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They say a legal kiss is not as good as a stolen one

Pretty Little Liars, 2x08
*reads recap, doesn't see Toby's name, skips 95% of episode* I really don't know why I think things on this show will be interesting. Oh, and I bit my tongue last week, but after next week's promo it seems like it needs saying now: if we're going to have Aria cheat on her darling perv of a boyfriend, must it be with Jason? He's much too dull. And there's something extremely pitiful about the idea of Ezra turning his life upside down for this girl who ends up being nothing more than your average fickle teenager after all.

(Which should have been fairly obvious from her entire Popular/Rich Party Girl appearance and the dirty bar hookup that kicked off their relationship, but somehow amidst all the Disneyfied romance, you get lulled into believing Aria's smarter than she looks. For now, I'll assume there are ample ways for this to be not what it looks like.)

As far as the ship THIS week goes, let's take a look at it right now: awwww, you and your precious little "Ghost" references (right? I have not actually seen it) and assorted sneaky shoulder kissing/close talking.

Always good when I start out with a little squeal of delight and tiny, happy claps plus the sudden desire to do screencaps again. He's in full-on Perfect Mode again and my brain resets when that happens. Aria, are you sure you don't want to toss that time-sensitive pottery assignment aside for ten minutes and make out in the corner over there?

The song in the background wants to get in my life. If I find out what it's called and play it twice, it might succeed. [edit: spoiler alert, I have. Sort of.]

"You don't have to be embarrassed with me. About anything." I don't know why that's striking such a chord with me, but I like it, and might have to pack that sound bite away for later use.

"Maybe you could stop by my place later?" Yes! Do that! But you're not going to, are you? No, because you hate me and don't want me to have nice things.
Show: Sure I do. Watch, I'll have him give her a parting kiss on the forehead as he leaves.
RS: Damn you. Um, and by that I mean, thank you! (*squeal*)

Scene 2
Show: By the way, here are some more nice things.
RS: Now I'm starting to feel like you're plying me with gifts so I won't complain when you yank the rug out from under my feet.
Show: You'll have to wait and see. I'm mysterious like that. Enjoy the semi-public hospital kiss.
RS: You make it really hard to hate you sometimes.

Now, I gotta get that song from scene 1. At this point it's like a Sudoku puzzle challenge. hear...lyrics! *googles several variations without success* Change my...needs? I swear, I'm hearing like, "trade fair venture" in there. OK. What parts can we hear for sure? "if I could be just a" + "i'd change my"  + lyrics = HAHA, SUCCESS! 

Train fare richer, because there are only 3 results but "Change My Needs" sure sounds like what I want and a YouTube click confirms the piano melody. Change My Needs, by...well, YouTube says Scars on 45, but someone is clearly lying to me because this is a guy with only a sprinkling of female vocals on the chorus, and I am quite sure I heard 100% female in the clip. Don't make me hurt people to get this.

*scans full lyrics* Oh, but that is loltastic. I see why you chose it. I must use it as my post title. *edits*

* I cannot believe it took me 2 years to figure out how much content gets cut out of Scrubs in syndication. I mention this because it means that occasionally, when I choose the online method of rewatching, I still trip over delightful new snippets of Jordan/Perry scenes. Like the five second clip of him telling her, "We're having a baby girl" in My Road to Nowhere. I always did think it was odd they never got a last scene after the surgery. (yeah, we're still on this, but I'm keeping it short today)

* There is a poll from yesterday. Vote in it. Don't make me take it to polloftheday.

* Office spoilers
Did you hear the one about how someone besides Pam is expecting? It's like someone remembers me mentioning, way back when, that I would not let The Office go off the air until it had as many babies as Scrubs did. With this latest, we will be well on our way there: 4 for 6.

Let's just talk about all our options here, shall we? I love how the best part is we don't even know who most of the fathers would be. SPECULATE! For funsies:

(to be honest, after I think about it, none of these sound like a good idea. Can you take it back?)

Erin/Gabe: I would delight FOREVER AND EVER, and would in absolutely no way punish this show if they wanted to, I don't know, copy Scrubs down to the letter with detached coparenting and/or later hook Gabe and Angela up in the end.

Erin/Andy: let's not talk about that possibility. I really don't think it's Erin, anyway. They have too much dimwit romance to capitalize on with her first. That, and nobody wants to see children having children.

Angela/Gay Senator: Unsettling. Don't do it. Don't even think about it.

Angela/Dwight: Since this seems like the most likely option, I'll take it. I'd be half amused and half a little sad at how far Season 1 Angela had fallen. The pregnancy contract is fun in theory but sort of depressing in reality.


Holly/Michael: That would be the perfect solution, but I doubt it would happen so quickly or merit a spoiler announcement.

Jordan/?: Only because I just remembered that Jordan is on the show. In related news, my excitement for season 8 just came back to life after the James Spader announcement crushed it out of existence.
[edit: A Paul Lieberstein interview just crushed that back out of existence after saying that "the executive secretary that DeAngelo hired" will not be sticking around. And also telling me that they got James Spader for FIFTEEN EPISODES, OH GOD, WHY. Unlike Carell, I delight in him as an actor, but the thought of seeing Robert California again already makes me want to hurt things. Oh, Catherine Tate, why must your two most splendid roles since Donna oppose each other?? I want you both places! Can we clone you?]

Now watch, it'll somehow end up being Phyllis.
* I had to run to K-Mart today, and as is my wont, I stopped to see if they had any good clearance deals in the food section. Try king-sized Hershey's milk chocolate bars for, oh I don't know, 41 cents apiece. If you're curious, that's *cough edit* 77% off.  If the garage sales suck out again this weekend, I'm counting this as a win.

* As briefly mentioned yesterday but didn't fit the tone of the post, I FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO PLAY SUDOKU. Thanks to an infuriating new event on Neopets that forced me to use the basic gameplay to advance and earn my (paltry) prizes, but which fortunately used pictures of Neopets and colored boards instead of number squares, I realized that it was not a crazy math game, but mere visual logic.

I could never figure it out because I, I don't know, vaguely thought that you had to make every column add up to 9?  I could not understand how so many people, many of whom didn't seem particularly smart, were doing this math wizardry in their heads. Now I see that using numbers doesn't matter at all, it's just a matter of sorting shapes. It's wickedly fun and yes, I even understand the addictive property now.

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