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Remember what this icon originally stood for?

A long, long time ago -- almost exactly two years? Which is an eternity in fandom -- I spent a week blazing through a little series full of awesome dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures called Primeval. As soon as I'd finished it, the show was promptly canceled, but then a few months later it miraculously rose from the dead. Once it resurfaced on television, I put it off for another five months, but at long last -- here we are!

(This was so not at all the viewing plan I had worked out in my head, but...I had to work this weekend and it sucked, and I've been desperate to kick back and relax with something fun)

First, let's take stock of where we're at. When we left off...

* Most of my favorite characters were killed off along the way
* I loathed Connor from day 1 and more with every passing episode
* Abby was my favorite character until she and Connor became the predominant ship. Idiot.
* Danny <<<<<< Cutter
* Sarah and Becker are the main character reasons I am watching
* None of the above are as important as the terrifying beasties, which are always terrifyingly amazing

Got all that? Good. Apparently Past Me didn't believe in reviewing this show on an episode-by-episode basis and I'm tempted to keep that trend going, but I'm also me. So. Because I definitely don't have time to move to episode 2 tonight, and also because I just realized that my timing is awful since season 5 only just started airing, we get thoughts.

1. "After Sarah was killed..."
WHAT?! God damn, this show and its special hate-on for my favorites, I don't even know. I knew the actress wasn't coming back, but I had conveniently forgotten that fact and/or hoped her character had left of her own accord. You can't kill off major characters and not even give them a death scene for me to enjoy! Fine, whatever, then prior to her death I'm going to believe that she and Becker were an item or at least in the UST stages, because that's how I roll. Observe (there's even irony in what I got half-right):

2009: I think...I might have to make Sarah/Becker my default Pretty Ship 2.0.  Now that I've said that, I fully expect ol' Captain Beck to bite it by the end of the next series if not sooner.  But right now, I'm really, really enjoying the fact that they're the only ones running around the present-day ARC.

2. On the bright side, there is no sign of Danny, and that is a good sign. Or, you know, was until I double-checked the spoilers and swore. But at least I don't have to deal with him for a while.

3. Speaking of Becker, he has gotten roughly five times snarkier and proportionately even more awesome. (Jess: Becker's told me everything - you guys are like, legends around here! / Connor: Cheers, mate. / Becker: Whatever, I thought you were dead.)

4. Matt seems like a real personality-free piece of cardboard so far (I blame casting), but Jess is an instant delight who immediately smashed her way into 2nd place in my heart. (See if you can try and go a season without killing her, please.) And when did Lester become a lovable curmudgeon? :D ♥

5. I went into this with zero knowledge of anything -- not even a shred of TV news or a whisper of an LJ post -- so I rather enjoyed being as disoriented as Connor & Abby were. They did a decent job of acknowledging the missing year and getting us settled in, too.

6. GREAT BIG CARNIVOROUS DINOSAURS: THE WAY TO GO. You know, I remember writing phrases like "Primeval is sucking, it is sucking so much more than I ever thought possible," but I can't remember why. Obviously all I needed was a break and a big fat reset button to make this show brilliant again.

7. So many opportunities for Connor to be eaten, all wasted. *sigh*

8. The only negative I could come up with about this was any hint of Connor/Abby, every scene of which was met with shudders of revulsion and increasingly loud groans of "Ew, ewww, eeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwww."

9. But in conclusion, I LOVE THIS SHOW. Whether I maintain episode reviews or do summary posts from here on out depends mostly on how fast I can watch everything

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