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V. important questions (or: I've been Tumbln' all night)

What is this, where did it come from, how much more of it is there, where do I find it (rhetorical), and do I use my SJA or my Doctor Who tag to cover it? (I realize it has a name. But things do not get tagged unless I know they are going to get more than one use.) And why does it delight me to the degree it does?

Oh Tumblr. The things you introduce me to.

(such as the word "creys." What the hell, internet. Or just Tumblr. Or teenagers. Whoever is promoting this, stop it. I do not want a repeat of "my bad."
#get off my lawn)

(I also realize LJ has an actual tags feature, but those are official and then you get stuck with them and you have to delete the ones you don't really want to keep. I find it much more entertaining to read the funny ones as part of the actual post content)
Speaking of things introduced to me on Tumblr:
A) But then in the episode "Let's Kill Hitler", you finally see some recognition when he asks the TARDIS for a voice interface avatar for someone he likes, and Rose, Martha, and Donna show up and he looks like he might cry and says "not someone I regret!" (something along those lines) just lets you know, that deep down, he really is the same old Doctor, and he hasn't forgotten anything.

LIVEJOURNAL! EXPLAIN THIS NOW. Even though this violates the biggest rule in the New New Who book (the one lone thing Moffat has done to my approval is to 100% ignore the old series beyond River after changing everything about it), I want to know about this. Mainly because, as always, I will be picturing it in Ten's voice. So, you know, no YouTube links, only your own words or a transcript.

B) Quite unrelatedly, after shifting over to the Rose Tyler tag, words of wisdom from RTD:

"How much do you plan what you write? It’s sort of half-planned and half-improvised. I’m in a really lucky position because being an executive producer, I’m there all the time. So I think about it all day and every day. I’ve got every option going through my head all day, every day. But in the end the story tells itself to you. You sort of look at them and you think well Rose Tyler loves being with the Doctor, and it’s just common sense, there’s no other ending, she’s never going to choose to leave. I’m never going to kill her, so you’ve got to invent two parallel universes and split them up, and it’s got to be that big. You know she can’t be injured or lost or something like that, she’s got to be safe with her parents, and you literally end up inventing a whole parallel world in order to solve a plot problem."

# glass case of emotion
In other news, I got hold of the season 5 Scrubs DVD yesterday (having been shoved into a queue for season 4). Reactions I've bothered to write down so far:
My Lunch commentary
NEAT INSIGHT: "I spent the first 7 weeks of my son's life in waiting rooms like this outside the neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and I always was holding my stomach. So when we were doing this*, I wanted to start out very consciously having both hands wrapped around my organs, as if they just might fall out, 'cause that's what it felt like when we were outside Max's room."

(*at the end, where JD brings him lunch)

Alternate Lines: "I wonder what Turk would be like in bed." "I wonder if we ever had sex, if Turk would hold me after." Seriously, fandom, Zach Braff just THROWS it at you. He is all but begging you to slash JD/Turk. Yet still you refuse! Ordinarily I'd commend you, but since you are merely funneling your slash elsewhere, I'm just disappointed in your continuing need to be as subversive as possible.

My 117 Episodes: "[Scrubs] was embraced by the medical community as the most true to life of the medical shows. Which is a) weird, and b) frightening."
Tags: doctor who, loltastic, sarah jane adventures, scrubs

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