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Love, hate, and love/hate.

There is no good reason for me to be making a post right now, but I feel compelled to take a break from how much fun I am having pummeling my Primeval review into place (seriously. I have been at it all day, in fits and starts, and I am practically humming with joy. How does such a silly pastime invigorate me so much?). So here are some spare thoughts from my ever-running Notepad file.
------, in addition to failing at relationships, Bones can't even do pregnancy right. I realize once they ran with it there was probably no way around needing to catch up with Emily being heavily pregnant in real life, but even so, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE PEOPLE MISS OUT ON TWO-THIRDS OF BOOTH'S AMAZING REACTION TO ALL THIS? Because let's be clear, Booth fussing over a baby, while appealing, is in no way comparable to him fussing over Brennan in the early trimesters.

I am repeatedly watching this godawful music video because my favorite Primeval actor is in it. Hurray for mute buttons. (God, I love Tumblr for finding everything. Also, notice how I am able to visit Tumblr on a regular basis without neglecting Livejournal any more than usual. In case you're wondering, the secret is to maintain a visitor's pass and manually track tags or favorite sites, rather than setting up house there)

Now I am watching videos like this, even though these interview questions embarrass me on principle ("Go through your paces, circus dog! Put on a good show for the obsessive fans, yeah?"), because, well, he's talking.
Pretty Little Liars 2x03: This week I got so impatient for my clip packages that I braved the whole episode just because that was the fastest route. And by "whole episode" I mean I went hunting for the clips myself and whipped past any scene that didn't contain one of my target pairings (although I did get snookered into the bit with Jenna and Aria at the end. IT IS STARTING) and marveled at how much of it is superfluous to my enjoyment. Why are there so many characters, most of them useless?  (Emily and Hanna, for the record, are included in the superfluous-characters category. I cannot take the friendship between these four girls seriously at all).

I still don't understand why Aria and Ezra are allowed to kiss and hold hands in public before she is 18 without having the police all over their asses, but I at least hope his ex-fiancee is now suitably grossed out by his child-dating ways and really glad she dumped his ass.

I say that, and then transition right into flailing about how cute it is when they sit on the sofa with her legs over his lap, and actually finding it highly entertaining when she whines about being stuck in high school and he just smiles indulgently about it. I'm not mocking; I actually find it charming, because what's the fun of a student/teacher relationship if you can't discuss being on opposite sides of the homework and social sphere equation every now and again?

Meanwhile, Spencer and Toby continue to provide the refreshing palate cleanser that makes my life complete, with her heroic truck-buying, day-saving ways that prompt his declarations of love, spoken so naturally and easily I didn't even realize it was the first time. Killing me, you two. Killing me. You know what my life has been missing since a number of my best shows dropped dead? TV where I can faithfully count on Cute Moments every single week. I forget just how blissful this feeling is.
Proper "War Horse" trailer is up.  Is it December yet? The book made me cry; the movie is going to be worse in all the best ways. DID I MENTION HOW HAPPY I AM THAT SOMEONE IS MAKING A MAINSTREAM HORSE MOVIE THAT IS NOT ABOUT RACING? SO HAPPY. Everyone should also start talking more about the book and stop making comparison to the lame-sounding play, because I respect it but puppets =/= the power of the written word about equines.

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