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Here we be discussing Tuesday night.

NCIS: Skeletons
Why hello, Col. Mann.  I was JUST saying to myself, "God, I missed you, when are you coming back?"  Of course, rumor has it that I said that on Opposite Day.

As for you, Dear Jenny, the "dear" stopped being sarcastic somewhere near the end of last season or the beginning of this one, but I'd be more than happy to rev it back up if you keep hinting that you'd like to see Army Lady join NCIS in the near future. 

The one thing I did like about Mann was Tony and Ziva studiously not paying attention while she and Gibbs discuss their non-relationship in metaphors right in front of them.  It also amuses me how indignant he sounds at the accusation that he "slunk" out of her room after that last time we saw them, although I'm inclined to believe that's pretty much exactly what he did, in which case BAD GIBBS!  *swats him* Very impolite, no matter who it is.

As for the episode itself, ew and ew again.  I told you.  There is NO NEED to compete with CSI.  No need!  So in addition to the moratorium on maggots, how about no more human remains that look like oatmeal mush?  I've also developed a habit of fast-forwarding through all the morgue scenes, even when Michelle Lee isn't in them, because Ducky's rambling and Jimmy's bumbling just annoy me THAT MUCH. 

Dear Abby: How do you dislike nougat?  SHEESH.  Three Musketeers bars are some of the very best candy bars in the world.  Silly woman.  On the other hand, you also dislike Mann, as evidenced by the way your expression lights up when you see Gibbs, then goes flat when you realize he's followed by her, and that's worth triple marks in my favor.  (By the way Pauley was doing a fantastic job of playing a completely dulled and subdued Abby all episode.  It was like she'd been inhabited by the spirit of Eeyore.)

I always like when Abby gets a central storyline.  Loved Tony going down to talk to her, for one.  They have an older brother/younger sister dynamic that I very much admire.  It doesn't get highlighted very often because Tony is usually busy getting slapped by Gibbs, engaged in verbal warfare with Ziva, or tormenting McGee, but he's almost as protective as Gibbs when it comes to her.   Though he still isn't above sarcasm and teasing, which means more often than not, Abby ends up glaring at and/or hitting him.  So I waited very patiently for Gibbs to come down and talk to her, when she finally spilled her guts about what was bothering her.  The way he said "I got time, Abbs," turned my insides to mush.  And even though he didn't really do anything besides stand there and let her talk herself through her misery (something she's very good at), it was still very cute.  Besides, we got a hug out of it.  And reassurance that her behind the scenes romance did indeed die with the actor. 

As Ziva is right up there with Gibbs & Abby as my favorite character, I'm devoting a couple of paragraphs to her, too.  First of all, her high ponytail made her look young and athletic; her half ponytail made her look incredibly sweet.  There is no situation in which Ziva does not look gorgeous, but those styles were particularly flattering  As were the nice almond-colored turtleneck sweater paired with dark brown slacks.  Can I just raid her entire closet?  While we're at it, Jen's spring green sweater-over-blouse ensemble caught my eye, too.  The wardrobe department on this show is fantastic; it rivals CSI: NY.

While I really liked the first lab scene with Abby, in which the latter was rambling about shoes and Ziva looked completely puzzled but willing to indulge in her need to ramble, I liked the last scene even better.  I enjoy the sorta-friendship that's sprung up between the two women, and I never cease being amused by Abby's incessant need to hug people, even when said people are all "Um.  I don't discuss feelings, and please stop touching me."  Though I see Ziva is still bottling up and refusing to talk about those pesky things known as emotions, which is a pity, because she's been known to get quite weepy when she finally lets it all out. 

And call me evil and mean-spirited, but I'm glad to hear that Lt. Sanders died after all.  Two superfluous love interests down, three to go!  Next on my hit list: Jeanne Benoit.  Le Grand Season Finale better come equipped with a lethal bullet. 
Law & Order: SVU: "Philadelphia"
I haven't talked about this show in a while.  I was planning on doing a doubleshot, combining last week's discussion with the previous week's, but as it turns out, I never got around to watching last week's episode.  Bad RS.  So I'm wondering if I missed something incredibly important that might have made last night's episode an itsy bit less confusing.

Because "confusing" was the only word I had for it.  What spurred Liv's sudden desire to bond with her previously unknown half-brother?  Why is she running about in Jersey, thumbing her nose at police jurisdiction on every side?  Why does Megan Donner Kim Delaney seem hell-bent on getting her in trouble?  On an unrelated note, what's going on with Kathy, and why must you torture me by making me simultaneously want Elliot to go back to his wife & kids, but also want him to be Olivia's new family so she's not all sad and alone?

Then there was the chronology of the episode itself, and the weirdly jarring cuts to their psychological evaluation interviews, which weren't full explained until the end of the episode.  I couldn't figure out which part was supposed to be present time and which was supposed to be flashback.  Besides, didn't we already try splitting up the Benson & Stabler unit?  Like, six months ago?  Do we not remember how that worked out, or were you so pleased with Dani Beck that you wanted to see if you could find a reason to try and repeat that chemistry?  I was pleased, but it's not like I need three simultaneous Stabler ships. 

Look, it's not that I'm not all up for Olivia-centric episodes.  Character development rules the roost, and in retrospect I'll probably like this ep, but I just can't get enthused about it right now.  I have difficulty feeling this strong urge to connect with people you've never met just because you're genetically related.  Especially not when the guy turns out to be this weird, wide-eyed and sniveling man who may or may not be a rapist.  (honestly, I couldn't begin to make a guess one way or the other.)   

[Edit: Erm.  Yeah, I forgot the detail at the end...they found his DNA in a recent rape victim's underpants, so he was in fact "like father, like son."  Ugh. 

On the bright side, I just realized why the psychologist doing the evaluations seemed so familiar; she's Mary Stuart Masterson, whom I know only from Benny and Joon.  (A really fantastic Johnny Depp movie that I only recently got to see for the first time...but which I absolutely adore.]
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