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What do awesome movies have in common lately? Matt Damon.

(firstly: sweet sweet rich text tab! never leave me again! but now that I'm noticing it again, what happened to the ability to indent the margins? ...and, apparently, the option to auto-complete tags? "HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" IS REALLY LONG. What if I don't remember whether I've hyphenated "rage-o-hol" and I end up with duplicate tags and entries that are split up instead of grouped nicely by category?!)

(oh, and also, I notice that when you "restore saved draft," you do it by destroying the paragraph breaks. FIX THIS, BITCHES)
I've always liked Matt Damon, but as of this year his movie choices are on FIRE. A couple of days ago I saw a trailer for "Contagion." I didn't even realize he was in it at first, I just heard the voiceover about a super-deadly fast-moving virus and snapped to attention. I just watched the full trailer, and I am jumping out of my skin with excitement. I feel like I've been asking the universe to make this movie for YEARS.

Yesterday, I came across the trailer for "Margaret." I almost quit when I saw it was rated R (why get my hopes up for something I'll most likely not want to see?), and I definitely wanted to quit after the first sentence when it looked like another gross sex comedy, but no! Intense-looking drama that I was more than ready to sign on board with anyway...


Aaaaand, presuming the release date is still on track, I already knew that "We Bought a Zoo" is coming up in December (*has
been doing a jig for a year, also ignoring sucky rest of non-animal cast*). So. In conclusion, Matt Damon, keep being like this. I have a rule that I don't watch full-length trailers more than once (rarely twice), because they show 75% of the outline and I'll remember the plot points too well otherwise, but I really just want to sit here and watch the first two over and over and wonder if I should start spending money again on theater tickets for movies that are not based on TV or part of a proven franchise.
Noted on a mystery shopping survey: I see you adored the food and all, but based on a quick internet dictionary search to confirm, I don't know that "cunnilingual" delight is exactly the word you are searching for there.
Finally watched the Glee season 3 promo, after realizing that I had been following tabs on casting all summer but had no idea what was actually going to happen, storyline-wise. I don't know which part horrifies me most: Will and Emma kissing (*RAGE BLACKOUT*), or Quinn's hair. I did not think it could get worse, but there you are. Excitement levels just dropped by about 50%, which sucks because Glee was the show I'd been missing most.
Lastly, I am so bad at setting trends I can actually kill them before they begin, but I'm going to keep doing them. Apparently I posed this question to afteriwake as an Ask Me The Top 5 meme option, and it's so neat I want to play:

Name your top 5 season premieres and top 5 season finales

I feel plagued by a sense of sudden disloyalty here. Whatever I choose is wrong, and no matter what I do I'm missing somebody! In the end, I just had to go with the first things that jumped to mind.

1. The X-Files, The Sixth Extinction (season 7)
(and in writing this, I come to the shocking realization that season 8's Within/Without was actually...the second best of all its premieres. the mythology never did anything for me, but that was both my first new episode and an emotional tug of war)
2. CSI: Miami, "Lost Son" (season 3)
3. Friday Night Lights, pilot (real reason I can't move on: I know I've already seen 1x02, but I can't remember it. Only the first episode. I've seen it twice and it's burned into my mind like a good movie. I know there is an actual movie, but, you know what I mean?)
4. Pushing Daisies, pilot

...really, Self? Pilots? You, the queen of "everything is better in later seasons"? In my defense, I had a bunch of CSIverse and House options, I just couldn't pick one over the others.

Finales, which definitely are in order:

1. Numb3rs, "Angels and Devils" (season 5)
2. Grey's Anatomy, "Sanctuary/Death and All His Friends" (season 6)
3. CSI, "Grave Danger" (season 5)
4. NCIS, Hiatus (season 3)
5. House, Wilson's Heart (season 4)

I put way too much research into this, unsurprisingly, and it resulted in me contemplating whether I could actually draw up my own list like TV Guide does sometimes, the top 50 (or 100?) episodes of television, period. In my case, probably only since 2000. But still. ...oh, god help us. The time wasting ahead!
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