RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Told you I wouldn't even have time to miss this show.

I accidentally stayed up all night again, and 'round about 3 AM I went, "Wait. Didn't Pretty Little Liars come back this week too?"

I held out for exactly fourteen point five seconds of being disgusted with myself, and then went to pick up my scene packages from YouTube. Damn it, self. Do you not currently have the world's most satisfying ship tumbling around nonstop in your brain? Why do you need this trash?

Round 1:
*mutter grumble*
Stupid Ezra and his stupid faultless self. It's like I don't even remember crawling out of my skin and finding him extra-skeevy all the time.

NEVER MIND. All he has to do is open the door shirtless and I remember. I don't even know what they're talking about right now and I don't care. PUT A SHIRT ON. THIS IS DISTRACTING, AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY.
"Why did she end it?"
"She thought she was ready for the commitment, but she wasn't."
Doubtful. I bet she actually caught him making out with a student before Aria. That's just the sort of thing I'm willing to believe Ezra does.

Argh, he's doing it again. No, not that, the thing where he changes from creepy to inside-melty by being a stupidly perfect boyfriend. It seems to happen most often when he borrows lines from Nicholas Sparks. But use them sparingly, or else...

And it's gone. Always so fleeting. Ugh, this ship as a substitute for Life Unexpected is like eating chemically-tasting prepackaged snack cake brownies. From the dollar store.

*rubs hands* All righty. Back to start for round 2: Spencer/Toby.

Muuuuuuch better already. Aw, Toby, I've missed you and your endearing face of pining. (Crap. I keep forgetting that he's my backup guy to cast as the boyfriend in YA novels. I just read two of those and was frustrated that I couldn't come up with faces! Sam Evans can't be everybody just because he's the only appealing option on Glee...)

What. Why? What? Where is your bra, woman! Not that I don't like this gorgeous display of waist length hair and all, but: I DID NOT SIGN ON FOR A SHOW WITH BARE SKIN. That is what's so great about only watching this show in YouTube clips. I skip the slutty friends.

(in retrospect: ...I complain like she's actually doing anything except getting dressed. Alone.)

WHOA, HEY, THERE WE GO. TEARFUL, CLINGY HUGGING. THAT IS THE WAY TO BE, SHOW. WAY TO BE. I am going to watch this, oh, 5,000 more times and DID I MENTION HOW MUCH JOY I AM EXPERIENCING RIGHT NOW? INFINITY JOY.  Minute 5:15, you want to go to there.

...yeah, I got nothing else. From now until Saturday morning my energies will be spent anticipating my two favorite large-scale garage sales of the season and willing them to produce treasure.
Tags: pretty little liars, tv commentary
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