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The TWoP recap informed me that the apparent planned love interest for Professor Turned Citizen Soldier Noah Wyle is...a doctor. God this show is relentless about winning my heart. Guys, if Falling Skies does one two more things right, it is going to have to get a chance.

Pretty Litte Liars, 2x02:
Part I:
 Dear Mr. Fitz: speaking strictly as a student, if you are a well-liked teacher, it is a really jackass move to quit mid-year for no reason (acceptable reasons: significant death in the family, medical leave of absence, or needing to move due to reasons beyond your control).</p>And fine, whatever, have your epic swept-up-in-his-arms kiss. IN THE PARKING LOT. BECAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE. I suppose I'll have to come around on this after four or five replays -- bleh heh heh no, making out is still not on the list of approved activities for the two of you. Heebie jeebies, everywhere! My four or five replays will be limited to the first three seconds. Because I really like the running into open arms and spinning around, if I just pause as soon as their lips meet and enjoy it as a mere pretty picture from that point on. I know there is a way to make a .gif do that...

Part II: After a ridiculous amount of effort (what is going on this week! Get your act together, YouTube), I pieced together at least three relevant scenes. 

It's more complicated over here, because while Aria and Ezra are off in their own little relationship bubble, these two are right in the thick of the mystery plot all the time, and it makes a lot of their conversations in out-of-context scenes confusing. Then Toby apparently has this stupid friendship with Emily going on? Which makes me think I should see those scenes as well since I found a new channel that is just All Toby Scenes, but then NO. THIS IS HOW IT GETS TO YOU. That is the gateway drug to watching full episodes. And if it were available, this is where I would insert a YouTube clip featuring Jim Halpert saying: "Cranford? No. We will never watch that."

But since this ship is also infinitely more exciting, I'm just going to take that squeeeeeeeeee moment of the poor resigned outcasts cuddling up on the bluff or wherever it is they are. 

Also Toby's plans to get a job, save up and get outta Dodge (albeit hampered by not wanting to leave her). I have never been so invested in wanting to fast forward through high school and see a couple of 18-year-olds run off and get an apartment together. Ideally on the other side of the country. I am almost positive I could find this plot in a YA novel somewhere, and when I do...

Oh, good Lord, my brain already wants to just run with Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, which I read faceless before but could definitely do with some casting. Find me a plot closer to my expectations! I don't know why I phrased that like an order, since nobody I know peruses and devours YA as voraciously as I do and I'm bound to run across it myself. Anyway. Until I get the book, daydreams (and probably some random blog-post searching) will have to do.

[edit: *switches gears again* WHAT IS THIS! I was on the PLL wiki, for some reason, reading through Toby's page, and what was that about "Spencer sees him crying because of the way the people of Rosewood are treating him"? WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS. OK, clearly this ship is getting some kind of mention in the End Of Year Fandom Survey, it's already that powerful. Also, remind me never to read the books. Apparently things just go ridiculous badly for the the guys in these OTPs. It's like seeing an alternate timeline FROM HELL.] 

Finally: Was trying to figure out why the "Walk on, walk on, walk on / 'cause you can't go back now" music was so familiar, so I fed in the lyrics...right, bam, The Weepies, last heard on Life Unexpected (I need to write about that finale like whoa). I didn't let it on the Music List then, though its potentially-heartbreaking lyrics intrigued me, know how I adore anything and everything this show uses. 


Tuesday morning, but still relevant, I just misplaced this draft: Spent 30 minutes on YouTube watching clips of earlier seasons.

Came to conclusions that: Captain Ryan is, by comparison, completely boring -- I have no emotional attachment whatsoever to Stephen -- I'm really glad Lester has been here the whole time -- Sarah is ridiculously bland in comparison to the women we have now -- and, well, I do still miss Cutter and would like to have him more than Matt, but I would also much rather live in a world where Jess & Emily exist. Ultimate conclusion: anyone who dropped this show before should come back to it immediately, because all my dislike and discontentment with season 3 was fully justified and remains the same, but then season 4 comes along, and wham! I imagine it's like what you people said about Doctor Who when Eleven showed up and brainwashed you rekindled your love.

Primeval, 5x05
 </p>Spoiler alert/alternate title: Nothing is Jess and Becker and EVERYTHING HURTS.
I. First things first, this may be my FAVORITE EXCHANGE OF ALL TIME:

Lester: So. I leave you for a matter of days, and YOU nearly destroy the ARC, and YOU turn out to be either a vistor from the future or -- and I think this is the more likely option -- clinically mad.
Matt: The former. But then, I would say that if I was clinically mad, right?
Lester: Don't you have security checks for this sort of thing?
Becker: Sorry, sir. The machine that checks whether people are from the future was out of order.
[RS: Can I just say, the sarcasm dripping off his voice is actually 10x thicker than you can possibly imagine without hearing it. So  great.]
Lester: I'll do the sarcasm, if you don't mind.
[RS: So many sudden flashbacks to when Becker first arrived...]

II. Back to the other opening, there is zero follow-up with Jess/Becker this week, so I'm going to cling to how unnecessarily closely he is hovering next to her at the computers while everyone else hangs back. And then be distracted by this:

Past Me:  The greatest possible field team is Becker, Abby and Emily.
Matt: Abby, Becker, Emily, you're on the T-Rex.

Someone up there listens! Even if Emily didn't stick with them long. While I COMPLETELY approve of bringing in a T-Rex, I am sorely disappointed you dispatched with it in the first quarter. At least it got to roar and stomp around a lot first, and they made it up to me by later throwing in my old friend from 4x02, Bitey the Tuskosaur, as well as some Terrordactyls (misspelling deliberate). It was like a Molotov cocktail of Greatest Beasts Ever. I barely registered that they all had to fight for screen time in one episode while giant and incompetent crab beetles got to have the whole premiere.

Favorite part in all this, clearly, would be Becker muttering about just wanting to shoot something.

III. Connor/Abby: Ugh, I almost didn't hate that kiss, but then I remembered that their crap got to dominate half the season already and JUST BECAUSE OUR EPISODE WAS CERTIFIED TRIPLE-PLATINUM AWESOME DOESN'T MEAN WE SHOULD ONLY GET ONE.

IV. However, if I'm not going to get my ship, then I'm going to squee and flail about one of my other favorite and yet neglected dynamics, Jess & Lester. THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN MISSING. Lester's calm voice of reason getting a pending-hysterical Jess back on course. Boss/assistant dynamics FTW. This, too, on my list of Favorite Exchanges of All Time. 

"Jess, look at me. Jess!  You are the hub of this operation. You may not get the credit you deserve, but you do a brilliant job. If anyone can pull us through this, you can."
"That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me."
"That's actually the nicest thing I've ever said to anyone, including my wife."
"Do you mean it?"
"Every word. Now get back to work before we both start crying and hugging."

HAH! Saved it. And I find it absolutely adorable when he jumps in to help her at the controls. It is possible that moment was enhanced by the fact that the first person he called was Becker, just prior to the blackout on said character (more on that later), and even though no one sees fit to really focus on her face, I will assume that line going dead was significant to her. 
V. Question: could April be any more of a cartoon villain? She literally just said, "Did you really think you would get away with this?" What a waste of time. However, very efficient use of a death card. Good for you. (I also can't help but notice that Emily may be a badass with a gun, but she is also incredibly skilled at getting captured. ...I approve both messages.)

VI. Just so we're clear, Universe: an anomaly eating Connor DOES NOT COUNT.

P.S. Okay, show, you really need to stop this trend of putting Becker in mortal peril and then NEVER MENTIONING HIM AGAIN. I expect this to be awesomely made up to me in the finale. A lot. A megaton. I demand roughly 8-12 minutes be reserved for character development at the end after the future crisis/anomaly fiasco is sorted.

OK. I held off on the reading the detailed synopsis-spoilers I found on Facebook for this episode last week, but this time, whatever, I held out one day and then I read the one for the finale. Read it all from beginning to end. (Screw you, sorta-cliffhanger; how did you not learn a lesson last time? WOO, JESS & LESTER STUFF! FAIL, ANY SIGNIFICANT MENTION OF JESS/BECKER. (although Becker does, once again, appear to be fine. Silver lining). There are a couple of possibilities for interaction, maybe just not major enough to be spelled out? Or this person fails at recognizing what is actually important? But as it is it looks like the other two couples are going to steal the personal screentime. *Again.* Like Connor & Abby don't hog everything as it is; goddamn I hate Connor. The bits with Emily seem more promising, though.)
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