RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I am not spending my time wisely today.

This is what summer has made me. A creature incapable of doing anything except lollygagging around TV news sites and Tumblr when not watching movies or reading for hours on end. *needs rigid review structure* Ooh, Pretty Little Liars is on tonight, isn't it?

1. If I hear one more quote about how Murphy justifies his "casting shakeup" by claiming he wants his high school to be "real" and not follow the characters forever, I will slap someone. I am perfectly fine with having the characters graduate on time - that's not the issue. The issue is, since we do have such limited time with them, do not SHORTCHANGE US.

If you wanted it to be realistic, maybe not every single one of your characters should have been the same age so that this "gradual integration" you're trying to do would have been something we were used to from the beginning. Or everybody could have started as freshmen so you would have longer to integrate your changes. Sorry, but you're not wiggling out of the fact that dropping Sam out of the blue is the worst thing you have done outside of...well, it's in the top 6 worst things you have ever done.

I appreciate that the internet has come up with 239508712 articles (mostly of rage) about this since the news broke, though. Perhaps if we yell loud enough we can shame things into changing. It worked for Criminal Minds.

[EDIT: OK, now apparently the ball is in Chord's court. I am done talking about this until filming starts. As I said, news sites: GET THE WHOLE STORY BEFORE YOU DROP BOMBSHELLS AND WHIP THE BORED INTO A FRENZY. And you, Overstreet, toe the line. Your IMDB resume is not long enough to branch out on your own yet. Give me sufficient base material first.]

2. TUMBLR IS AMAZING. Who else would alert me to the presence of this supermegafoxyawesome deleted scene?

Relevant bits quoted for reference should video disappear:
"That's Emily's dagger. Where'd you find it?"
"It was in with the evidence from Ethan's flat."
"Oh, you just happened to pick it up?"
"Well, you never know when you're gonna need a good knife."
"Not 'cause it reminds you of her."
"No." (LIES!)

Aww. I officially love that a) everyone is all up in Matt's business on this front, and b) Abby is the resident appointed shipper of the group.

3. Somewhere out there, the Future Me who has watched Merlin thinks this is the greatest thing ever. Frankly, Current Me is pretty pleased with this as it is. Dear IMDB entry for Ben Mansfield: GROW. Avoid conflicting with hypothetical future Primeval scheduling, but until that point, grow.

4. Mesmerizing...gifs of adorable... # Abby is Lester's *other* work daughter

5. On Connor/Abby: WHAT DO YOU MEAN "the actors are engaged"?? Oh, my, God, not only will this ship not die, it has mutated from fiction to reality (I suppose if timelines are to be believed, it was the other way around, but hush). Why does this never happen for ships that are awesome? I am...irrationally angry at other people's happiness and should probably delete this part of the post, but the irony burns.

Tags: glee, primeval

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