RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Grey's Anatomy: Shut. Up. know, considering the actual date I'm posting this is in 2007, I think it's short enough to avoid a cut link.

Birthing a horse??  How awesome!

*promptly kicks McDreamy/Meredith shipping to the curb*

Can Meredith date McVet forever and ever from now until the end of the series?

I've never flipped on a ship so fast in my LIFE.

Also: Derek and Addison are usually gross.  Sex is usually gross.  Derek and Addison sex is like, the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life.  Ewwwwww...yes, it was worse than George and Mere.  Worse than George and CALLIE.

But aside from that?  All of a whacky sudden, it was an overall good episode.  The Burke storyline was awesome.  The sweet and caring Cristina at the end was AWESOME!  Oh, I love that scene!

Lastly...I'm getting scared for Doc.  They're not going to kill my puppy, are they??  I never expected him to become such a central figure, and it's always dangerous for pets on TV shows.  Lucky thing Vincent over on Lost has those monster-warding-off powers.

Next week: Okay, now is really not the time for Derek to get all possessive and wanting Meredith back.  *smacks McDummy*

Tags: grey's anatomy

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