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You know how lately I just throw stupid thoughts together and call it a post?

One of the books I'm currently reading is The Winter of Our Disconnect, which is fascinating and a fun read, but also so inherently scary that I have to read it in short bursts and then soothe myself with long internet binges. Hence, how this post grew out of nothing.
Scrubs Moment Of The Day: this ridiculously adorable moment between friends, even though it can only be found in hideous quality. No matter how many times I replay it, I cannot seem to stop myself squealing at the end. These two! Television needs more male/female friendships that are already locked up in separate OTPs so I cannot ship them. In the moment.

It's the little things that make me happy.

Like Sam Dorian's middle name (the non-stupid one) being Perry.

Or, awww, I didn't know Jordan put her wedding ring back on in...whatever episode that was...too! Show, you got so gosh-darn fuzzy in the last two years, I hardly know what to do with you.

Realized while scrolling through more season 8 episodes yesterday that I have not ever actually watched "My Finale" straight through (for example: it's an hour?!), and that is because every time I see another 3 minute segment of it, said segment makes me want to cry. It has to be taken in non-consecutive stages. Today it was Carla saying goodbye to JD. AND SOB.

Some things about season 8 sadden me, like JD's ridiculous beard aging him 10 years overnight. But other things -- like when he's is trying to make Denise have human emotions, it's really touching to see him turn into an actual mentor. It makes me a little less vitriolic about the idea of him being a dad. And/or actually makes me think of him as a dad, instead of an awkward man-child tasked with watching a random baby for a few hours, which is how I feel most of the time.

Realized I still haven't seen the first episode of season 9 so I'm not clear on whether there was a time jump or exactly what happened, or how Denise was an intern season 8 when I thought she was one of the students? [edit: really, not a student? iiiiinteresting]</div>
* Correction: Wikipedia just spoiled me silly and I THOUGHT THERE WAS ONLY ONE EPISODE WITH JD IN IT; WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE ARE SEVERAL?? OK, it is entirely possible that prior to this week, the only season 9 episode I had watched was "Our Stuff Gets Real" (because: Jordan. duh) and possibly episode 12 for no apparent reason.

I also finally watched the last-ever episode, "Our Thanks," and I'm glad it found this spinoff managed to give itself some arc closure, even though there was never going to be a way for it to provide complete series closure. Our Stuff Gets Real came closer to doing that, anyway. The rest was just filler.

Final thought for the day: hold the phone, I just tripped over a mislabeled recap for what I think was the episode prior to "My Finale," and the heartwarmingly Bitter Cox contained therein just inspired some hand-claspy sighs.


+ transition between Scrubs & movies: oh, I knew if I dug long and hard through all the very, very trying clips with his name, I would find something to delight me!

"Are We Done Yet?" just made the short list of Horrible Films I Will Watch For Certain Cast Members. See also, Furry Vengeance; Dan In Real Life.

(I'm frankly surprised it took me this long to get on the ol' Actor Love portion of a fandom obsession. In related news: dear Zach Braff, work more and do it better. I have always wanted to see Garden State, but that whole R rating scared me away. I had hoped my favorite resource, Screen It!, might soothe my fears, but it only confirmed "scene of sexuality" and then assured me of at least 50 f-bombs and other language. So absolutely not, you filthy lying cover of wholesomeness! High Cost of Living, on the other hand, has potential. Unfortunately, appears too new/obscure to find and hasn't been analyzed by SI, anyway.)

Hmm. I wonder if I could actually fill out a survey I feel comfortable leaving public?

01.Make a list of 5 things you can see without getting up.
Things Cluttering My Desk That Should Not Be: the connecting cord for the camera (oops, that should be downstairs), a Coke cap from which I was entering the code, a stack of library books/movies, a plastic container/fork, and some pages ripped out of an Entertainment Weekly to be saved while the irrelevant shell was pitched.

02. Name one weird quirk about yourself.
Whenever I hear the name of one of the restaurants whose mystery shopping surveys I edit for my job, or their specials, or basically anything about them -- commercials are pure hell -- I twitch because I have read hundreds upon hundreds of such surveys and I know INSIDE AND OUT what their menu items are and exactly what kind of ideal service experience they're supposed to provide. I can actually recite you 3 to 5 lines of sample survey dialogue. I also cringe when I hear servers spoken of in general, because although I've never been one, I know every possible thought there is for a customer to have about one. And mostly I feel bad for all the judging they get on this menial job. (just another reason to fear the retail or service industries)

03. What are you wearing now?
My $1.10 Blue Outfit: the earrings, plain T-shirt, and jeans I bought all at garage sales within the past month.

04. What's your occupation?
Let's say editor. That sounds prestigious.

05. What do you hear right now?
"Saltarello," Dead Can Dance

06. What's your favorite guilty pleasure treat?
Snack cakes (Little Debbie, Hostess, their cheaper knockoff cousins, etc)

07. Are you hungry?
I am not, not even after writing the above answer.

08. Write the first word that comes to mind.
Oboe. That's what I'm hearing in the music.

09. What is your favorite tv show atm?
Scrubs. In case I've not been clear on this. [Edit: in fact, after I started working on this survey yesterday, I didn't get around to finishing because I got super sidetracked by My Musical and about 37 clips featuring Dr. Cox and/or Jordan even though I've seen them all quite a few times at this point.]

10. What song is currently stuck in your head?
That damned "Change My Needs," girl version; there is officially nothing crueler in the world than being in love with a snippet of music that does not fully exist. (For the record, I still hum the gorgeous instrumental background music at the end of the tenth episode of Off The Map, and that was months ago.)

11. What was the last thing you bought?
3 pairs of earrings, jeans, and that adorable children's book which makes me smile every time I glance at it, all for roughly the cost of a taxable item at the dollar store. (still proud, yes)

12. If you could afford to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
My college for a day or two. I've been missing the college experience something fierce lately, and by "college experience" I mean "walking around the campus" and "the library" and "hanging out reading, writing, or being on a computer in various favorite buildings." I would like to go back before they make good on their threats to knock stuff down and/or build new stuff, and since I've been gone 3 years I fear I may already be too late.

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 minutes?
still on this survey

14. Ever met any of your online friends in real life?

15. What are you doing this weekend?
How about, what did I do this weekend? I spent all of Saturday morning until the 1:30 PM deadline finishing work, read three books, watched Lakeview Terrace for the first time (confirmed that I loathe Patrick Wilson's face so there is just NO WAY I will be able to watch "A Gifted Man" even for Rachelle Lefevre), watched Inkheart again (angrily discovered the only special feature on the DVD is the girl who plays Meggie reading a passage from the book), went on a bike ride this morning, and spent a whole heck of a lot more time on Scrubs-related things.

16. If you could play any musical instrument, which one would you play?
Be fun if I could remember how to play the flute. It's a skill I've willingly let fall by the wayside even as I kick myself for it. Something shattered inside me the day my own wild-eyed anxiety sabotaged the audition for wind ensemble junior year of college, locking me out of my favorite place in the world, and I let self-pity win. /melodrama.

17. How are you?
I'm actually fantastic. I love Sundays because it's the only day I never have any work to do, and none is due tomorrow either. Assigned, but not due, so I can put off looking at it until noon if I like.

18. How do you view the world?
As an enemy to be feared and mainly interacted with through the computer screen.

19. What are you looking forward to the most?
Right at this exact second, my mom's birthday tomorrow, which will come with cake and a movie theater trip to finally see Harry Potter.

20. How did you come to start your LJ?
The need for fandom interaction, especially commenting on fanfic.

21.How did you find your first friends?
I went googlin' to see who had fandom discussion in common with mine. Mostly CSI: Miami related, in that last magic year you could treat it as a legitimate fandom instead of a joke show.

22.Are those first friends still on your FL?
jeremybrettfan , whom I think was the very first, is technically here (just long inactive), and -- oh boy, there is stunt_muppet  with second seniority! After that I think it was the March '07 influx of friends from the CSI: NY friending meme happened. Raise your hands if you came in on that wave! Off the top of my head, poinsley , muzzy_olorea, park_ave_pirate , and possibly afteriwake ?

23.How long have you been on LJ?
Very close to 5 years. How time flies!

24. Do you have more friends or communities on your FL?

25.What do you like in an LJ friend?
Er...I don't know, fandomy talk? Enthusiasm is good. I really gravitate toward enthusiasm and people who don't take themselves too seriously. It'll keep me around even if we stop following the same shows. I also like people who write a lot.

26. What do you dislike?
(I feel like I'm writing a Serious Primer here, but don't know what to say) Excessive swearing/vulgarity will increase your chances of getting the boot. More reposting of things than original content will not interest me. So will more posting of fanfic than actual blog posts.

27.What would make you un-friend someone immediately?
Being a smartass and mouthing off in a way that implies judgment of my entertainment choices (only I am allowed to do that). I still glow a little inside at the memory of booting somebody this past March who finally reached Last Straw status.

28.Have you been caught up in a lot of LJ drama?
Enough. I can't seem to blog without shooting off my mouth in a way that gets me in trouble at least twice a year. Even the above statement could qualify.

29. Do RL friends and family members know you have a journal on LJ?

30. Do you also have Facebook and if so, what do you prefer – LJ or FB?
Yes, but LOL not a comparison. Perhaps this question should ask about Tumblr instead. The answer would still be LJ, of course.

31. What about Twitter?

32.Do you blog on any other sites?
Nope! This is it now.

33.How often do you check in on LJ?
many times a day. I basically live here online.

34.What do you rarely or never post about?
my job and politics

35.Why don’t you post about that?
Job: it's a) boring as far as writing topic goes, and b) I can't quite remember how secret the terms of my sign-on contract were so I'm afraid to even say the name of the company or mention any of the clients I edit.

Politics: I am ignorant about them and also, usually the news scares me, so I prefer to go ostrich-mode and not know what is going on.

36. Have you ever thought about deleting your journal?
Over my dead body.

37. Have you ever changed your username?
I have not.

38. Why did you choose your current username?
I would tell you the story again, but it grows tedious and you already know. All I will add is that I demand to be addressed as "RS" rather than "Rainbow Stevie" (unless you're using the LJ tag, obviously), and the nickname is in fact so ingrained in my head that whenever I see someone else's initials as "R.S.," for a minute I think they're referring to me.

39. If you’re looking for new friends, how do you find them?
I google like mad for review posts for similar TV shows. And then everyone has to be further vetted -- predominantly slash fans are weeded out first, then people whose stupid show interests outweigh their good ones (double negative points for cable shows and most CW shows). There are a surprising number of you who had to be grandfathered in and would not pass a friends test today...

40. Are you taking new people on to your Friends List just now?
I am always up for new readers, but I'm pretty picky about who I add back. If you're not at least 40 or 50% fandom, odds are the answer's no.

Lastly, I am also trying to read Lost & Found, because even though it is a New York Times Bestseller (instant beware!), it also has a Labrador on the cover and after scanning the description I thought, oh boy, I just might find the canine Flying Changes, the book that manages to balance out a relationship I might actually enjoy with an equal focus on (an) animal(s).

So far it has succeeded in making me cry six pages in over a 42-year-old husband dying from a heart attack, but then on page 10, in a flashback scene that has just absolutely nothing to do with sex and could have been written nine hundred other ways,

"We recycle, right? . . . Make me elemental when I die. Make me into dust, bone meal, plant food." Rocky had loved watching him orate naked, his soft penis flopping side to side as he gestured with his toothbrush.

WHY. WHY IN THE HELL IS THAT THERE? Do I want that sort of imagery in my head? I do not! Adults, adults, what is wrong with you that authors think it OK to write like this for you? Why can't I browse the regular fiction section without the 96% chance that anything I pick out will have something to make me recoil in disgust? (YA is only like a 42% chance) I am tempted to drop-kick this book into the dustbin (well, back to the library) without ceremony right here.

Edit: Was hoping to try again after I'd cooled off, but then the next page involved her following his verbal instructions to dispose of his ashes in the deep fryer at a fast food restaurant whose food he craved even as he loathed its existence, and that is just so disgusting that I am DONE with you, Jacqueline Sheehan. You very effectively screwed yourself out of a chance to redeem yourself.

I've got Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts as my backup, which looks like a better story all around anyway, but it looks like the main character there is 39 and I fear ruining books I might eventually enjoy by reading them too soon, before I can relate to the characters.
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