RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

One month anniversary

Okay, technically that would be tomorrow, but more than likely I'll forget to mention it tomorrow --I've been actively using Live Journal for a month.

ONE MONTH since I moved all my TV entries + a few fanfic ones over here and tried to make myself stick.  I've rounded up 20 friends, a half-dozen communities, left a hundred comments and received nearly 50 (any number above "zero" still thrills me), gotten perfectly acquainted with LJ-cuts and am no longer afraid to use basic LJ terminology.  It's no longer just a cross-posting place; I'm writing my entries here and making Xanga almost an afterthought.  I have a few things on here that aren't on any of my Xangas.   30 days later, this is home, and I like it. 

It feels like I've been here much longer, though.  The speed with which I catch myself up on obsessions is a little scary.  Shouldn't be surprised, given that it took me about a month between learning that CSI fans even existed being all caught up on 5 years of canon, throughly knowledgeable about and supporting GSR, and aware of all major fan sites & fic authors...  (Voice: 'And that was the beginning of her current love affair with discussing TV online...pity, I had finally tamed her X-Files obsession around 2003...')

It also makes me wish I had been a little more clever in choosing a journal name.  I picked it only because I didn't know what I was going to use it for, but thought I might store fic here, and I wanted it to be recognizable (i.e., identical to my pen name).  I'm not sure I particularly like my pen name anymore, but you need it to understand the initials, and I'm really quite attached to calling myself "RS."   I just wish I had a prettier name in my URL.  Oh well.

And those are all the rambling thoughts I have, at least until I feel like wrapping my head around CSI Miami.
Tags: blogs, lj, milestones, xanga
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