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RS visits the "UNBELIEVABLE" garage sale, finds advertisement speaks truth

Biked 6-7 miles in a great big wide garage-saling adventure 'round town. Had a ton of fun, finding an unusual number of quality sales nearby, but at one of them, I immediately noticed two dogs (a very tall yellow Lab and a Beagle mix about the size of of a springer spaniel). It's already a winner. Then I saw a nice big hardcover copy of my beloved X-Files Ruins for 50 cents (!), so even though I already have a paperback edition I almost bought that, but it didn't really fit in the purse I'd brought. And then I wandered further into the garage and saw this peeking up at me from inside a plastic Ziploc bag:


Next thing I knew, there were three such bags in my arms and I had to blink, pinch myself to make sure I wasn't in one of my usual "what a great sale!" dreams, and then actually look at what was inside the bags, because I am so hardwired to spot original Littlest Pet Shops that my hands grabbed everything in sight before I even knew exactly what I was looking at.

OLD SCHOOL. LITTLEST. PET SHOPS. One of the three Holy Grails to garage saling**. So hard to find, as opposed to the gross new kind. Only available on eBay in overpriced single lots or very-expensive-due-to-shipping grab bag batches. You almost never just see them around town, because 1990s toys seem to be lost in a twilight limbo of things people either haven't gotten rid of yet, or which are just old enough to have been snatched up by hoarders already counting the dollars they will bring in from collectors.

[**Other holy grails are vintage horse/dog/wildlife novels and original My Little Pony]


(I don't know why stupid Photobucket ruins vertical pictures, or why it won't correct itself, because I fixed it on the website already...)

I did pay the astonishing sum of $4 for them altogether -- I was in too much shock to think straight -- but I think I've gotten mostly complete sets, including Dolly Dolphin from the Seaworld collection (you slide the lever and she twirls around while going down the line). Getting that cardboard floor piece in pristine condition is quite a coup on its own, but to have all these other little accessories is really sweet. And I really couldn't believe my luck that none of these pieces were things I already had. And I didn't even get to this sale until after 1:30!

Sale of Winning #2: Lots of cool old and antique stuff to look at (heard the owners say they'd lived there for 25 years), but nothing I really wanted to buy. But I checked out the free box on my way out, as you should always do...and I found this! Technically it's a wallpaper border, but I thought I'd probably just use pieces of it to decorate notebooks and whatnot.


Note: the brand-new pencils were also free.

Sale of Winning #3: I used all my willpower to put down a 50-cent bag of tiny Christmas ornaments (we have dozens, if not hundreds! // but, but, these are tiny and cute! // NO. Your purse is already bulging with LPS), then bought a 10-cent 1960s Scholastic paperback (Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine) I've already read through and found cute but will probably give away after realizing there's a whole series of Danny Dunn.


And lo and behold, this one featured a not-insignificant number of SMALL TOY ANIMALS! This is a subcategory of the LPS Holy Grail and counts as two hits in one day. As you can see, I found quite a lot of them, including an adorable thing I did not know existed: "Puppy Brite," Rainbow Brite's dog. A lot of the paint is wearing off, but who cares? I am not a reseller but a loving grown-up kid. I'm going to say I spent my dime on them instead.


All together now, one last reprise!



I usually ignore Neopets' Random Contests, but how neat are the dream houses people built??
Pretty Little Liars, 2x11:
</center>Stayed up until 3 AM the night of airing, waiting for vid-watching options that never came. Wrecked my whole day. Also gave me ample time to build the episode up to ridiculous expectations in my head when I knew the best bits were already available in sneak peeks and promo shots, and now I have managed to become slightly disappointed with the end result.

But not really. Let's temporarily ignore the nighttime truck stuff all the hormonal teen shippers are obsessed with and talk about the daytime truck stuff, which is one of  the highlights of the season. I love how he draws out her name when he interrupts the festival of Jenna-blaming crazy to naively insist that "it's never going to happen." (am unclear on whether "it" is specifically Jenna breaking them up, or outside forces in general breaking them up, or breaking up period. Because I can only believe him if he means the first one)

Fine, nighttime truck stuff. Tumblr is disturbingly obsessed with getting a sex scene out of them ASAP, and I...maaaay or may not have thought more than once that they are the first teenagers for whom I would consider that a natural progression pre-Spencer's-graduation, instead of flatly disallowing the notion on the grounds of them being too young. Possibly might even find it romantic (who am I!).

I am still going to pull slightly pained faces and will absolutely never ask for such a thing, but if it happens I might work my way up to watching it. This extended kissing session with second base potential was a good trial run. Turns out I can mostly handle it, and my biggest complaint will be "Really? In the truck? Tacky locale, guys." Maybe it was how dark it was. I like things shrouded in darkness.

Still. On the whole, I came out of it with zero urges to retch, which is a thousand-percent improvement over Aria/Ezra and, frankly, most couples on television.

Spencer's father has officially earned his keep for the sole purpose of Toby getting offended on Spencer's behalf about all the secrets and lies. And then maybe delightful things will happen like her turning fiercely defensive and behaving like a typical moody teenager choosing her boyfriend over her dad. What can I say, I am as much a fan of women maneuvering into protective/defensive positioning as men.

In other news, high five for using something already in my music library (admittedly introduced to me by other shows -- Poison and Wine) but thumbs down for hooking me with the pretty song at the end, and said song being YET ANOTHER track that is unreleased.

[edit: Oh good, they're not hoarding this one. "Where The Lonely Ones Roam," Digital Daggers, featuring the most perfect lyrics possible on which to close a chilling episode end: Just remember what I said, 'cause it isn't over yet...]

By far the worst part was when they snorted over the idea of giving Kate (whom I find awesomely bitchy, but pretty much everyone is better than Hannah) old horse books as a make-up present. I'm sorry, are you a) knocking a "book full of horse pictures," as Aria skeptically puts it, and b) knocking the fact that they're used? THAT IS THE IDEAL PRESENT.

Anyhoo, I'll be spending the rest of the time between now and the finale watching season 1 clips and marveling at how there was a point at which Toby was actually cuter; whoa, a) I did not know he'd been there since day 1, and b) I keep forgetting how fantastically shaggy his hair was way back when. According to various wikis, there is even strong opportunity for shipping Toby/Emily, before she becomes openly lesbian and irrelevant to my perception of the show. 
Question: Could I love Chord Overstreet more? Possibly, but today the quota is maxed out: "Right now my main focus is music, but I love The Middle. It’s one of my favorite shows. I’m a huge Neil Flynn fan. So when they asked, “Do you want to do this for one day?,” I was like, “I can do a scene with Neil Flynn? Sure, why not?”
------ Tumblr showed me a picture of the pile of rubble that used to be the Sacred Heart hospital. D:

P.S. It is my 5-year anniversary of LJ Creation Day! I totally didn't forget that! 5 years, 1750 (+this one) journal entries. In lieu of presents, you could find something in this entry to comment on.
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