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I've neglected to see much more than 5 minutes of So You Think You Can Dance this year, even after hearing Neil and Pasha and some other people I love came back to be All Stars, but I just caught a glimpse of Melanie and Sasha, who apparently are the finalists, and I absolutely do not care how they dance because HOLY WHAT THE HELL MEN-WOMEN. THEIR HAIR! It is just plain horrifying. The one looks to have shaved the sides of her head, which is about the most disgusting thing a human can do to their hair, and the other looks exceedingly like a boy as a result of her super-channeling-a-10-year-old-boy haircut. Who would do that to themselves? Why would you vote for this grossness, America?

Must get this out of my head. ALL STAR VIDEO CLIP BINGE, AWAY!

Neil/Melanie: Contemporary, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (sadly, not Glee version, but even so)
GENERAL: Can't decide if I like him better with spiky or tamed-down hair, even though it obviously should be the latter. I see her hair has always been hideous. And hush, self, you've got a shirtless routine to watch (it's shameful, really, the way I ogle, but he just makes it so easy).

DANCE: Hah! I have never been so hyper-focused on a single partner in a paired routine -- I didn't look at her once. Except for the running leap, which was admittedly impressive and which I watched like 15 times in a row because it takes some phenomenal power, fearlessness, and partner trust all at once to launch yourself in the air like that.

MUSICALLY NOTED: Wow, Bonnie Tyler's voice is like a hideous monster after being used to Lea Michele's clean, pure and pretty vocal lines for months on end.

[Edit: although I did just look at her audition clip, and holy crap, how is she even doing some of these things?! Where is gravity?! It's like she's underwater. It's not enough to overcome her hair handicap, but it's the sort of thing that makes you tsk tsk and wonder why such a talented person would sabotage themselves so.]

[Edit 2: The routine is even prettier full length and in costume. *is spellbound* *but still annoyed on principle*]

Break: Still too much residual imagery of Melanie's hair in my brain. Must cleanse mental palate with a season 3 Neil routine between each one of this season's, preferably one with Lauren. You remember Lauren Gottlieb, right, and how contrary to the internet's opinion and the fact that I hated most of their actual partner routines, I thought their chemistry was just sparkly and magic and no reality show pairing has ever brought me such joy?

Back to drudgery
Question, how is that I can't find any other season 8 Neil dances? Was that the only one?! That cannot possibly be true. Fine, then, I'll move on to Pasha. They love Pasha. Which is fortunate, as I love him too, just with mildly less intensity.

Melanie/Pasha: Viennese Waltz, "Everybody Hurts"
I figured it out -- she looks like Ginnifer Goodwin. This is not a good thing. Pasha, on the bright side, is still predictably hot. Once again, I will be focusing entirely on the All Star Man in this number. Even though this piece is so boring that it's hard to pay attention for even two minutes.

[Edit: her eyes also really remind me of Emily Deschanel at certain angles. I am now curious as to how pretty she might actually be if she had hair.]

Neil/Sabra: hip hop, season 3
Oh hey, look at this! I KNEW I recognized "Whine Up" from somewhere else when I ran across it last year -- this is that place!
(Noted: this song still does not sound half so awesome in English as in Spanish)

Oh, season 3. I constantly compared you, unfavorably, to season 2 while you were airing, but you were actually the best in every way except your winner**. Whom nobody has heard from since, so I'm actually OK with that too. In my world, Neil totally won.

[**Edit: And 75% of your top 4, and Kameron, and OK I'm starting to remember why.]

Also, I'm fed up with searching YouTube in vain. TO WIKIPEDIA! Which apparently does not have a season 8 article for SYTYCD, but Neil is all over season 7. Let's check out...

Small group number, "Freak"** ...not promising at first, but then HOLY CRAP, pretty sure he just defied physics with that split leap into a forward somersault mid-air. It's like a magician's illusion!
(**I see why Swamp Creature Choreographer chose the song, though. It must be her personal anthem. "I can be a freak every day of every week.")

Season 8 Pasha
(insert short playlist of Pasha videos, none of which are worth watching twice because, sorry, BLAH BALLROOM, but was entertaining to watch his face and/or chest for a few minutes.)

Except that Spanish one with the matador-like style set to Jennifer Lopez was pretty neat. Like, I thought "Iveta" was a special result-show guest star, it was that neat. *watches three times* OK, I don't care what else is out there, as that is clearly the best dance of the season. If that didn't blow everybody away the week it aired, I don't want to know. She actually stole 90% of my attention away from Pasha.

NOTED: Oh, I miss Cat Deeley's face, clothes, hair, and entire personality. She's exactly where she should be, I just wish I had the willpower/interest to keep watching her. But I can't do it. SYTYCD is like going back to watch high school sporting events (or in my case, band concerts). It's fun for a little while after your graduating class leaves, but eventually none of the names are familiar anymore and it's just not as magical. By the time you're 2 or 3 years out, the familiarity has all but dried up, and if we consider season 2 my main year, then it makes sense that 4/5 were the years I faded fast and then dropped out.

Last Call
Apparently there is a whole bunch more season 7 Neil waiting for me out there, but I've had all the dancing I can take for one day. On to the next shiny thing!

The garage sale gods smiled upon our area, and I was able to hit no fewer than ten in a 5-square-mile radius.

For the most part I didn't buy, though I had a lot of fun looking, and I did see an original My Little Pony 24-piece jigsaw puzzle, so that's kind of like getting closer. Also saw a 90s play ranch of little LPS-scale toy horses that I almost bought just for the accessories, but it was $2 and the horses themselves were seriously hideous.  This one, actually. Now I think I might go back and buy it tomorrow if the sale is still open and it's there, otherwise I'm OK.

Here is the treasure I actually found:

1. A working VCR!! + bait tape of "28 Days": $2.50

The guy was selling no fewer than four, all for the same price, so I had my pick. I went with basic black in the smallest size, a Zenith, and it is working fine. I looked up the instruction manual online, begged a set of hookup cables from my brother, and I HAVE A WORKING VCR FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOUR YEARS! Oh, sweet sweet video, all grainy and old! (mind, I have not seen a VHS tape since before broadcast television went digital two whole years that feels like forever ago)  I missed you!

I'm still too afraid to test out my precious old 1997 and 1998 dance studio tapes -- I want to see them more than anything, but I'm so protective of those I may actually wait another 20 years and pay a pro to convert those to DVD -- but GOD, I have so many dozens of tapes' worth of recorded TV, including 90% of The X-Files in no order whatsoever! Woo-hoo!

There is a chance I may start going nuts on garage sale VHS tapes again. I just wish I'd done this before I ruined our copy of The Mummy Returns trying to use my cannibalistic VCR when I was so desperate to see it for the first  time a few weeks back. #()*%&#(!

2.: Free: Petting a cat!

At the same magic sale as the VCR, it was a super-friendly cat who purred and wound around my legs and rubbed its chin on my hands, a beautiful pale gray, faintly tabby-marked cat with stunning blue eyes. I LOVE CATS, I love them so much, it takes me roughly three-tenths of a second to realize this no matter how often I forget.

3. Free: Petting two dogs!

At another sale there was a pair of small dogs being held on leashes in the garage who were just little explosions of fur and tail-wagging, eager to jump all over my lap. One was a poodle mix and the other I couldn't really tell; maybe a Shih-Tzu mix? They're like the Labradors of the lapdog world; everything is crossed with them. Anyway: I also love small dogs, to my continuing amazement, but maybe that's just the novelty of petting a new one.

In conclusion: $2.50 for something I need and three animals to pet is a very good sale weekend indeed.
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