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Things I accomplished today even though this is a stupid work weekend.

1) Biking 1.5 miles to go hang out in a park (see #2), walking around that little-explored neighborhood for just long enough to get a sunburn, and then -- most importantly! -- meeting a gigantic friendly Labradoodle off-leash in said park and getting to pet him for close to a minute.

2) Reading Stay With Me, which I am awarding a Medal Of Excellence for pairing up a 17-year-old with a 31-year-old, in one of those "people meet and flirt with each other without knowing exactly how old they are" scenarios, and making it a totally and completely legitimately developed relationship. Even the usual haters of this stuff raaren't hating. No sneaking around, no hooking up in dirty bar bathrooms (Aria and Ezra). The relationship is also drawn out in a very reasonable way, as he initially has a rule that doesn't even date teenagers (and mind, this is when he thinks she's 19), but for a variety of reasons they still manage to travel the same circles and so stick with friendship/occasional flirting for a while before moving on.

Incidentally, due to the slow pace and upfront nature, everyone in her life is ultimately pretty OK with it. It even explicitly cautions about how this will inevitably end, no starry-eyed soulmate connection here -- necessarily -- but it's also content to let us live in the moment anyway and not show us the future. It is basically the greatest thing I have ever read.

tl;dr: STFU, Life Unexpected, all your arguments are now invalid, although this girl is admittedly one year older and not dating her teacher or tutor. I like to think the extra 8 years in the age gap balance that drawback out, though.

3) Beginning to exhaust my Scrubs keyword options, thus leading me to an old Christa Miller interview, where I developed some irrational hatey feelings toward Cougar Town for stealing Jordan out of the last season of Scrubs. Except I don't know who to blame for this since the shows are one big incestuous family, pretty much. Maybe will blame ABC for greenlighting second show? That sounds like a good compromise. "If I weren't busy on 'Cougar Town,' I would have a bigger role on 'Scrubs' and we'd have fun with it." PAIN, PAIN IN THE HEART. Wait, I can eclipse that: But Ellie has so many more layers and that makes it more interesting to play. Well, she does and she doesn't. You know what she definitely doesn't have? An attractive husband. Sticking point forever.

[note: I try and I try and I try to get excited about Cougar Town. Look at its pedigree! Look at its women! (mostly Ellie and Jules; what's-her-name is propped up by them based on her ER credit, never mind how annoying her ER character was) But time and again, I am squee-blocked by the dumb men, complete and total lack of shipping prospects that BFF-dom almost but cannot quite counter, and how this show is just...not that funny unless Ellie is talking.

Luckily The Middle is there to provide my alternate dose of Scrubs alum + 90s sitcom star, and be hilarious. I cannot wait for this baby to come back. I read about the premiere and I am all bouncy and impatient in a way I do not feel about any of my regular shows, even the obligation-free Raising Hope.]

P.S. As you have probably guessed, I am now on YouTube, bingeing on one miiiiiillion Ellie and Ellie/Jules clips and forgetting that there are bad things about this show. I will of course forget about the show entirely as soon as I stop, but it's highly entertaining while happening. Just found Ellie's remix, a/k/a "first good reason Grayson exists."

4) A pair of music memes, sans instructions (who needs 'em?). Wow, I have not put the player on shuffle for months. I am literally starting to forget about some of the music I own. Which is, of course, awesome because then I get to rediscover it.

1. "Storms in Africa (part II)" - Enya
a) Your favourite lyric from this song:
It was at this moment I realized I had never actually listened to the lyrics, relying more on the beautiful percussion, chanting, and thunderstorm-evoking music to produce my love for this song.

Dark skies fall on black earth and ivory

b)  Does this song have any bad memories attached?
Can't say it does. We did use "Storms in Africa" as a sim horse name, though. That's a good memory.

c) What genre is this song?
...Celtic? Can I get away with that?

2. "One Song Glory" - Rent soundtrack
a)  What is the last line of the song?

Time dies

b) Have you ever seen this artist live?
er, no

c) Who does this song make you think of?
Well, besides the obviousness of the movie character singing it, I did once express a wish for Will Schuester to sing this on Glee.

3. "I Want It That Way" - Backstreet Boys
a) What is the first line of this song?
You are my fire

b) Where did you first hear this song?
On the radio, middle school, and it was probably on the bus but I have the most vivid memories of hearing Top 40 radio when our gym teacher turned it on during our weight room unit. True story. BSB (and N'Sync, for that matter) make me think of treadmills and lifting weights.

c) How about the first time you heard this artist?
Same time

4. "The King of the Fairies" - HarpSong
a) What friend could this be a theme song for?
I reject this question for being dumb.

b) Write down the chorus:
it's instrumental -- a flute/harp duet

c) Why do you like this song?
Mainly the fact that I can, and did for hours, play it on the flute because it takes place in a comfortable, mostly low register. Failing that, I just love listening to the playful, simple flute melody and its occasional grace note trills

5. "Fear" - Sarah McLachlan
a) What kind of film would you choose this as a theme for?

Some kind of thriller. Or something featuring mental illness/breakdowns
There's nothing I'd like better than to fall

b) Who introduced you to this group?
The radio

c) What is your favourite part of this song?
Sadly, this isn't one where anything specific stands out. Hopefully other people have better answers!

6. "Mine" - Taylor Swift
a) The fourth line reads:
Wondering why we bother with love if it never lasts

b) How long is this song?

c)  Is this song one of your favourites? Why or why not?
Nope. As often happens with singles you hear prior to obtaining the CD, I killed its strong appeal dead with overplay.

7. "Signes" (Signs) - Nadiya
a) How long have you been listening to this artist?
2003, when my French teacher used her "Chaque Fois" to have us practice listening skills

b) What's the cover look like on the album this song came from?
Her face
- What's this song about?
No idea. It sounds kinda eerie and mysterious, and there are Arabic words thrown in there, but I always think about aliens/crop circles due to the slightly creepy music at the beginning + the film "Signs." I've never actually even tried to pay attention to the lyrics. According to this site, here is a translation. I still don't understand.

As usual, I do not believe in including the artist with this kind of meme, because it kind of defeats the point. Unless you're actually asked for a specific song, you're supposed to be using titles to answer questions.

How am I feeling today?

Angels We Have Heard On High

All I'm hearing is "high."

Where will I get married?
Life Among the Distant Stars

Another planet. Cool. Well, as we established, I'm probably high so that makes sense.

What is my best friend’s theme song?
"Numb" - Sia. That's uplifting.

What was high school like?


What is the best thing about me?
Ghost of Corporate Future that who I am?

How is today going to be?


What is in store for this weekend?
"Mmmbop." Stupid dancing, got it.

What song describes my parents?
Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) - Florence + the Machine

Whatever, the hell; when am I going to get a blank CD so I can get the fanmix this song is part of OFF MY COMPUTER?

How is my life going?
State of Mind. It is what I make of it.

What song will they play at my funeral?
"Fearless" - Taylor Swift. I guess that's OK.

How does the world see me?
"Cassandra's Waltz." WHAT?

What do my friends really think of me?
A Longing to Leave

Wait, does this mean they think that's what I want to do, or is that what they want to do when talking to me??

Do people secretly lust after me?
You'll See

How can I make myself happy?
Rose's Theme

Hey, that does make me happy!

What should I do with my life?
Penny and Me

I will assume that Penny is a dog/cat.

Will I ever have children?
Six Feet Under, when I'm in heaven? (according to a fantasy sequence on Scrubs, that's totally possible) Or are the children dead?

What is some good advice?
"Jenny from the Block"

What are you, a fortune cookie? That's not advice!

What do I think my current theme song is?
"The Doctor's Daughter" - Murray Gold

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
"The Lone Dalek" - Murray Gold

I like my interpretation better.

What type of men do I like?
Apparently, the kind that "Bust a Move"

What should I do with my love life?
"Safety Dance." Play it safe, got it.

Where will I live?
"Let It Go," meme.

What will my dying words be?
Girl Next Door

I'm either willing all my assets to her, or else she killed me. Pay attention to the circumstances surrounding my death.

How’s my day going so far?

How’s my love life?
In the Rough

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