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I need things to write about

1. Apropos of nothing, are these not some of the prettiest ranch horses you've ever seen? Splotches and spots and palominos/buckskins all in one place? And that's even before you check out the gorgeous Mustangs, or the really cute dogs on the Fun page.

2. I've been hanging out with the Scrubs season 2 DVD this week. I've decided to spend the rest of summer hiatus reeling them in one at a time in as chronological an order as I can manage until regular TV comes back. Mostly I've been enjoying having a boatload of commentaries again. Scrubs wins the DVD Commentary Track Lottery -- normally a hard feature to get me to watch, with this show they are absolutely my favorite part.

3. Pretty Little Liars 2x10 I initially watched this clipshow style, but between the nagging longing that happened when I saw HORSES, HEY, ARE THOSE HORSES?? in the promo pictures that were apparently being ridden only by Hanna and Mona and the itchy "I feel like I am missing transitions" feeling I got from the clips, I had to back up and skip through the whole episode. But I did it with minimal skippng and got a surprising amount of story out of it. New characters! New faces!* Weird sensation of there actually being four friends in this group!

(* how does this show draw in so many good adults? O hai there, worrisomely skinny/bad-hair Annabeth Gish! And you, best character from Charmed who in no way seems old enough to parent teenagers)

I also thought this episode was the last one before the summer finale, so I paid way more attention to it than was strictly necessary. Welcome to the LONGEST REVIEW EVER!

Toby/Spencer: I really like that shirt with the sleeves cut out between shoulder and mid-arm Spencer has on; it befits her. And even though Toby has basically nothing to do, I can't put into words how much I adore the notion of them just hanging out, doing whatever. Hard to watch them find the "old" yearbooks, though. I keep half my headspace tuned in with teenagers by staying in the YA book realm, and frequently feel that I have not aged or matured a day since high school, but having current teens looking at yearbooks from my era is an unpleasant jolt of reality when I realize just how many years there are between my freshman year and theirs.

Spencer/Ezra: This is me, punching the air as my dreams come true and these two not only interact but do it based on their mutual concern over Aria's well being. I assumed he knew she knew about them, but no matter, it's pretty awesome watching the Ezra version of (very subtly) freaking out. I love how blase Spencer is about it, too. "BTW, know all about your inappropriate relationship; whatever, let's move on to the important part where Aria is probably going to be murdered by one of the many creepy loners in this town." Or something way less drastic, because even though apparently major characters do die on this show, with the way I watch I can never quiiiite get the sense that anyone is actually about to meet their doom or even come close to it.

Aria/Ezra: HIS FACE when she admits to cheating on him, or letting that creepy weirdo kiss her and not stopping him, whatever: EXCELLENT! I must find that in a .gif somewhere, given how many times I have looped its morph from neutral/unsuspecting to eighty different emotions in half a second. Why is this so entertaining to me? I have no idea. I apparently just really enjoy this super-saintly light in which they bathe him.

"Because your friends think this guy is dangerous and I do too."  Yes! This! More of this! Not even the danger part, necessarily, just him acknowledging her friends. Because said friends have gone over her head to seek help from someone better equipped to protect her. I don't even have names for these feelings tonight.

I will admit that since reading Stay With Me, if they are sure that Aria has reached Age of Consent and we know their relationship's sleaziest point was reached the day they met and has regressed from there, telling people is no longer quite so horrifying an idea as I have believed it to be so far. Though I can't help pointing out that when he said he thought they should start telling people, my reaction was Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, I've heard this one before.

Aaaaand guess who's right? Because Aria's mom -- I still can't believe that's her mom; I've been assuming stepmom all the way -- has enrolled in the Life Unexpected school of How To Follow Society's Expectations Of A Normal Reaction To The Notion Of Teachers Dating Teenagers. What happened to not giving a hoot about setting good moral examples, show?

...oh, also there was a really lovely kiss with a really love backdrop, which I'm glad they promo-picture spoiled weeks ahead of time, because it sustained me through the ship drought and I was too wired to really focus on it here since it didn't add much.

P.S. Not nearly enough horse time in this episode. I demand MORE HORSES. There ought to be some good use for all the money thrown around in this town besides insane clothes and pricey therapists.
Up next: holy crap, that looks totally awesome, I suspect I must watch the entire episode. The previews always look more awesome than the show ends up being, but darn it they don't continue to fool me. Besides, this one has boatloads of Toby.

And the internet refuses to give it to me early, what is this nonsense? You know after we hit the 2 hours post-airing mark I'm just going to go on Tumblr and ruin everything. SEE? HERE I AM. And Tumblr's shippers are pretty much going nuts, sooooo, #I need this right now what is wrong with you internet

4. *sits bolt upright* Chord Overstreet to guest-star as a teacher on The Middle? WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WILLIS, THIS IS PERFECT. Good boy. Do more things like this and I will agree to overlook about your heartbreaking absence on Glee.
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