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And now, for a good show that begins with the letter P.

Turns out that when one has a holiday from work, one can get through a 7-episode series in 24 hours. I probably should have quit after 4, as any show starts to get routine if you watch too much at once, but then I got determined to set a record or something. Anyway, thoughts on the rest of Primeval's series 4, a/k/a This Show Is So Awesome I Can Hardly Believe It.

Starting in episode 2: "Whatever, I have no loyalties. Jess/Becker, Pretty Ship 3.0 it is." This one appears to have some actual reciprocated flirting going for it, which is new. Third time's the charm? Each episode of their interaction has only made me giddier until I reached the point of high-pitched squealing around, oh, episode 6. More on this later, but just know that I love both of them so much that my heart is near bursting. There is actually fic about them and everything! And oh, yay, handy YouTube compilation is handy.

[Edit: Also,  because I am jumping feet-first into fandom today thanks to handy discovery of primeval_denial, interview quote from Ben Mansfield that I just keep applauding: "As for Jess, she quite fancies Becker and he quite fancies her, and the two of them have this rather awkward, sweet little romance that blossoms throughout seasons four and five."]

Her interactions with Lester are priceless, too. Impertinent assistant and indispensible resource all at once, I love this dynamic.

I have never seen a character as boring as Matt. Better than being awful, know who has more of a personality than Matt Anderson? Foreman on "House." The most interesting thing he's done so far is attempt to cry, at which point I howled at the unintentional hilarity of his expression.

I got spoiled on who Ethan was before I'd even met Ethan, due to foolish LJ wandering, but that only hampered my enthusiasm for a second because his psychotic evil self is really entertaining. It might just be because he's sort of cute in spite of his homidical spree and general mental illness.

Emily is a delight! It's a shame she has to share all her screen time with Matt, whom I am more and more convinced would be so much better with a more interesting actor (remember that time he protected her and gave her a place to stay out of sight? Or that time he went all Heroic Rescuer?), but she can more than hold her own. Though, not gonna lie, was kind of disappointed when the 19th-century "Charlotte" and "Emily" did not actually turn out to be time-travelin' Bronte sisters. I would have allowed the blaspheming of history for something like that.

I love Rex. Everybody loves Rex, right?

ABBY!!!! Screen time shared with Connor is still met with "ew," but I notice they spend less time together in the field and more importantly, I am focused on her hair. Her hair has grown out and it is SO HELPFUL/INSTRUMENTAL in making me love her again. I tolerated her short hair when the series started, due to her awesome name/Tonks resemblance/animal-caretaking skills, but by the time we were in season 3 it had gotten so ridiculously short and spiky that it was like a boy, and between that and her romantic life I lost all patience with her. Having slightly longer hair is a godsend.

Mr. Nostrils Phillip's schtick got old, fast. Between that and Matt/The Mysterious Scientist, I I forgot about how this series works in season-long Mysterious Arcs of Mystery. I mostly ignore those in favor of being dazzled by the Creature Of The Week. The CGI seems to have gotten even better, since their mammals now look a tad more realistic. Also, I loved all the critters in this season. No ape-things or giant bugs in sight!

I'm really enjoying the new point-and-shoot stun guns. They make it look so effortless.

Still waiting for Connor to get eaten.

4x02: I have only the vaguest memories of Duncan, so I appreciate the callback, but boy, does he get on one's nerves. Luckily I was distracted by an awesome bitey creature with huge tusks (I don't believe in properly naming creatures on this show. Takes away all the mystery, and besides, I would never remember which name goes with which animal). And Jessica's adorable demands for chocolate, which not only reminds me of all the cute stuff Abby gets away with on NCIS, but Becker casually slipping the candy onto her keyboard after Matt forgets/ignores her request just set off all the bells and whistles on my shipping radar. Prior to that point I had been kind of sighing at the prospect of her being sweet on Matt the whole time...and then, NOPE. MUCH BETTER.
4x03: Emily shows up, and this was either going to make or break the season, so fortunately it made it (personally, I would have been OK leaving Matt behind in the anomaly). As did the worrisomely dextrous and aggressive Tree Creepers (fine, I learn names that make sense), who make the coolest sound I've heard on this show.
4x04: Aw, the mammal-reptiles are so homely they're cu...*jaw drop* Primeval! You don't kill children! We had a rule!  =o

Only time I have not loved Jess was when she foiled Abby's plans to emergency-evacuate the animals in the arc, because Junior Fave Lady gives way to Senior Fave Lady in times of conflict. It's not like Rex is dangerous. And one can argue that Abby's decision was foolish and hasty and not the best way to go about things in the end, but it's hard to remember that when you are hearing them talk about animals (again: REX!!) being put to sleep just because. I've never felt as sick to my stomach watching this show as I did at that moment. Right about here was when I remembered why Abby is my fave.

Plus, it got her to hate her boyfriend for at least one whole episode, which was an A+ in my book. Plus, she got to attack-hug Lester for the second time. I am super fond of this new world where Lester attempts to be the same old impassive authority figure he used to be, but very few people actually buy it.

The episode thoroughly made it up to me by wounding Becker in the field (that is flail all on its own), and concocting a random and completely gratuitous briefly-shirtless scene for Jess to wander in on.  YAY. Sure, I may have winced and groaned my way through the awkwardness, but once I decided she didn't embarrass herself too horribly, I was good. My constant fear in this is that he'll look annoyed with her; as long he always seems bemused, I'm good. And then her superfluous attempts to "help" manage to do nothing but cause him more pain (borne stoically, of course), and it's all very cute and sweet. At least, until the Unexpected Should-Have-Saved-Everyone angst kicks in...and then it goes from sweet to emotionally savory, which is just as good.
4x05: I like how this show just spends all its time now coming up with different variations on reptiles. This one's like a snake, but with massive chomping teeth! Fun little side adventure, despite notable lack of Becker out on medical leave, but I made the foolish mistake of eating during the end of this. Actually gagged at sight of kissing. Look at that, not even near-death experiences are overriding my dislike of them. Permanent and Irreversible Ship Fail it is.
4x06: I ws never all that enthused with Claudia/Jenny, but you bet I was RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED when I saw "Lucy Brown" pop up in the credits, and at that point I didn't even realize I knew the actress's name -- I must have absorbed more via fandom osmosis in 2009 than I thought. It was quite a treat to have her back. And not having her engagement broken this time. I appreciated that. And awww, look at the homely-cute baby hyena-werewolf puppies. I would probably be lured to my death by the sound of whining puppies too.

For the record, I managed to take roughly three notes while watching all of these episodes. One of them was, "Now, back in the land of relationships that don't suck, OH MY GOD HOW PRECIOUS IS THIS STAKEOUT SLEEPING." I was happy just with her silly stakeout-spoiling antics in the first place, but then that happened. I have no idea how or why she would end up asleep on his shoulder, but those minor details are not important in the slightest.

AND THEN THE BOMB HAPPENED. With Jess being a foolish and unlikely but successful day-saver and oh, what's that, post-near-death-experience hugging? Twice, even? *happy sigh* Here is a convenient picspam reference for when you get tired of that moment only happening within full episodes or fanvids on YouTube.
4x07/finale: Hi, Danny...bye, Danny. Feel free to stay there. Get mauled by a Terror Bird, T-Rex, Tree Creeper, whatever you can stumble upon. As soon as he came through the portal, once I had mined all good to come from Becker's happiness and relief, I could actually feel my enthusiasm for the show being sucked out. Loved the abandoned prison setting, though. I've been on a real abandonedplaces  kick since rural_ruin got featured in the spotlight, and even the boring non-residential places pique my curiosity.  And, and, Terror Birds! I don't think I really ever properly appreciated how much I enjoyed their first episode -- was in the thick of my "this series is sucking!" anger -- but in retrospect it was one of the more memorable parts of series 3.

I was pretty relieved to be able to drum up the series 5 trailer right away and find out that Becker is not, in fact, actually dead, because he looked pretty dead after Ethan shot him the second time and they never referenced him again. I had an "Are you KIDDING ME" note typed up, but I guess that's moot since they were, in fact, kidding me. Thank god. I would (will?) not be able to cope.
HOLD THE PHONE, why did I not know there were webisodes meant to bridge the gap between seasons 3 & 4? Maybe it would have been helpful if I'd looked up some stuff before starting after all... Oh well. Now I can think of it as bonus Jess/Becker time to make up for the finale. Or, in the first one, some sharper focus on what happened to Sarah.  

All righty. Trying to hold off on starting the next series as long as possible, because the small part of me that wants to real-time fandom squee is outshouted by the part that has never been required to wait between episodes and is in no mood to start now. If I can make it to the weekend a month should fly by in no time, but...well, I've already watched five minutes of the premiere and I'm pretty sure I'm going right back to it as soon as I post this.

Unless I get sufficiently distracted by Jess/Becker fic first.

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