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It's like a ping-pong table, the discussion topics this week.

I checked out some Ben/Leslie stuff on YouTube, JUST FOR YOU, to see if it would help. Result: I merely want to smack Ben upside the head and/or across the face for making such poor love life choices. If you can find me something more powerful than "Flu Season" and "Road Trip," have at it, but those seem like pretty strong shots. She is such a FREAK, I do not understand why a seemingly rational person would voluntarily spend more than five seconds in her company. 

Back in the land of happier topics, it appears I will be fandom-squeeing in real time over Primeval after all, because I just caught myself up.

I am...not nearly as enchanted with series 5 so far. I am all for Abby and Connor fighting, but at this point I am completely bored with Project Top-Secret. They never really give a good reason why this has to be so top-secret, so how can it possibly be as great as Connor keeps claiming it is? Never mind that I see they've gone back to their old tricks with giant bugs. Who, it must be noted, extremely disappoint me in their inability to successfully eat Connor despite dragging him back to an underground lair.

I did enjoy how Becker perked right up at the order to use lethal weaponry again, though. Especially the possibility of, what, a tank? ("No. I was obviously joking." / "But really, a tank?" / "You can't have a tank!") And the fun background stuff, like miming an explosion while walking off. A lot of other nice things that came out of him being with Abby too, like the comforting gestures or pushing her down and covering her head upon setting off the explosion.

I guess I am mostly sulky due to the lack of Pretty Ship 3.0 interaction so far. Or most recently, the lack of Becker. Awesome underwater dinos don't make up for everything here (though they do help a lot. As did the very dashing officer-turned-captain who got to be the hero of the hour. And Lester's endless stream of casually-tossed-out snarkisms. New word.)

And while I wait for new episodes...
Spoilers promised me that there will be no more Danny to deal with for the forseeable future. =D

Tumblr wanderings have finally informed me that the first name I am looking for is...Hilary Becker. Hah, hah! No. That's never going to happen in my head any more than "Fox" Mulder did. Single-name Becker it is. Now, back to the fanfic treasure chest. Here is a very nice little one to cap series 4 and tide me over until new canon: The Things That We Remember. Do we really believe Jess didn't see Becker get shot at the end of episode 7? This is what comes after.

But seriously, there is so much fic I can't keep track of it all. I'm in sort of a bliss coma at the moment and indulging myself to a ridiculous degree, snapping up everything, blazing through it and immediately running off to the next shiny story. After Off The Map, this is an especially bright windfall.
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