but sometimes its plots are more entertaining.

Finale grade: A- (a generous show of good will)
Jo makes everything suck. It actually got worse as the year went on.

Pretty Little Liars: D
Finale grade: N/A
It's missing that crucial element that makes me actually, you know, watch it from start to finish. I just wanted to mention it on the off-chance that it later tricks me into watching more than clips, so there will be a record of its improvement from season 1 to 2.  

Survivor: F
Finale grade: N/A
I watched one episode + about 35 minutes total throughout the rest of the season. Rob + Russell = I quit.

Life Unexpected finale: B
(one day, I will review it. By that point I probably won't even remember how I felt when it aired)
Medium finale: D


Apparently LJ thought my ramblings about Chord Overstreet were unnecessary the first time I posted this, so here is the recreated short version (you're not winning, site): After being delighted by the Glee blooper reel and finding, to my annoyance, that he has no acting resume to speak of, I settled for watching "Duets" for the first time since it aired. It was like I'd never seen it. Surprise! It gets pretty darn awesome after you join the pro-Sam camp. I finally get why people liked it so much when it aired. Adjusting episode rankings accordingly.


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May. 29th, 2011 12:00 pm (UTC)

Exciting! But, hm. I probably wouldn't crown them champion of my own list. It's a show that I think about constantly and that I enjoy immensely, but it also leaves me more frustrated than anything else I'm watching and when I start to think too hard about Dan Harmon and his treatment of the ladies (Britta: the gal who gets around! Annie: perfectly okay to ogle her but oh no oh hell no she's way too young to date, that's CUH-REEPY! Shirley: what would Jesus do?) it makes me go nuts, so. It's grade gets taken down a notch.

Also, I know you hate the show, but Parks and Recreation was flawwwwwwless this season. As was that new show on ABC, Happy Endings.

I love your endless enthusiasm for Off The Map. I'm sort of bummed that it got canceled because I hoped for a return season where things would start to resemble what the pilot TRICKED ME into thinking the show was going to be about: INAPPROPRIATE BUT HOT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN WHAT'S-HIS-FACE AND WHATEVER-HER-NAME-WAS-I'VE-ALREADY-FORGET.
May. 29th, 2011 07:15 pm (UTC)
Shoot! Now I definitely want to knock Community down a level, although in fairness this list is alphabetical by grade, not 100% in order. I was mostly afraid of judgment for ranking it lower than Raising Hope, but you have a good reason I could use as an excuse (I am still kind of amazed that people care about characterization on this show, though. For all its cleverness it never seemed deep enough for that).

Fact: I will always carry endless enthusiasm for Off The Map. Even your Keeton/Brenner version. Which, I am just saying, could exist in fic if you wanted. You could half ass it and still be the best writer in this subpar fandom.
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