RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Today was a Law & Order kind of day.

1. WOOHOO, Danny Pino got the recently-much-buzzed-about part for Law & Order: SVU! I was gunning for Mr. Ghost Whisperer, ideally, but Danny Pino was miles ahead of the other candidates in my book. *happy dance* (In less exciting news, they also added that woman from Chase, who looks just as boring as her show.)

2. Finished the remaining available episodes of Law & Order: UK. I have nothing to say about it, really (was Steel working overtime to prosecute women & children, or what?), especially as I skipped the third episode when I couldn't find it, but it's never a waste of time because I just enjoy the simple pleasures of watching Matt & Ronnie & Alesha work.

That said, the "Skeletons" finale was a deliriously happy day. Schadenfreude like nobody's business. WAY TO TURN ON YOUR OWN, SHOW! I have not been this happy since Without a Trace torched the Jack/Samantha ship.

(and then quite suddenly it was: OH GOD WHAT IS THIS LOOK. PLEASE THINK OF DEVLIN! Like, thank God the phone call interrupted that sketchy-looking setup, but what a horrifyingly skeevy ending. Lady, you JUST heard about how he cheated on his wife and led his last right-hand woman on. He's an even more awful human being than previously suspected.)

I must confess, I had actually found out about the cast changes right after my last post about this show. Accordingly, I went bounding enthusiastically into the last six episodes full of good cheer (and amazement) over the fact that not only did this British show last TWENTY-SIX EPISODES with zero main cast changes, but when it did shake things up, it managed to replace my two least favorite characters so all change was for the better. I'm not sure this has ever happened in the history of television.

Unfortunately, while Peter Davison is an extreme step up, it looks like our new prosecutor might be a step down. For all that nettles me about Steel, at least there was a really nice mentor aspect with Alesha, one that turned protective where necessary, and I liked her Companion-like role and fierce loyalty. This new guy just seems like a blustering grade-A jerk, and I fear it will be even less fun to watch the courtroom antics than before. Possibly a devil-you-know situation happening here. 

3. In Fanvids That Need To Exist news, after a quick perusal of the lyrics, there should clearly be a Glee-based compilation to Pink's "Please Don't Leave Me." I'm thinking Will/Terri, Quinn/take your pick, and Brittany/Santana. There are many ways to go with this theme. In fact, the show should probably cover it at some point, given how horrible and bad at relationships these kids are. Apparently Glee Project took it on, so how about the show proper? 
Tags: glee, ideas, law & order: svu, law & order: uk, tv commentary

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