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One Degree of David Tennant

muzzy_olorea, with her TV show whispering ways, got me to spend today watching Scott & Bailey without even trying ("Six episodes? I could totally do six episodes"). Because as we established in 2008, summer is traditionally when I sell my soul to British TV if my regular lineup is all polished off. It is pretty delightful, as evidenced by the fact that I spent half the day marching my way through it from start to finish.

The post title is from the fact that one half of the title duo is the still-creepy Skye from Doctor Who's "Midnight," and the other is best known to me as the love interest from Single Father. I really, really love that one in particular, and she looks SO much better (and significantly younger) with long, dark hair.

By the time I'd finished half, it was like, "How is it possible that four hours ago I had never heard of these women? Now they are like my dearest friends." It's not the sort of thing I can obsess over, but it's like a very good movie. Solid, quality stuff, feeding my various needs for: English crime-solving (the only place I'm not tired of it), female detective partnership (Southland, intensified -- all ladies, all the time), and an overall amazing amount of personal stuff. No shipping to speak of, but all the more impressive for it. FRIENDSHIP EVERYTHING. Female bonding at its best, really.


* The language is worse here than on Law & Order: UK. Not much worse, but still a little startling to realize that, and a disappointing reminder as to why my forays outside U.S. networks are limited. It is, however, less explicit than Primeval, and that's saying something. Bare arms seem scandalous.

* Jill is nearly as awesome as Natalie Chandler. I would like to see some cross-agency interaction there. In the meantime, I will happily settle for this cool friendship she has with Janet.

* I didn't much like Rachel's blackmail for the flat, or her poor choices in the last episode, but it is damned near impossible not to love her at all times. So precious! Flawed yet effortlessly charming! I would like to see tons more of the actress right away; I'd go back to Single Father immediately but I'm too dismayed by the memory of her straw-blonde dyed hair.

* Wow, that whole baby storyline came (and went) out of nowhere. My head hadn't finished spinning 'round on the whole double life thing before that unexpected glee was given, and then just as suddenly yanked away. Bewildering! But I think I approve of them playing the rarest pregnancy-ending trump card of all.

* I was really afraid it would take me ages to shake off my memory of Skye from Doctor Who, where I could not stand her. No worries! It was like, five minutes flat before I forgot about that. And then some ugly truths were revealed that cost a few respect points here and there, but ultimately, it's almost as hard to hate her as Rachel.

* I've been trying to figure out why I like the partnership so much, and eventually I realized it is the female counterpoint to Brooks/Devlin. Not quite so many years between them and a closer true friendship, but that same older/younger dynamic.

* Rachel + Janet's daughters: ♥

* It is seriously hard to remember any of the men in this series except Nick, and that's only because he has a recognizable face from when I saw him playing a whackadoo-with-a-sword turned self-defending sleazy barrister on L&O: UK a few weeks ago. I sometimes remember Andy, but that's only because I keep sighing to myself about all these poor lovelorn Andys on the police force (see also, Torchwood). Only this time, I don't want it because kids are involved.

* I did NOT see the cold case arc going that way! The shock and awe is fun, since major killers are usually spoiled right off the bat in casting announcements for American shows, even if you're not specifically seeking spoilers. The only thing more unexpected was Janet's surprisingly ass-kicking response.

* I cannot ship a thing, what with the men all being sleazy, dull and/or attractive, but damned if they didn't try with the knife injury and "o hai, man in love with you is conveniently here for a Dramatic Rescue Carry." Which was kinda awkward, in this case, but I gotta truck that one over to Primeval post-haste. And there were stil roughly a gazillion things to love about the best friendship here. The injury screenshots may or may not have been one of the bigger things influencing me to watch the series.

(WAY TO TIME JUMP RIGHT AT THE CRISIS POINT THERE, SHOW. It's almost like six episodes isn't long enough for a proper season)

* I did not see anything about the last episode going that way, either. (Especially Nick. Wow. See, I told you he was a whackadoo.) Head still spinning from the multiple layers of WTF game-changing that managed to mostly wrap themselves up in 5 minutes at the end.

* I like the opening credits/theme music, too. Just throwing it out there.

* I will probably never mention this show again unless and until there are more episodes, but in case there are, I'm tagging it anyway.
When not watching the above or working: skipped off to a garage sale 1 block from my house, and for $1.25 I snagged two practically-new shirts (cerulean longsleeved tee and periwinkle short-sleeves), both very basic but something my generally old and worn out wardrobe always needs more of.
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