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"You're so damn cute."

Holy cow, Scrubs is having one of those rare but golden renaissances of Shiny Renewed Obsession Love. Where are the hours of my life going? Lost amid waves and waves of episodes. I may never talk about anything else!

Look at all those pieces of (season) 8 I haven't seen because they're not part of the syndication package! I'll take three of those for today, thank you. I think there are even bits of season 7 I've managed to consistently miss out on. I don't even entirely hate season 9, at the moment, and am almost a little sorry it had the life so abruptly choked out of it because really, as long as Cox was still around I would have been happy. Ghandi is just a bonus point. (at this point I have spent so much time in the world of Scrubs over such a short period that it has begun to affect my speech patterns.  Do you know what saturation level of a thing you need for that to happen?)

Sometimes I'm glad I was not with the show while it was on the air, though. I would have had a rage blackout over the entire Sammy storyline. It still nettles me, like bullet fragments lodged in one's skull, but all I can do is gnash my teeth on the sidelines and mutter darkly at the lie-filled illusion that is JD/Elliot being a normal couple at the end. I will never be pleased with this ridiculous fractured/extended family, and giving Kim Sean (or giving Sean an adorable insta-family better than anything Elliot could ever have offered) does not make up for it. Best to move on quickly and restrict those episodes to the unexpected bonus material they are.

Speaking of season 8: oh, how, how did I forget that Courtney Cox was on this briefly? And there's even a scene or two with Jordan?? Aw, Cougar Town with all the bad bits chopped out.

...I'm pretty sure that it was still late afternoon when I opened this post window, and I have been lost in Scrubs-related tabs ever since. Oh boy. In fairness, I have been on a search and find to novelize all the Jordan/Perry scenes so I won't have to keep hunting through episodes to remember where I've seen the various pretty moments in fanvids. When you're so spoiled for choice that you can't remember half the things that delight you about a couple, you're in a good place indeed.

Interlude: I'm decidedly not a John Mayer fan in any way, but the lyrics for this are just so darn apt:

Fic front is going a little better, than yesterday. It was like, as soon as I asked myself if anyone was ever going to jump on the gold nugget openings like Jordan breaking his jaw in their first year of marriage, My Glass Jaw comes up (along with assorted other short bits from the author I can use). Their Breakups gives me a boatload of all the other backstory I've been craving plus a missing scene or two.
["We've been dancing the same annoying dance for years now. One of us gets angry and walks away, and the other person is too stubborn to go after them." Ten breakups, of one sort or another.]

Wandering through random episodes: 

* My Way Home, with its crazy bright technicolor and ridiculous amount of homages, gets better every time I see it. I don't even like The Wizard of Oz, but I love what they do with it.

* I love Molly Clock. Just throwing it out there. Is she season 4? The chronology has gradually gotten a little clearer in my head, but I still can't remember which season various events were in.

Knife-wreeeench! Practical and safe. (or: for kids!)

* Despite my apparent inability to mention anything other than my OTP, I do like most other things about the show. The Janitor, for example. Absolutely hilarious. I keep meaning to write down quotes, but I end up just replaying the clips and laughing. "Maybe you mopn't."

* Apparently, the first time I watched "My Soul On Fire," I neglected to see part 1. I always did wonder how all those fights really got started. I definitely did not know who Bill Lawrence was before. Look at you being a delightfully creepy weirdo!

In part 2, I also apparently neglected to watch anything after Dr. Cox jumps in the pool with Jordan -- understandable -- but oh, look, JD is lying to me again about his Perfect Boyfriend status. It's gorgeous, though. I had fully labeled Elliot a crazy person for her specific demands about detailed declarations of love, but what he came up with blew me away.  It's almost enough to make forget all the, no, must not spoil beautiful mood with repressed casual hookup rage. For five minutes, we are going to sit here and pretend that he spent six years pining before Elliot broke off her wedding, Pam-style, after they kissed, and parallel the storylines.

I loathe this song, largely as I loathe Ted, but all the pretty relationship moments are conveniently packed in here, so I'm sticking it in for my own easy reference:

OK. I think I just might be able to drag myself away long enough to post this. I would like to use my shiny new Scrubs icon, but I still have half a dozen to pick through, so...

Friends page at large, I'm going to be needing you to pick my Scrubs icon for me. I had to go through Fanpop because the pickins' on LJ were ridiculously thin, but with one click I suddenly found myself with too many options. Your knowledge of the show is not required, just know that you will likely be seeing this for a very long time, so choose wisely.

I probably could have done ticky Comment if you can't decide.

...oh, that makes a pretty bar. I may have to save it like that just for myself. But still, you, poll time.

Choose my icon for me. I reserve the right to reject your opinion, but give it anyway.

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