RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Wait what did you say

Courtesy of ONTD: WHAT IN THE NAME OF SAM HILL, TORCHWOOD, HOW DARE YOU SUCK ME BACK INTO YOUR VORTEX OF INSANITY WITH IANTO-INCLUSIVE RADIO PLAYS. Now I'm going to have to listen to it. Possibly all 3 of them; I didn't investigate the other two yet. I apparently don't have to accept season 4 to appreciate them, so...fine. Bloody radio plays. Always dragging me out for one more round whenever I try to call it quits.

I have already clicked on the spoiler link, of course, so I'm going to roll those delicious thoughts around in my head for a bit before I treat my ears. I thought my Jack/Ianto shipping was a limited 3-day deal, so it'll be interesting to see how I feel about them in a context that does not involve immediate dying.

P.S. Dear Pretty Little Liars, why do you persist in leaving Toby out of episodes? This show is even more terrible than I remember without him, especially when Ezra is doing nothing useful in the way of cuddling and whatnot. *returns to staring at 2x06 promo pics*
Tags: pretty little liars, torchwood
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