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This is the greatest of things.

While browsing through the library sheves, way down on the bottom I spotted The Secret Diary of Ashley Juergens. Wait. I know that name. Let me see this...

WHY YES! It's a TV tie-in novel for Secret Life of the American Teenager, as told in diary format by the star's sulky little sister. Did I say sulky? I meant awesome. Not only is Ashley the best, but after 10 pages I feel confident in saying that the quality of the writing in this book far outstrips the show.
On a similar note, forget the new TV season. I just want it to be the weekend of October 8-9, when it will be time to hit the fairgrounds for the mega-huge Half Price Books Clearance Sale! If I can time it right and go Saturday morning, it will even overlap with the last hours of a YMCA fundraiser garage sale, for double fun.

(BONUS: mere days after that is my local Friends of the Library book sale. *does a happy dance*)

So, after I spent several hours yesterday googling other people's library sale finds, I decided to check up on some of the favorites in my library system. I've been trying to keep a watchful eye on several cornerstones of my literary world for...pretty much my whole life. Growled under my breath upon discovering that Marguerite Henry's Album of Dogs, already one of her harder to find titles, has been weeded out without my knowledge. Her horse collection seems to be holding strong, and I want them to stay there, but I also have my eyes on them: the Holiest of Holy Book-Seeking Grails, large hardcover, with illustrated-in-color inside covers and a couple of spreads in the middle .

It's also apparently dumped the hometown copy of A Girl of the Limberlost. BITE ME, LIBRARY SYSTEM. Another branch has it, but the dust jacket cover on the specific edition they carried was just flippin' gorgeous, and it was on my Do Want list. I will accept no covers except this one:

Just checked on Bambi -- nice vintage hometown copy's status is listed as "storage." The hell does that mean?

At least their one remaining Terhune book, Lad: A Dog, is still alive and kicking. Will never understand why they pulled Buff but not the book next to it that was just as old. Next question:

"Hey, do you still have the Silver Chief books?"
Catalog: not even a little bit.
RS: (*%&#*(&%##%! How about The Trouble with Tuck?
Catalog: I can offer you the sequel.
RS: *grumble* Well, I suppose I haven't read that one/didn't know it existed, but come on, the original is classic dog-story ville here. Christ, at least promise you still have Old Yeller available in SOME form.
Catalog: We do. We're not totally depraved yet.
RS: Dare I ask about Lynn Hall's work?
Catalog: One book about a St. Bernard and one remaining copy of each Dragon book, but otherwise I'm afraid most of her books went home with you.
RS: I'll count that as a win. I should stop this madness and go look at all the other books I did save. (ROWAN FARM, YOU ARE A GREAT PRIZE AMONG PRIZES! Buff, you will always be my crown jewel! Contested by The Mystery of Pony Hollow.)

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