RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I was procrastinatey-bored online today

Does anyone here play LJ's Sim Hospital? I have finally figured out what most of the buttons do and gotten acclimated to how it works, only to be thwarted in my progress by this game's idiotic insistence on socialization -- it's quite difficult to earn the money required to advance very far without interacting with friends, and the "friends" have to be your LJ friends as well. Am not in a mood to invite random strangers at the moment, so even one person would be helpful...and it would also help if that person had a limited attention span, because I am likely to get bored with this quickly and stop playing for long stretches.
2. Um. AWESOME. GIVE. NOW. (what do you mean, "no release date yet"? Internet! You have to stop telling me about amazing film projects that are a hundred years away even if I'm willing to shell out for a theater screening)

And by "AWESOME," I mean it does look exciting, but I would follow pretty much any plot as long as it stars her the whole time. This almost makes up for the shows TV took away from me this spring.

3. Am I the only person who finds this PSA incredibly creepy/disturbing? The more times I see it the worse it gets.

Tags: computer games, movies, videos

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