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Giving someone a 15% off Kohl's coupon and access to a car can lead to dangerous things

Things that feel like failure: spending $20 at Half Price Books and not coming home with a single book. :(

But! I did get 2 things I have wanted for a very long time and 1 thing I have wanted very intensely for a short time: Tori Amos' "Scarlet's Walk" (the world's most perfect CD), Josh Groban's "Awake" (special internet-only edition with extra songs and making-of DVD, woohoo!), and season 2 of Scrubs. That's right, I looked at every available TV show on DVD out there and I chose this one because it was 3 discs and therefore the cheapest.

Things I put back include seasons 1, 7 and 9 of Scrubs, Enchanted ($10, Half Price? Really?), the live CD/DVD combo of the "Awake" tour, a very shiny copy of the Official Glee annual (very, very close!), Doctor Who's "The End of Time," and "Space Travels."

Just realized I forgot to check the sci-fi section for the miniscule chance of DW novels. :( There was also a cool copy of "The Illustrated Scripts of Extras, series 1 & 2" in the clearance section. It made me wish I cared about "Extras."

By the way, I noticed something while browsing the shelves: it has always been similar to this, but now it's really true: Half Price is no longer so much a used bookstore as a discounted new bookstore. Everything outside the Nostalgia section is so new-looking, with only the occasional wrinkle in a spine or varying degrees of banged-up corners/light shelf wear, that it is pretty much identical to Barnes & Noble, with cheaper prices and maybe 2-3 years behind the times. You might as well just shop here; everything is still just as contemporary and new to you.

But if you go in there seeking fiction, you better have a specific title or at least author in mind, because you are just not going to find any unique treasures by browsing. Here is something especially scary to me: 1980s books are now part of "Nostalgia." And then I found a novel from 1992. I am officially broken. The good news is that those books are in the $5 range, which is actually cheaper than the $6-8 price of most books, but still.

Oh, and speaking of Barnes and Noble, this post is out of order but I started the day at Kohl's in the mall so I went here too, and I couldn't help but notice that they had 10 shelf sections of paranormal/fantasy teen books, and only 7 sections of regular books. The regular books had to share self space with things like Pretty Little Liars and A-List and other idiotic series about stupid spoiled rich girls. I could still see normal novels, at least, but on the whole it was very depressing.

Goodwill Portion Of Shopping Trip
I see all these great stories of finding books and My Little Pony on the thrifting sites but I've never been. They've moved to a slightly closer location, so I capitalized on my longterm goal. I didn't have quite that glorious an experience, but have some observations:

It was decidedly ugly -- not dirty, but just a giant one-room warehouse -- and about 67% clothing, which wouldn't be so annoying if they arranged things by size instead of color, or at least attempted to arrange by size within color. The clothing actually looked quite nice, but it was too crowded to shop with ease, and even if it hadn't been I would have needed hours to have the patience to sort through everything.

The shoes were much easier. Sure, they're scuffed up on the bottom if not outside, but guess what? So are all of the ones I own, and I've lost three pairs this year because the lining inside actually fell apart from heavy use and age. At under $10 a pair -- and for shoes that are broken in and will give me fewer blisters -- I absolutely need to buy secondhand. Love the selection. Saw things I was considering, but checkout line was so ridiculously long I lost patience.

The toy section was worse than a garage sale. I can't even. Except for a variety of cute stuffed animals, what utter garbage. Mostly for boys and toddlers.

And lastly, the book section was actually in decent shape. (here is where I realize that I forgot to look for DVDs. *kicks self*) There were a lot of them, anyway. Few that grabbed my interest, but a little older than HPB, and I did see Chosen By a Horse in pretty much brand new paperback for $2. Considered it, but I think this may be a book I like but don't especially need to own.

Kohl's Portion of Shopping Trip
FYI, I don't even have eyes for anything that is a not a 60% or more off clearance rack. I am a special kind of clothing shopper who refuses to buy things from Target/K-Mart/Walmart, but will also not pay over $10-12 for a shirt or $15-20 for a good pair of pants.

Photobucket wants to play the "tilt my pictures sideways" game again. Last time it auto-corrected several hours later. Let's see. Scrapbook is disinclined to let me upload more than one anyway.

$6.12, light almost-sweater, 3/4 length sleeves


$1.02; I wish there had been a whole rack of 90% off items instead of just this one mixed in. It's a basic loose cotton tee, but my other shirt this color developed a hole this summer, so I'm replacing it with this dollar menu option.

And the stuff from before. It's not quite like scoring book treasures, but on the other hand, I have a lot fewer specific CD and DVD quests, so it's almost as good.

...did I just spend over $30/I'm guessing more than I spent on garage sales all summer in one go? I'm sorry, wasn't it just a couple of weeks ago I put the brakes on buying Off The Map as soon as it was released because I didn't feel I could justify $20 on a single recreational item? SELF. PRIORITIES. RULES. ETC. What is it about a physical store that makes much higher prices suddenly seem reasonable? Is it just that I feel the convenience of a larger selection and finding something I especially want feels like a luxury worth paying for?

Speaking of Scrubs, yesterday a good procrastination tool seemed like watching the first six episodes of season 9 online. And when I say six, I mean that I started with 9x03 on a whim and then they were such an unexpected delight I could not stop. The point at which I officially began to care about Lucy as a central narrator was when I saw that every inch of her room was decorated in a horse theme.

Generalized Thoughts

* I wish they had not thrown Lucy and Cole together in the very first episode. SETTLE DOWN, SHOW. I have always been deeply perturbed by it and now I am even more grossed out.

* Despite aforementioned mild caring about Lucy, I still think she is the weakest of the four. I can't take her seriously as the narrator when she seems so on the fringe. Even Cole, at least, you can find a pesky annoyance, mostly because everyone else does too. The spolight shines so much more readily on Denise. Lucy's ability to blend in with the scenery, though, helps in the sense that it almost makes you feel like you're the one in the scene. (Take that, My Intern's Eyes!)

* But I think was a wise gamble on their part to switch the central narrator's gender

* I also think it was extremely generous of everyone not named Judy Reyes to make appearances to help ease the transition between old and new. It helped enormously, and even though up to this point I had merely zeroed in on those people and ignored the new kids, now it feels decidedly like icing on the cake. The best of which was their ability to retain Dr. Cox in a permanent starring role, obviously. (I like to think of Turk as the "buy 1, get 1 free special," in that he is not integral but is nice to have along as a counterpoint. It's been kind of fun watching their working relationship develop, and comes with the bonus of making me believe the former still sees Carla on a regular basis) 

* I LOVE the mentoring between Lucy and JD. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I want it forever, logistics be damned! I may have felt a flash of inappropriate shipping at one point, mainly as I would rather go ahead and pair up JD with almost any woman in the world before Elliot, but only for a moment. Call it a trigger. I get very handclaspy when they talk.

* That's the other thing about season 9 - everyone old is familiar, but you also get a faint sense that you're meeting them for the first time. So this is what Dr. Cox as a teacher is like when you're not JD or Elliot. So this is what JD and Turk are really like as teachers. Etc. But at the same time, there is a powerful, staggering sense of how much the latter two have matured. Oh sure, "eagle" is still around. But - and maybe it's just because I'm separated from season 8 in my supplementary TV viewing, but - it's pretty much amazing to realize how far JD has come, and watching him really teach is kind of amazing. Especially if you've just been hanging out near season 1.

* It may also just really like that he has worked up to using "Perry" on a regular and accepted basis. That probably happened somewhere in season 8, but eh. Put to particularly spectacular use in 9x03, managing to deliver a serious and impressive speech from behind ridiculous face paint about expecting too much from Drew and not giving up on him. Thank you, God.)

* But Elliot, wow, Elliot's maturity transormation is insane. It's hard enough to recognize her between 2 and 3, but when you see the calm, confident, put-together doctor that Lucy sees, your jaw pretty much falls on the floor. (and then, if you're me, you want to drag Lucy aside and giddily regale all of the crazy things that Elliot did, said and/or facilitated throughout her years at Sacred Heart)

* After feeling relatively lukewarm for weeks about Drew/Denise, mostly due to feeling lukewarm about Drew, someone pointed out that they are basically Dr. Cox/Jordan. They meant it in a disparaging "been there, done that" way; I took it in a thrilling "oh my God, it is like that!" way and now have a wonderful sense of watching them in the early days. It's not a perfect translation, nor should it be, but it does delightful work.

* In conclusion, I'm almost ready to admit this little sibling as part of the main series. For the bad hand it was dealt, they did remarkable stuff with the subpar circumstances they had to work with and performed nothing short of miracles to make it a relatively watchable show.

* Show, why you gotta make tearing down the hospital a thing that happened in canon too?

* Huh, you do like to do stuff offscreen*. Bye, Enid.
(*Cougar Town, in an odd brand of crossover considering that it already has Scrubs actors cast over in new roles, told me that Gooch dumped Ted. That would be darn awful if I didn't despise them both)

* I don't mind the slowed-down theme song, and I'm glad they made it different

* Kelso is wonderful now that he's not in charge. Just wonderful. That's another thing I think happened in season 8, but I'm reaping the benefits here.

* I don't know the Australian girl's name, but I like her quite a lot. Unfortunately, I am now lost in thinking about how much I miss Dr. Keeton. Can we send her to Off the Map? They're both ghost shows at this point.

* The lame security guards are by far the worst thing about the show, and possibly the only thing I can't stand (a position previously filled by the singing quartet) . Psst! Show! *stage whisper* You don't need comedic relief when your show is a comedy!

Somewhere in between that last line and posting the entry, I got sidetracked and watched the rest of the series. I don't think there are any other new things I have to say, other than learning Australian Gal's name. It's Maya. I won't remember it otherwise. Oh, and Drew & Denise make me happier with each passing installment and they are the saddest thing about it getting canceled, aside from the end of chances of Jordan to return. But I figure Cougar Town already made that difficult, so maybe I should amend that to "chances for Jordan to be referenced." Season 9 was pretty good about doing that, too.
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