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So!  Finally finished the Torchwood plays. My attention span: imagine something really, really small, and then cut that in half. I have no idea what was wrong with them this time, other than the fact that I have already severed all emotional attachment to Torchwood and just needed this to confirm it. It felt even more like a tie-in novel than usual -- that "this is a nice bonus, but I'm not sure it feels real, and who are all these dull original characters" feeling -- but I guess it was, at least, a nice closure-providing sendoff to cap its run.

1. The Devil and Miss Carew: I actually heard this one second, at which point my waning interest had officially been used up, and I just could not bring myself to care about Rhys/Gwen. That's not really new. Remember when PC Andy was in one of these? *nostalgic sigh*

2. Submission: Carlie's voice bugged me more than anything. It was like she was doing radio commercials instead of a script -- everything was over-exaggerated. She was just way! too! enthusiastic! or otherwise intense! I haven't decided how I feel about her wise little "o hai, I see you are in love with this dude now, that's different, not that there's anything wrong with that" observations. I believe there was just enough self-pity in Ianto's voice about how Jack will eventually move on that I'll allow it.

Other than that, I spent the entire time thinking about Primeval 5x02, was really weird to hear them talking about aliens when OBVIOUSLY it was just a giant Plesiosaur bashing against their sub.

3. House of the Dead: (skipping past that long, boring first 3/4, boy am I glad I thoroughly spoiled myself on this one first, let's get to the important shipper stuff)

*quiet squee* Apparently I feel OK about them as long as there is some kind of sadness involved, starting with the "I'm here" and mostly focusing on how that last conversation was wonderfully, ridiculously long -- I started transcribing on the assumption that I'd want it later, and my fingers started getting tired before the halfway point. A+ fix-it patch work, Gossman! Or to put it another way:

"Cross that doorway and there's no coming back."
"Why would I want to? I've got you back, Ianto. Let's do this. Come on, Ianto, be brave!

And done. Now my Torchwood is officially over. Well, hang on, just gotta add one little thing...

*snip snip* *clumsy stitch*
"I never said it properly before."
"It doesn't need saying."
"Yes it does! Ianto Jones...I love you."
"And I love you too, Jack."

Ahhh, that's better. All is well, goodbye forever.

*shuts The Big Book of Torchwood Tales*

Voice: This looks suspiciously like a Denial post, given how you've left off a few key elements there.
RS: Don't know what you're talking about. Jack & Jones + Mr. & Mrs. & Baby Williams, as it should be. Somewhere out there, a government organization that Sarah Jane shuns and is therefore no further concern of ours. I will say, though, that as happy as I would have been with Jack scattered to oblivion forever, with his willingness to let someone else take care of the problem and choose personal happiness, Jack managed to do the seemingly impossible and redeem himself for killing Stephen. Again, A+.

Voice: A parting note, since she's either lost touch with reality or become very stubborn (RS: Become?) -- here is a beautiful wallpaper that some people might enjoy, illustrating the very end.
RS: Would you let me close this review already? Any way you choose to look at it, this is very clearly the ending of a story.
And because my patience has been reduced to about 3 seconds of wait time on this front: crack addiction show time!

I really do wish I had more patience, because skipping through entire episodes takes forever and is just annoying. I am in permanent Dr. Cox mode, constantly wanting to make impatient hand gestures and say things like "So not caring!" and "Goooooodbye!" and also,

Although on bright side, had I done that I probably would not have heard that delightful moment of Spencer's "Tell Ezra we say hi," and become fixated on the possible dynamic between them. I mean, exactly in the context they are now, Aria's best friend & boyfriend, but I was decidedly robbed of Eric/Tasha interaction on LUX and I like this notion better, where the best friend is OK-slash-vaguely-amused by the relationship.

On to the desperately-craved ship: Aw, look at you, with the good night kissing. That's all shadowy, so that it sounds like it's more involved, but in fact my eyes are nicely protected from anything that is not Disney rated. Aside from kissing your way down her neck, which I am 100% A-OK with and will in fact advocate as my compromise for no open-mouthed kissing in my presence. I will really never get tired of little interludes like this.

After that, my Toby time is greatly reduced (or I missed it all), but not without multiple Perfect Reassuring Boyfriend moments backstage to convince Spencer that ripping a girl's ponytail off is not the solution to her frustration. Please keep these shots o' joy coming.
And finally, because I am nothing if not a professional waster of time and I cannot quit this obsession, today was a day to hang out with old episodes of Primeval.

Series 3 rewatch: The "holy good g'damn, I did not appreciate Becker 1/10th enough" edition.
(not in order)

3x08: In which Becker is kept busy being a Big Damn Hero, saves Abby at least once when not hissing about how her poorly-planned brother-rescuing mission is going to end in disaster, and has ample opportunity to shoot things. On second thought, I do miss when they had real guns.

*Point of note: oh, wow. The pictures have been telling me for months, but seeing it in action, there is something so especially dashing about season 3 Becker as opposed to season 4 Becker. More defined chin, longer hair; it's not bad in season 4 but it so does not compare. ...unfair.

* Second point: Abby's hair is SO TERRIBLE! She also looks and behaves about sixteen years old. I love how between seasons 3 and 4, she has matured about 10 years, and I mean this in the best possible way.

3x06: Ah, Becker at his sarcastic finest plus Lester at the same. I've also just found the first use for Danny's character: the snark exchanged with Becker. A poor substitute for Matt, but at least much more entertaining than I remember.

3x04: I apparently no longer have a heart, as it's been ground to shreds with broken glass. Remember when I said I was in too much shock to process Cutter's death? Yeah. I actually froze it out of my brain and somehow remembered it as him being shot in the head without ceremony. I definitely did not remember him lingering long enough for Connor to find him, let alone asking Connor to just stay with him. *bawl* Biggest tearjerker, bar none.

4x03: Per Tumblr, "The one where Becker is a bitch." Now that you mention it, he did spend the whole time trying to lock people up/out while relying on flimsy soldier excuses. It's kind of fun to go back and see his big ball o' Bitter Angst self coldly say it's on Matt's head for going through -- cue humanitarian pleas from Connor & Abby to forcibly change his mind -- and as far as Emily is concerned, let's just say it's really nice to be able to jump from him talking about bringing her in to the finale comfort hugs.

Oh, and the last moments with Charlotte only remind me how much I adore everything Emily does for Jess seven episodes later.

(other things that get more awesome on rewatch: every interaction between Matt & Emily, ever. Things that get more excruciating on rewatch: anything involving Phillip, but especially anything involving Gideon.  PLEASE STOP TALKING, YOU ARE IRRELEVANT, SIR.)
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