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Monday night

Boycotted "How I Met Your Mother" because of last week's episode.  I can hold grudges for a long time, and I'm still mad at it.  In fact, the only comedy I'm still watching with any semblance of regularity is "The Class," because it's ultra cute.

The Class...Rides a Bull:
Eh, not the best.  I could have done without most of the scenes in the steakhouse; watching Richie look nauseous after realizing how much beef he just consumed is not my idea of a good time.  I could also have done without Lina trying on Nicole's clothes like a simpleton.  Generally I like her sweetness and naivete, but when she came hopping down the stairs in a ski  That bordered on "mentally handicapped."  I could also have done without Duncan and Nicole's 3 hour long makeout session at the very was like "HI!  WE'RE IN LOVE!  FLAUNT!  REVEL!" I love them as a couple, but I love subtlety more.

Between the buildup about Yonk's cholesterol levels in previous eps, and how happy and determined Nicole was that she was leaving him TODAY, the second the word "steakhouse" was mentioned, I sort of figured it was going to end up with Yonk having a heart attack.  Which, of course, will spring a massive guilt attack on Nicole, because no decent human being would leave her husband when he's in that state.  Unless he starts calling her Eileen again. Sigh. 

There were two upsides to this episode, the first being Kyle's "well duh, isn't it obvious?" chat with Ethan about how he and Kat are obviously perfect for one another, and the second being when Violin Dude Benjamin turned out to be a two-timing cheating bastard, and so Kat dumped him.  Yay, no more Creepy British Guy!   And ended on her finally accepting Ethan's comfort hug.

Also, is it just me, or does Ethan not look like a doctor at all?  He looks like a kid playing dress-up when he's wearing a stethoscope.
CSI Miami: A Grizzly Murder (dear writers: I am instantly skeptical of the idea that the Glades contain giant grizzly bears, because I have this weird feeling that a species which thrives in Alaska wouldn't do so well in Florida humidity.  According to all the research I can find, Florida has a subspecies of small black bears.  A threatened population of not-allowed-to-be-hunted black bears.  Not grizzlies.  No grizzlies!)

Eric is such a sight for sore eyes, it's not even funny.  Even Nick Stokes doesn't look this bad with a buzzcut.  I find this completely unfair, because surely his hair would have grown in a little more than that if it's "been a few weeks" or whatever since he was shot?   Or maybe they could use some of the same patented TV magic that lets him be up and working in the field to grow his hair back faster.  I don't know.  Just fix it!  Aside from embarrassing as it is to see him make silly mistakes, I applaud that they're at least pretending to have continuity.  Or to be more precise, I'm applauding Ryan's reaction to it.  His look of worry, then the very quiet, too casual, "Remember, you showed it to me?"  He sounds like he regrets having to point that out, but if Eric's making mistakes, they can't just ignore them.  It's entirely possible he is not getting better as quickly as he believes he is. 

Interlude for random thoughts, a/k/a "the only interesting things in the first half."
Random Thought 1: It's always moderately amusing when hunters get their comeuppance, because I have no sympathy for anyone that believes it's fun to make animals bleed.  I wasn't very enthused with the rest of the case at all, so no discussion about that.

Random Thought 2: Okay, that 3-D CGI bit where you zoom forward to the music download base?  I liked that.  The only editing trick I agreed with. 

Random Thought 3: Natalia's best use on this show is as Eric's love interest.  With those days gone, her second best use is as a walking fashion show.  That's not sarcasm; I really liked her pink tunic top, and would kill to look as good as she does in white pants.  Her earrings/necklace, though nothing more than plain silver, made for gorgeous accessories.  Whether any of this is appropriate for working crime scenes is irrelevant.

Random Thought 4: I see flirting going on when Nat coyly asks Eric if he knows where 'The Pink Velvet Gentlemen's Club' is.  I don't know how I read flirting into that, but I do, and I like it.  Good use of Snake Lady this week!

"Your 'demo'?  Oh that's great, now you're an artist?" Oi!  Frank, you are not usually such an asshat!  This isn't your average trashy hooker here, it's a misguided and unhappy girl.  Horatio sees this, and that is why he politely told you to remove your asshat self from the room.

Unfortunately, for most of the episode, I had an uncomfortable feeling that they were trying too hard to make Ana a sympathetic character.  Look, I get it.  I haven't forgotten that Horatio feels bad for the poor young strippers, who don't know where else to get work and so let themselves get trapped in an endless cycle.  But he was taking almost too much of an interest in this one particular girl, whose big wide doe eyes at the end were reminding me of Marisol.  Like, a LOT of Marisol.  Like, I was becoming worried that any second now, she was going to ask if she could make him dinner as a thank-you.

There was another glimpse of the old Horatio, though, the second time they entered the strip club, and he demanded the whereabouts of Ana.  Club owner: "Lieutenant, you so sure I'm her pimp, then what does that make Ana?" I like the way his eyes take on a steely determination as he flatly answers "Why don't you tell me?"  Oh, foolish club owner, don't you know that Horatio has a thing about exploited young women?  Particularly those of Latin descent?  (scared young drug-abusing blondes are so season 1) 

And I liked him sweeping in to play the hero, but I think it would have been rather more fitting and possibly more realistic if he'd walked in on them mid-act.  Were that the case, I'm not sure Ana would have been quite so grateful to be rescued at that particular moment, and it would have served Horatio right for casually strolling into the bedroom to make an arrest.

On that note - are we supposed to know who this Supervisor guy is?  What's he supervisor of?  The crime lab?  Or is this a position in the city somewhere?  If we knew who he was, we might be better equipped to understand Horatio's look of shock when he walks in.  He looked like he was expecting to bust the usual skeevy politician, and instead came face to face with someone he respected.  You know, I think for a moment he was actually speechless. 

One thing I don't understand about that whole "you'll never make captain" much farther does he plan to advance his career?  Seems like he's doing pretty well right where he is, and unlike Stetler I never thought of him as someone desperate to climb the ladder, so I don't see why "you'll never get that promotion" is such a big threat.  Threatening to demote him, now, that's a threat - he likes the authority he's got now.  Bring in a new shift supervisor who forces him to process evidence full-time, now you're talking punishment.  Also, while 'Lieutenant Caine' sounds awesome, 'Captain Caine' makes me laugh so hard I almost start crying.  Possibly because the only other superhero I know with that title is Captain Underpants.

You know what makes up for all the bad/boring stuff?  STETLER!  Somehow I completely forgot he was coming.  I nearly fell off the bed in shock, once I recognized him behind that onion loaf of a hairdo.  And you know what?  Stetler has lost his edge.  Because even though Horatio happily threw up his hackles and glowered at the sight of Rick, Stetler showed no sign of hostility.  Not only was he not making any excuses for the supervisor, he appeared to be trying to genuinely warn Horatio that his ideals simply were not going to triumph if he insisted going down this no-win path.  That nothing good was going to come of it, only problems for both himself and his lab.  "If this goes down, I can't help you."  "Just like old times."

No, Horatio, not just like old times.  Old times involved Stetler deliberately trying to get you and/or your team in trouble.  Right here, he's simply saying that his hands will be tied.  He hasn't come after you in ages - not for the Mala Noche member you shot in cold blood instead of taking into custody once he was down, or the one you beat up in the Glades; not for your stunt in Brazil and not even on how Eric is clearly not ready to be back in the field.  This is so far from old times it's like he's gotten a personality transplant.   

Also, I really like it when H's idealism doesn't win.  I loved that season 2 episode where he was basically dragged in by the collar to the Cruz home, and looked like he'd rather have chewed off his own arm than be forced to eat humble pie and apologize for "harassing" the general's sons.  But he did it.  I want to see that again.  I want to see proof, on occasion, that there are CONSEQUENCES for Horatio's devil-may-care attitude when it comes to authority, even when he's right.   Oh, and by the way, Mr. Supervisor, sir?  If you're feeling a need to make cutbacks, may I suggest eliminating the superfluous CSI from Horatio's team?  You know, the the new one who brings pretty clothes to the crime scenes and not much else?

I loved the last line of the episode, though.  "You really do believe all that protect-and-serve stuff, don't you?" "It's the only thing that I know how to do."  It's one of the more honest statements I can remember hearing in a while, and in one sentence, it completely sums up his character.

P.S.  jeremybrettfan has written up a nice checklist of Horatio's "things to take care of" at the bottom of this post, which I find intensely amusing.  Check it out.
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