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My guardian book angels look out for me, and other garage sale news:

I drove to an estate sale just slightly outside my usual biking zone because it was in a nice part of town and described as "the entire contents of the house will be on the driveway." (and the pictures proved it) This was the last day of the sale and there was still quite a lot of stuff. Not much I wanted, but then I glanced over at the kids stuff and saw this cute thing that I recognize from childhood:

I like to check the cuter Little Golden Books I find just to see how old they are, but imagine my shock when I flipped open the cover and saw in the "This book belongs to ____" plate...

MY NAME! Holy crap!  I know my own handwriting, and that is definitely my childish printing right there. Which begs the question of why my book is here? I saved a sizable collection of my Little Golden Books, which are in a box around here somewhere, and the number one reason to keep such a book was if it was about animals. 

What I really don't understand is the To/From scrawled in crayon above it. Does it look like the same handwriting? My parents didn't think so but I can't tell, and the oddest thing is that I don't even recognize the name. I just can't fathom why I would have given it to someone unless I had a duplicate. I don't know where the aforementioned book-box is, so I can't cross reference right now. Peer at the handwriting and tell me!

Anyway, for 25 cents, I obviously had to buy it. Just to show off, if nothing else, but also because it's an adorable book. And my mom crowed with delight when she saw it because she remembered reading that one to me a lot. 

Sale 2: Stopped here and picked up a brand-new red turtleneck sweater for $4. (disclaimer: it was actually $2, but I also bought another one, and the other sweater was shapeless and looked more like a grandma sweatshirt when worn) It is suuuuuper soft, like flour, and actually looks a lot like a sweater I already have, but the one I have is darker red. It's also my favorite sweater, so, psyched to get a near-duplicate in case one wears out.

(bonus, I am wearing my 50-cent jeans from earlier in the summer)

*has cleverly hidden face in random paranoia*

Stop 3: Not actually a sale, but I went to the Dollar Tree for something on the way back, and I strolled off with a bonus buy -- for $1.07 with tax factored in, of a 2012 HORSE CALENDAR! Hurrah! Considering that my current calendar is an ugly free promotional calendar from Oriental Trading Company, since everything was so expensive or we couldn't fnd one last year, this is a giant upgrade. It's admittedly paper thin, but I don't write much on my calendars anyway, I just need a big picture and a clear date grid.

^ Click to enlarge.

Edit: This day just keeps getting better. Apparently Ashley Fink, a/k/a Lauren, a/k/a any nasty nickname I can come up with in a given week/object of my intense hatred, has been sidelined and reduced to an occasional character on Glee. THANK YOU, GOD. This 80% makes up for Chord.
Tags: animals, garage sales, glee, thrifty shopping

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