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Finally, after all that noise I made about not being able to wait all those awful days until Tuesday...Primeval, 5x03!

Dear show: Remember how Jess and Becker used to acknowledge each other? WAITING.

But over the past few days, a funny thing happened: one, I found a promo pic of them in a scene together so frankly I don't care how cut and dried the dialogue might be, that is finally happening in some capacity. And two, I have grown quite enamored of Matt/Emily. On the strength of Emily's awesomeness alone (and possibly some threat of potentially fatal injury, whatever; even that didn't work last time), some semblance of personality has been forced out of him. Took you long enough. There is something so very excellent about all this yelling of adultery when they are totally innocent of anything except perhaps a recalcitrant emotional affair, that I crave more of it.

Becker may have helped facilitate this. "So you just went back for the raptor, yeah?" (FAVORITE MOMENT! Other favorite moment: the highly awesome scene released as a preview clip that I played about 1800 times before this episode aired -- "It doesn't like me, it's threatened by me. It sensed that I'm the alpha male" -- specifically, the little roll of the eyes before he goes along with Abby's orders to play tag with the raptor instead of shooting it. Apparently this season is all about the subtle reactionary gestures)

Back up to the beginning: Emily is rapidly rising through the ranks of favorites, on a combination of extreme prettiness and general self sufficient bad-assery. But not the annoying kind that makes me turn on empowered female characters in fiction. I actually feel like she's a 19th century character rattling her chains rather than a 21st century character written into the 19th and determined to alter everything to current standards.

I really like the fact that she is married, and while her husband is the villain in this story, they do a really nice job of not making him an evil villain. His actions make sense for a well-to-do 19th century husband. Not a particularly nice or deeply reflective one, but not an unbelievable one. I forgot to mention how much Abby's research horrified me at the end of the previous episode, even though I knew it was going to be corrected, so it was nice to see that rectified. Remember how threatening people who threaten women works for me?

Raptor tag, whips, guns, yadda yadda yadda, "Come back with me . . . I was wrong," and that exquisite not-quite-on-the-lips goodbye kiss is like the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Though, to be honest, I did not tip all the way into shipperland until that last bit where he puts his hands on her shoulders after the raptor casually dispatches Overly Controlling Husband.

I did mention how much I enjoy episodes that feature dinos with big sharp teeth, yes? They're the best. Primeval's raptors are especially adorable when not biting people's faces off (and even then).

In unimportant news, Connor continues to be a dick and I am less than shocked by how little I care about his and Abby's whining, but I would keep my eye on this April chick. I am disappointed in their apparent plans to make her a two-dimensional villainess, because I see a lot of potential. Then again, I love all the women on this series except Christine and any characters played by Lucy Brown, less that one time in series 4.

I love whenever Jess & Abby interact in that slightly awkward way, where Jess wants to be her friend but never seems to know quite what to say. I think that of all the people she met via files, Abby is least like what she expected, but it's fun to watch her try. There's an age difference accentuation, too, where I always think of Abby as being fairly young but next to Jess she's a seasoned pro and vastly more mature. It's a neat role model dynamic. 

And now, I would really like to read the endless adventures of Jess appointing herself Emily's personal 21st-century Acclimating Assistant. I want the shopping spree Abby is too sensible for, and Emily is probably too sensible for but she also needs clothes, so.

Leftover and/or Off Topic
-The sound of the motion detectors in that museum gets creepier every time you hear it. The first time it's innocuous, the tenth time you're pretty sure you've stumbled into Hell.

-Becker casually commenting on modern art as they go along. ♥

-I'm glad the raptor didn't eat the poor horse trapped in its harness while slipping and skittering around on the cobblestone -- it was such a pretty black horse, I could not have coped - but I'm not clear why it didn't. Surely a big defenseless herbivore was easier to jump on than pulling a human out of a carriage?

-I am in love with the blue lacey top Jess was wearing. 

-In retrospect, a field team of Matt + Becker + Abby = best possible team at the moment, which is part of why I keep getting stuck watching clips from this episode instead of finishing this post.

-I really miss this show had a good 30 seconds of preview for the next episode built in. Why did that change? :(

-Up next, I have very little wait time left, yay! I think I'm in agreement with everyone when I say "anomaly inside the ARC = closer to Jess = don't squander that opportunity, if you know what I mean." Ideally this opportunity would come with something better than a bunch of gross bugs (doubling up to make up for the last series, are we?), but fine.

Went to many  garage sales and an estate sale yesterday. I bought one thing, 50 cents for a cute miniature version of Pierre Lapin -- that's Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit -- inscribed 1964 from French Club ("Christmas card contest, 1st prize"). Is a little beat up around the edges, but OH MY GOD I miss buying things at garage sales. Why is it so hard this year! I guess I used up most of my luck at that awesome pre-season birthday weekend library sale. (STILL GLEEING. Every time I look over at my prized pony/puppy mystery books on the shelf, I glow)

The estate sale was more fun to look around. It was very small - not a lot of stuff, and it was an old cottage little bigger inside than an apartment, but it had some very old things at very reasonable garage sale prices. Plus, the huge garage out back looked like it might have once been a carriage house -- and came complete with a horse-drawn buggy for sale, which was a surprise one doesn't expect from a suburban area.

P.S. This post is the most successful use of a dual-purpose icon ever!

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