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I found a Becker-centric sneak peek of next week's Primeval episode (SO MANY DAYS OF WAITING), and now all I want is to have that episode in my possession immediately. Also the rest of them. And for there to be more than four left before the show returns to Uncertain Renewal Status Limbo where British shows spend most of their time. I guess I could always rewatch the series 3 episodes that went by in a blur of anger...

I may or may not have just spent half an hour on YouTube watching Becker-centric fanvids. Where is this even coming from? Is it the lack of competition from other TV shows? The lack of male competition within this TV show? (Stephen who? Not even close) Does the interaction with Jess give him the extra boost, because I don't remember being this giddy even when he was one of my favorites before? I don't know. The Primeval obsession isn't even likely to last beyond the end of the month, but right now it is SO GREAT.

P.S. Oh look, it's the most streamlined shot of adorable you're going to find, which is excellent for those with limited time or video-saving space.

Also, also! This. The episode summaries are surprisingly informative, but the important part is the interview section. I am hinting in the direction of Ben Mansfield and Ruth Hearney, mostly. Let's get going on that.

OI THERE, DOCTOR WHO. We should talk. Now, I know I generally refuse to admit to your existence, so much so that I am even sacrificing a Sarah Jane Adventures episode in my refusal to deal with Eleven. But after the series went 'splodey and regenerated into a whole new entity, River Song was the one remaining thing that is relevant to my world, so I have been keeping tabs on her. Vaguely, and avoiding most of the details because it makes my HEAD EXPLODE when I think about the timeline, but I know she's been around.

By necessity, I have also been keeping enough tabs on this season to know that Amy got pregnant, but WHAT POPPYCOCK IS THIS ABOUT RIVER BEING AMY'S DAUGHTER. WHAT. NO. SCREW YOU. YOUR CANON IS NOT MY CANON. ETC. There is no Eleventh Doctor and therefore Amy does not exist. Well, she does, but she has never met the Doctor. So this is clear impossibility. Let's go back to those other theories people used to have about who she was. All of them are better.

This slideshow just told me everything there is to know about season 6 of Bones. Stupid curiosity, I liked it better when I was totally in the dark. Now I just have this sort of ill feeling, like indigestion.  I don't want to keep tabs on this show, even from afar. I liked the world where it died a spontaneous death after episode 100. Incidentally: all of the highs sucked except for the part where she crawled into bed with him*. Showing that and skipping over the actual hookup is pretty much the only thing they've done right since I quit. I know most fans are super pissed about it, but that's exactly how RS rolls. All hurt/comfort, zero making out whenever possible! 

[*Edit: OK, I have gone all over Tumblr and through about six fanvids trying to get my hands on that clip somehow, and I think I found most of it by this point even if it's in bits and pieces. It is pretty thrilling. I mean, 100% perfectly tailor-made for me. Just...very much not the moment that should be the catalyst for a physical relationship.]
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