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We had an epic 2-minute storm last night. The sky had gotten dark alarmingly fast, but then out of nowhere, WHOOMP. All at once, there was pounding rain streaming through the windows, the treetops were bent in half by gusting winds, and the sirens went off. Everyone fled to the basement -- except my brother, who will have to actually be carried away by a tornado before he believes there is any reason to take shelter, and continues to bait the universe by mocking us when we do this -- but mere minutes later, the harshest part and blown through, leaving only a quiet, gentle storm in its wake.

Also this enormous tree branch: looks bigger in person, or maybe if you click on it. It's mostly leaves, but the branch is pretty hefty, and it's at least 10 feet from tip to tip.

Then my morning started by reading this headline: "Glee Cast Shake-Up: One Heartthrob Out, Two Promoted to Series Regulars"

Me: Oh no. *freezes and takes a moment to prepare herself for the inevitable horror and heartbreak to follow before scrolling down*

Out: Sam


Promoted to regulars: Blaine & Mike

REPEAT ABOVE. Thank God they didn't say Lauren, but while Mike is not objectionable he is stunningly boring. And I like Blaine, but I see no way that having him around Kurt full time can end well for me.** This relationship and I are constantly circling each other with wary eyes, it trying to decide what it can get away with and me brandishing a weapon and warning that if it puts ONE TOE out of line from its fairytale G-rated storyline I will clobber it to death. I only trust it in very small, exquisite snippets.

[**Edit: LOL]

And back to the point, Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. You can't just take away my second favorite character AND destroy all hope of my OTP reuniting. That's it. I hate everyone. I had so much hope for season 3, too. I'd co-opted the It Gets Better mantra for my own selfish purposes. Because it had to, right? Apparently not.

The only silver lining I see is that now I do not have to adjust to his haircut or, more importantly, watch anything nauseating happen with Mercedes, and it's easier to believe he will end up at college with the Life Unexpected kids where I am determined he will meet Tasha. It's not enough.

And with that goes the largest chunk of my enthusiasm for the fall season to return. My shiny optimism over Glee was supporting a lot of borderline shows, and with that fringe optimism gone I can only focus on the negatives.

...unless you mean dropped as a regular but around in the manner of Blaine's guest-start status last year. Doubtful, but I could live with that. I need more details, stat. You can't just drop bombshells like that and walk away, media!

Realization: The year is only half over, and I have read 83 books! I am trying to decide if I should attempt to finish another 23 books between now and August 13th so that, even though there will be no other record of it since it splits years, I can say I read 200 books in a 1-year period. Unfortunately, I have misplaced my library card, which should really be surgically attached to me. And I need to find it in the next 3 days, or I will lose either my beautiful, burned-into-my-brain-like-a-song card number or the slew of books waiting for me after I went on a mad requesting spree by mining keywords in the library catalogue. :(
And then LJ ate the first copy of this post because I tried to switch to HTML editing after I'd answered the Writer's Block question, so now you do not get to hear my tl;dr thoughts on why I prefer "The Mummy Returns" to "The Mummy." We can, however, still discuss how I foolishly watched the third movie in the franchise last week, and it was SO HORRIFYINGLY BORING/AWFUL. Like, no wonder Rachel Weisz turned this down. I'm proud of her.
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