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It's THURSDAY NIGHT. I can't believe all that's on are two shoddy reality shows.

(Because I refuse to succumb to the soul-sucking Supernatural that has hooked everybody else on the internet, and neither will I be lured by stupid NBC comedies.  Well, I like Scrubs, but I watch so haphazardly that it's less confusing to just stick to syndicated reruns)

As an aside, my dog tore her dewclaw while out on a walk today.  :(  Probably looked worse than it was, but it bled for a while and you could see pink flesh protruding from the tiny remaining stub of a nail...wrapped it up in gauze once we got home and hope it's okay.

American Idol: Didn't watch the results show, just checked to see who got kicked off.  As a result, *is pissed.*
Now I remember why I hate this show.  Actually, I'm not sure how I ever forgot, but whatever.  Love you, Alaina, miss you already, will think hateful thoughts towards everybody that voted for Lakisha and/or Melinda instead of you.

Nick, AJ, and Leslie also went home, but I don't care one way or the other about them.  Although I'm a little happy about AJ, since he looked like a muppet.  And come to think of it, also about Leslie, since she had this extremely awkward stage presence and the deepest voice I've ever heard on a woman.

Thank God I've still got one A-girl on the show, and I'm going to tell myself it has nothing to do with either those photographs or

Survivor: *hugs Anthony and his hurt feelings*  Don't cry!  You're a much better man than that bad-tempered blowhard of a jerk Rocky is.  I've a sneaking suspicion you're ten times better than the arrogant and self-centered Mookie, too.  The only other thing I have to say about Ravu this week is that Michelle is still awesome, and was definitely one of the best at both challenges this week. 

Dear Producers In Charge of Cutting Together Footage from Camp Moto: Could we stop starring the mean-spirited Lisi, who is completely hogging the camera, and start starring Edgardo's hot accent?  I mean, WHAT THE HELL?  Yesterday I had to go look him up online to verify that he was actually part of the game and not some figment of my imagination, that is how little screen time he gets.  In fact, I think the last 15 minutes of tonight's episode (which is the fourth of the season) was the first time he got to string two sentences together.   Still no interview time, but at least I got to hear him say something in a tribe-wide discussion.  Pity that he likes Lisi, though.  Wish I'd known that before I fell in love with his photograph + voice.

Because after tonight's episode, I really actively dislike Lisi.  The laugh is still not winning her any points with me, but when she starts complaining that she doesn't want to have to take care of the injured Gary, saying "Did I just have a baby without knowing it?", and THEN goes on to discuss what she perceives to be Liliana's strategy by saying "I know what's going on in her diabolical Mexican mind," WHAT THE HELL?  I don't know how she managed to become part of a 5-person alliance, given that her personality would seem on approximately the same level of grating as that of Dreamz, and yet she's a total liability in challenges.  She's horrible at anything physical, and she's sat out of at least two so far.  I mean, if you're going to get with someone who is basically useless, wouldn't you at least go for the NICE person?  *cough Cassandra*

My opinion of Liliana actually went on the upswing last week once I realized how kick-ass she was at challenges, so I'm a little ticked that she's gone.  I also don't understand why Moto chose "comfort" over KEEPING THEIR ADVANTAGE IN NUMBERS.  It would be one thing if they'd voted out Lisi or Cassandra - because Dreamz was totally right, those two women are the ones not pulling their weight at challenges - but they got rid of, to paraphrase Alex, "the woman who's basically as strong as any of the men."  So now they're not only putting themselves on level ground with Ravu, they've weakened their tribe as a whole.  Yeah.  Great idea.  Apparently all that nourishing food still isn't giving them sufficient brainpower. In case you didn't notice, Moto, Ravu was practically tied with you on the last immunity challenge.  They're not out of it yet, even if they are still living on a starvation diet.

Other things--
1) Gary the Minnesotan went home in the medical boat.  Booo.
2) In another awesome shot to showcase island fauna - I'm starting to think they have a special crew whose only job is to film the local wildlife 24/7 - we get to see a snake shedding its old skin.  I think it's shedding, anyway.  It looks more like the snake died, and some new creature, all pale and slimy-looking, is crawling out of its mouth.  Is both creepy and fascinating.
3) Dear Lisi: (describing Dreamz' "soliloquy" on the Lisi or Cassandra suggestion) It's not a soliloquy if you're TALKING TO PEOPLE AND EXPECTING THEM TO ANSWER.  Don't try to sound smart when you're clearly not.
4) Fun challenges this week; I always like things that involve balancing over the water (reward challenge).  All the lily pads/boat paddling/unlocking cages stuff (immunity) is fun too.
5) Oh, and does anyone else think that the producers are altering the prizes for the reward challenge on a weekly basis, doing everything short of actually fixing the game to try and make it more balanced for Ravu?  I liked the luxury/nothing idea at first, but now I am beginning to tire of watching Moto lounge around and wax rhapsodically about their lush Fiji vacation.  I want hardship, damn it! But I want the kind of hardship that can be solved with work.  For example, things that let me see atheletic people go diving for and spearing fish, or climbing trees to collect fruit.  Not the kind of hardship that involves seeing starving people snap at one another because they're cranky and irritable from lack of food.
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