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It's part of being a couple

+ On the subject of falling in love with music that doesn't exist in a full version, I'm pretty sure I need like an 8-minute version of
the "Grayson Remix" on Cougar Town. I am quite put out that there are only about ten seconds not obscured by dialogue, and still less than a minute all told.

+ There is officially nothing more entertaining to me this spoiler season than the love interest news for Hawaii Five-0, and watching the slash fandom implode with rage and hatred. They're so personally offended, it's great. See, these are the dangers of having beliefs that are crazy! *cheeky grin*

+ JOSH GROBAN + THE OFFICE. I cannot even pretend to care about how reality-destroying this moment is on a show that's always been the best at making me believe it's a real place because JOSH FREAKING GROBAN. I'm a little annoyed about that he's playing Andy's brother, but on the other hand,  at least now I will understand if they hook Erin up with Andy again. Assuming you can't have that, seeing it every family event/holidays is the next best thing. I'd make that sacrifice. Unfortunately, between this and Stephen Collins, I'm only going to dislike Andy more for being such a loser when his family is made of such awesome people.

+ Dear LiveJournal: "cut must be edited inside the Cut Wizard"?! I will KILL YOU. Don't screw with the rich text editor, never screw with the rich text editor! Have you ANY idea how barmy this is driving me? Maybe you haven't noticed, but my reading list that I edit every few days resides under a cut. And currently, the link to the Cut Wizard doesn't even seem to do anything other than fool you into thinking you're making changes when they don't save. Also, and this is EXTRA fun, when I cut and paste chunks of text in RTE it randomly bunches up into a column, line breaks halfway across the page, and I can't seem to stop the double space between my paragraphs. AND when I go to edit a post, it opens in the HTML tab, the sight of which as you know drives me insane with its lack of visible formatting. GET YOUR ___ TOGETHER.

And now the Scrubs portion
Greatest DVD feature EVER: "What Up Dawg," in which I learn that Scrubs was the world's most dog-friendly set, with enough staff dogs visiting daily to qualify as a pack. Between that and the abandoned hospital location, I am now convinced that this was, in fact, the best television set of all time on which to work.

Cutest of the Pack: It's a tie between Pal (Ken Jenkins), whom you've all seen in much clearer shots than these while playing himself as Baxter...

and Chulo (Judy Reyes, who -- assuming she still owns the dog -- just earned about a million respect points from me for owning one of that size). LOOK AT THAT MAGNIFICENT SHAGGY COAT.

(Apparently McGinley hated the dogs, which of course only adds water to my theory that he would be a terrifying person to meet in real life. I mean it, he scares me. Based on the limited number of interviews, what people have said about him blaming extras in the background, and even just the way he talks on the commentaries, I am convinced that as a mere lowly fan, you do not want to be anywhere near him. He just seems way too intense.)

Anyway. For six glorious minutes, you get to hear everyone discuss all the dogs on set, intercut with shots of all of them, and it's heavenly.

Going in a new direction, wanted a subheader, couldn't think of anything else
Clearly I have gotten my hands on another DVD set, and the reason you haven't heard from me all week is that I have pretty much decided to live inside it. I haven't gone in order, but I'm sure I've watched at least half the season straight and had the other half playing as background noise during my downtime. Season 3 is, on the whole, definitely one of the better ones. Brendan Fraser still nails the Best Episode win, but "My Screw Up" has a fair amount of competition.  Other highlights include, in no particular order....

"My White Whale," in which Christopher Meloni is so fantastic as Dr. Norris that I watched it twice in a row and laughed just as hard both times. "I'll be by my giant pretend phone pretending to give a crap."

"My Tormented Mentor," which kind of says it all, but specifically: Jordan's scary friends/satanic brood (depending who you ask), the sexual harassment seminar -- the highlight of which is JD's complaints that result in a spectacular chase scene (the Janitor cold clocking him is hysterical) -- and the ending, which I love to an insane degree because, well, I'm me and tears are my zenith point and I think this is the only time Jordan actually cries.

"My 15 Seconds" -- one, Jill Tracy. Two, I will forever love whatever little corner of the writers room managed to conceive of a double date featuring Jordan/Perry/JD/Jordan's sister. AT A CARNIVAL. This is the most brilliantly implausible thing I've ever seen. Danni is my third-favorite of all JD's girlfriends just for that. (but wait, that's not all! The magic writer(s) will also have: Dr. Cox storming into the guest room to yell at them for nerdy G-rated sexcapades taking place under his roof, the mental image of JD being generally obnoxious in the kitchen at breakfast, and having the foursome split one sofa between movie-watching and making out. It's like being in heaven, really.)

I also managed to find one I haven't seen, "My Dirty Secret." There's a good reason for that, as it is mostly SO GROSS that I would say I never want to see it again, except it's got Jordan in it, and lots of JD trying/failing to engage in conversation with Dr. Cox and getting chewed out/kicked out of his room for it, and -- back to Jordan -- most importantly: the last scene from all the fanvids I could never find (hotel room). Collection, complete.

I take it back! Remember what I said about not going in order? Another new one/instant favorite in "My Lucky Night." Favorite non-romantic (no matter how much fandom tries to make it otherwise) relationship on this show is Dr. Cox and JD, namely any time the former treats the latter with some semblance of respect and/or JD is fearless enough to speak his mind and actually get through to him. But again, most importantly: "Would you please help me?" Sometimes, it's the very small things that make me happiest.

...again, I don't know why I am not just doing a straight rundown of reactions to episodes, especially since all of these are SO GREAT, but I haven't posted all week and I really just want to get something out there.


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Aug. 19th, 2011 11:25 am (UTC)
What love interest spoilers fr H50? Is Steven, the canonically hetero dude going to date a woman? Is Danny's awful ex-wife going to come back? The horror!

I don't know what annoys me more: the rabid Steve/Danny fandom or the people who ship Jenna/Kono and Jenna and Kono have spoken, I think, 3 words to each other on screen. I mean literally the only possible reason anybody ships those two is because they're two women. I don't get it. Why would I want to read fic for or ship a pairing that can only be based on 2 seconds of interaction? At least wait until Jenna's been around for more than 2 episodes.

It would all annoy me less if more than two people shipped the het pairings so I could get some decent fic. Jeez.
Aug. 19th, 2011 07:18 pm (UTC)
But, but I like Danny's awful ex-wife! The spoiler which upset me was about Danny's new love interest which should upset everyone, even those who don't like Rachel because this sabotages his character! His ex-wife's pregnant! And even if she turns out not to be, then since he moved to Hawaii to be with Gracie, he should be moving back to the mainland anyway!
Aug. 20th, 2011 11:11 pm (UTC)
I realize I should probably be more upset about the Autumn Reeser spoiler, but I just...can't get invested enough to care (which is good for the blood pressure!), and they did already give me the family fuzzies. I think it is a ridiculous and silly direction in which to go for the reasons you mentioned, but I haven't looked into the details very hard because I don't want to let it sink in. Maybe they will have some sort of plausible explanation for it? (hah)
Aug. 20th, 2011 11:17 pm (UTC)
I only registered the spoilers insofar as they mentioned casting new love interests for both Steve and Danny, love interests that are female and not each other. I don't remember if they've cast the former yet; the latter is Autumn Reeser.

And yes: unfortunately, that is exactly why people ship them. I theoretically get the desire to throw pretty people together based on aesthetics and sheer force of will, but...
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